Best Solar Charger Review on RAVPower vs Anker vs EasyAcc

By April 20, 2016


Have you still remembered the movie clips from The Martian that the hero Mark Watney has used solar panels to keep his vehicle charged? If so, keep reading…

How a Solar Charger Works?

On the most basic level, a portable USB solar charger could convert light energy into electricity and charge an internal Lithium Polymer battery, while leaving it alone in a well-lit area.

Then the LiPo battery can charge your phone or other mobile devices with the stored power. It’s kinda of renewable energy, something that is green and environmentally friendly to make our planet better and better. 

How to be a Best Solar Charger?

While, understanding a little bit about how a portable USB solar charger works will help you to select out one that meets your need best. 

First and Foremost, a portable USB solar charger performs best while leaving alone in direct sunlight on a clear day;

Then, what materials the USB solar panel is made of also matters. Most of USB solar panels, including the tested ones below, are onto the are of the crystalline silicon variety, which is the standard of first generation solar technology featuring highest efficiency rating in creating electricity from sunlight. 

What Points in Selecting a Best Solar Charger?

Or we could say, this are the points onto a portable USB solar charger’s Charging Performance.

The size, the panel type and overall output of the USB solar charger will have a direct relationship with a portable USB solar charger’s charging performance.  

Then, we come to the efficiency, which is a good indicator of quality. It partically depends on the type of panel the USB solar charger users. The first-generation cystalline silicon is known for higher efficiency and better at electricity production, even in low-light conditions. 

Thirdly, we have to consider the USB solar charger’s portability.

If for everyday use, then you’re mostly looking for something isn’t too much larger than the smartphone; at this point, maybe a portable power bank is more suitable. 

If for some kinds of outdoor activities, for example, hiking, backpacking, moutainerring, etc. a larger USB solar charger could be better. 

Lastly, then we should also consider a USB solar charger’s warranty, even though that is not a big investment. Knowing how long the warranty is and how to contact customer support if you have any issues goes a long way.

Best Solar Charger Side-by-Side Comparison: RAVPower vs Anker vs EasyAcc 

Product Name

Portable USB Solar Charger, RAVPower vs Anker USB Solar Charger

Portable USB Solar Charger, RAVPower vs Anker USB Solar Charger Portable USB Solar Charger, EasyAcc vs Anker USB Solar Charger
RAVPower 15W Foldable Dual Port Solar Charger Anker 21W Foldable Dual Port Solar Charger EasyAcc 28W Foldable 4 Ports Solar Charger
Price $49.99 $55.99 $69.99
Pros iSmart technology for fast charging;
inexpensive, easy to use
PowerIQ technology for fast charging, durable, simple Smart technology for fast charging;
high efficiency, good power-to-weight ratio
Cons slower than similar solar chargers on the heavier side for a solar charger of its size a little expensive
Style panel only panel only panel only
# of panel? 3 3 4
Panel Type monocrystalline monocrystalline monocrystalline
Size folded (inches) 7.5 x 10.2 6.3 × 11.1 11.1 × 6.3
Size opened (inches) 32 x 10.2 26.4 × 11.1 32.3 × 6.3
Panel Size (watts) 15 21 28
Max Panel Output (volts, mA) 5V / 3,000mA 5V / 3,000mA 5V / 4,000mA
Max USB Output Current (amps per port) 3A overall
up to 2A per port
3A overall
up to 2.4A per port
4A overall
port 1 & 2: 2.4A max;
port 3 & 4: 1A max;
While taking along?

Portable USB Solar Charger

Portable USB Solar Charger EasyAcc Solar Charger
Weight (advertised) 23.9 oz 14.7 oz 21.9 oz
Weight (measured) 27.5 oz 15.4 oz 22.3 oz
Charge iPhone/smartphone yes yes yes
Charge tablet yes yes yes
Charge laptop? no no no
Direct USB Plug? yes yes yes
# of USB outlets 2 2 4
Warranty 18-month Replacement Warranty
30-Day Money Back
18-month Replacement Warranty
30-Day Money Back
18-month Replacement Warranty
12-month Money Back
Any accessories? 4*hooks 3ft micro USB cable 2*hooks
2ft micro USB cable
waterproof travel pouch
3.3ft backpack rope

Verdict & Recommendations

Solar panel technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. Long ago, we can’t get a rigid monocrystalline panel into a portable, foldable design. But, now, we made that. 

If you want a more affordable USB solar charger, RAVPowr 15W Dual Port USB Solar Charger is optimal.

Where to Buy:

Portable USB Solar Charger

If you want a very lightweighted USB solar charger, you could choose Anker 21W Dual Port USB Solar Charger;

Where to Buy:

Portable USB Solar Charger

If you ‘re looking for a more efficient USB solar charger, you could have a try on EasyAcc 28W 4-Port USB Solar Charger. 

Where to Buy:

Best Solar Charger for Camping


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