What is mAh in power bank?

By February 4, 2016

what is the meaning of mah in power bank?


Phones get faster and faster year by year, but battery life doesn’t seem to get any better. For example, the upcoming iPhone 5se with a battery capacity prediction of 1,642mAh at most. While now, we got a awesome solution, that is, the portable charger or so-called power bank. 


While wandering around the amazon, you surely do find that the quantities and brands of power banks are mostly beyond your expectations. So get an idea about  where to buy a reliable power bank, before that you should find some information, that are not easy to understand. For example, the mAh in power bank.


What is mAh in power bank? We’ve already known that the power bank is basically a battery that for charging other devices and of couse for recharging itself. 


As for the energy or power stored in this portable charger, that is what we normally call “CAPACITY”, which is measured in mAh, the abbreviation of mili ampere per hour. Larger the mAh, more capacity the portable charger will have for charging up smartphone, tablet or even Macbook


A good example is when you have a 20,000mAh power bank and another is only 3,350mAh. With no doubt, the larger capacity one is able to charge longer or higher capacity digital devices. And this is the reason what makes the difference while choosing a power bank with right capacity for daily power consumption. 


What we talked about above is basically what mAh is. Various portable chargers with different mAh have multiple functions, check them in the following posts.

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  1. mAH mean=milli ampere-hour

  2. mAH mean is a “milli ampere-hour”

  3. mAH = milli ampere-hour

  4. mAh is milliampere-hour.

  5. mAH mean milli ampere-hour, it’s the capacity of power bank

  6. mAh defined the capacity of the battery in power bank .It stands for mili Amp Hour.

  7. Power banks are great

  8. bank is basically a battery that for charging other devices and of couse for recharging itself.

  9. mAH mean=milli ampere-hour
    very nice