2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Bundle Giveaway: Enter to Win for the One You Love

By January 19, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide, Gift Bundle Giveaway.


February is upon us, and the 14th isn’t far off. Whether you’re single or taken, procrastinating or waiting for the perfect plans, your Valentine’s Day is about to get a little bit simpler and a whole lot chicer. Why not take these items in your Valentine’s break?


Besides stepped-up sweets to personalized mementos, how about joining in a a Gift Bundle Giveaway for the One You love and Win a good luck for the One You Love in the New Year?


What the Prizes are:

— 2* EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 10,000mAh Power Bank (check for its review)

— 1* EasyAcc Bluetooth Sport Earbuds with APT-X (more tips you know befor you buy an eaphone)

— 1* EasyAcc Bluetooth Selfie Stick (More tips you know about selfie sticks)


How to Join:

— Answer the Valentine’s Day Quiz: Where will you spend the romantic day with your Valentine? Any special reason? 

— Complete tasks via Gleam


Bonus Tips:

— Comment below with your answer to the QUIZ will DOUBLE the chances of winning;

— Share the giveaway page to your social media will TRIPLE the chances of winning;

Why not bring these free items with your Valentine’s break?

EasyAcc Valentine’s Day Gift Bundle Giveaway


Singles, we prepare more other items for you. Hurry to get a good luck from the competition between Max or Min Power Bank and EasyAcc DP200 –Best Bluetooth Speakers of EasyAcc .

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  1. Afraid it’s just another day with me.

  2. I plan to go out to a nice restaurant to eat on Valentine’s Day.

  3. Se ven muy lindos…!!!

  4. We will spend Valentines Day at home this year with our newborn!

  5. Great Valentines Day gift!

  6. My boyfriend and I will be going out to eat valentines day.

  7. i am single but i have 3 kids at home who tell me they love me everyday, thats all i need

  8. I’m spending Valentine’s Day giving blood platelets at Plymouth Derriford Blood Unit. My wife is driving me as it’s a special day! Not particularly romantic but it could really make someone’s day.

  9. I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day on date night with my significant other. Dinner and movie. Nice, relaxing evening.

  10. Where is the Valentine’s Day quiz referenced at the very top? I love Valentine’s Day with our without gifts and with or without a significant other.

  11. I have 4 special someone’s, my children! We usually have a dinner of heart shaped meatloaves, pink mashed potatoes and pink cauliflower! Then something decadant for dessert! We always have a good time and there is plenty of love!

  12. I’ll be mostly at home as usual due to the total lack of a Valentine, lol

  13. we will be spending the evening at viva brazil for some good food and then home with our little one 🙂

  14. Hubby always make us a great dinner and then we find a movie! Always nice to to sit back & relax!

  15. This year we will spend our special day at home. We actually do have a reason though! I am due with a baby 2/18 so going out anywhere is a little scary at this point!!

  16. I don’t have a Valentine!

  17. We will be going to one of my favorite restaurants in the city! It’s pretty pricey so Valentines is a good excuse to treat ourselves, haha

  18. Tweeted as lewalk76.

  19. We won’t be doing anything special this year. My husband works in the oil field and it’s not a great time to be working in the oilfield. I’m also fostering eight puppies and it’s hard to leave them for a long time because they need to be fed and cleaned up after. We’ll stay home and watch a movie with our eight rescue dogs.

  20. A good chance has me celebrating the holiday alone. The dream is that I might be fortunate to spend it with my Valentine for which has made my heart skip a beat! The opportunity like that would be priceless and take the place of my birthday being missed – unable to celebrate because of small funds!

    [email protected]

  21. We will be going to a restaurant on valentines day.

  22. I certainly do not have any one in my life now

  23. By the sea… it’s the most romantic.

  24. i will spend at a restaurant

  25. a romantic evening at home

  26. I will spend the day at home, on my own 🙁 no romance for me….again

  27. I’m not in a relationship at the moment, so I’ll be spending Valentines alone feeling sorry for myself. I need a prize win to cheer myself up 🙂

    Good luck everyone!

  28. I will be spending the day with my hubby but we do not celebrate this day as our daughter passed away almost 12 years ago

  29. Benidorm

  30. What a lovely prize!

    I’m glad Valentine’s Day is a Sunday this year as my husband works away Monday-Friday so we are rarely together. I will cook him a nice meal and get the kids to bed early so we can have a nice evening together, watch a film and have some wine 🙂

  31. Deadpool most likely hahaha

  32. i guess we’re going to the movies

  33. At home

  34. Im gettin engaged on valentines day. So romantic dinner an a movie

  35. My hubbie and I will have to have our romantic meal at home as with 2 small children we can’t really go anywhere else!

  36. I will spend it looking after a lady who is a senior. I don’t have a significant other in my life right now.

  37. eeemm my birthday is 2 days away

    and that would be an awesome gift from u

  38. At home most likely… like your video.

  39. I’ll be spending Valentine’s day at home with my family.

  40. Sadly I’m a singleton. So I’ll probably end up babysitting for one of my brothers while they take their other halves somewhere.

  41. I will take my lovely wife out to dinner.

  42. On Valentine’s Day we usually have a special dinner at home. On the day after Valentine’s Day, we go out to eat at one of our favorite places for a romantic dinner. We have been doing this for 35 years and it works for us.

  43. Love to win for jessica

  44. I’ll spend Valentines At the casino with my other half. It was where we met and we both agree we love to live life on the edge. I’ll be getting on red for love!!!

  45. We always make sure on our Anniversary and Valentine’s Day, that we go to the place we had our first date… Taco Bell! Isn’t it romantic? lol

  46. I shall spend Valentine’s Day at home with my husband because we are so happy at home and don’t need to go out to enjoy ourselves!

  47. I don’t have that “someone special” so I’ll be spending the day with my family. Nothing better than a family that loves you!

  48. we
    ll spend the day together but wont do anything special

  49. I’ll be spending Valentine’s day at home with my husband Cuddling on the couch watching movies

  50. Unfortunately we will be staying home unless we find something exciting to do with our young grandson whom we are now raising.

  51. At Home. I ‘ll decorate the home for this precious occasion and arrange the Candle Light dinner and enjoy Dancing with him in Dim Light

  52. home with the cat

  53. I am going to have a Candle Light dinner with my Hubby

  54. We will prob just have a nice home cooked curry at home – can’t afford restaurant prices! Wish we could spend it on a beach in the caribbean!

  55. Home. Reason – too cheap.

  56. Amazing giveaway Love it.. Thanks

  57. We’ll be spending the day together – and then a lovely home cooked meal


  59. Definately at home, celebrating love where I always find it: in the little every day things, just paying more attention to them.

  60. Home, dinner

  61. I’ll prepare breakfast at morning to wake up her. She is under pressure for exams. Then we can go out for a walk and her weekly shopping. Yes, I’ll take alla bugs. For the lunch I’m not very good at cooking but I’ll try. Then coffee with sweet. For the middle-break tea with cookies. For dinner I don’k know yet. Any adavance?


  62. I will be spending the day working. Hope NO emergencies that will ruin the day for others.

  63. Although I don’t have a Valentine, I still have to say it is a nice product. The tecnology built in the headphones are amazing. I advise you all to check it out!! If I won it I would be very happy.

  64. at home nursing a surgically repaired foot back to health

  65. As a single mummy, I’ll probably share a pizza with my cat (FML)…..but the kids will want some too 🙁

  66. We are just going out to dinner it is nice just to have some time with each other.

  67. TBD

  68. I’ll be spending the day with my littlest Valentine, my little grandson, and then will have a nice dinner and watch a movie with my husband.

  69. I will be at the Drag Races in Pomona CA with my sweetie!

  70. At home

  71. Will Probably spend it at home as money is tight, but will try and cook a nice meal and have a relaxing evening watching a good movie.

  72. So lonely, but trying to not

  73. Thanks for this!!

  74. At home! playing with our little children…

  75. No gf so as always alone

  76. We will probably stay home and avoid the crowds and go out for my wifes birthday on the 18th.

  77. I am so excited to be OFF for Valentine’s day this year as a nurse. I will be spending it relaxing and doing my favorite couple’s fitness class!

  78. We will have a nice dinner out at a special restaurant

  79. I work fresh seafood. Working retail you always work holidays & weekends. However, after close. I will drive home, shower. I know my husband will have grilled up something special with a romantic candlelight surprise!

  80. Cuddleing on the couch watching movies with my husband

  81. At home enjoying a nice homemade dinner that we cook together.

  82. I will just spend Valentines at home since my husband is working abroad. We will just have to chat via skype 🙂

  83. i will be spending it at her house where we will get excited about power banks and computers! 🙂

  84. le daré una sorpresa esta en otra ciudad por trabajo pero ire a visitarla ella piensa que me quedare en casa pero ire a llevarle flores y chocolates y pasar una noche romántica

  85. In paris and because is romatic

  86. Home

  87. We will probably go fishing should be great weather! Maybe a picnic.

  88. Out to dinner and a movie.

  89. Probably at home, we like to spend it quietly!

  90. We are spending Valentine’s Day at home in front of the TV. The Walking Dead returns!!!

  91. It seems a very interesting article I would like to try.

  92. I don’t know, probably at home

  93. probably at home with two small kids its hard to get out

  94. out for a nicer meal then a trip to the cinema i think xxx

  95. We have not decided yet, maybe the beach or Vegas

  96. after 33 valentines days together it will be a quiet night at home

  97. I’ll be making something special for the kids at home. Because I love them.
    Thanks for the chance

  98. Spending Valentine’s day in Fort Lauderdale before heading out on a Cruise!

  99. Will make home made Chocolate cake & butter cookies for my Valentine & Enjoy with some white wine.

  100. At home, but with a nice movie and dinner 🙂

  101. We will have a nice lunch out together; go for a walk then off to babysit the youngest grandchildren so their parents can have a quiet V-day dinner together.

  102. I would like to spend my valentine with my hubby along sea side…..walking together is just right and enough for me specialy in the night of valentines day

  103. We’ll have a dinner at home and watch a romantic movie!

  104. home ..unfortunately alone.

  105. Oerfect to win on this Valetine

  106. Will be spending the holiday with my hubby, enjoying a day off!

  107. At home with hubby, the usual!

  108. We will be staying at home for Valentine’s Day because we have children but they will be in bed and we always make an effort.

  109. At a gig 🙂

  110. I will be spending the day at home with my cats, probably watching comedy films!

  111. A nice homemade meal with my new husband

  112. A cosy night in with my husband

  113. I will spend valentine’s day in the park, because that’s the place where we first met. :))

  114. My husband and I are going to the local New Orleans-style restaurant because that is where we had our first date!

  115. Not lucky this year, her and her teenage daughter are going to Disneyland

  116. its close to hubby birthday so tend to combine the two with a good meal/wine & movie 🙂

  117. At home because home is where the heart is!

  118. I will spend valentines at work. in the morning i will make my son heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, because im single and my son is my valentine

  119. me la pasare fuera de la ciudad con mi amada y tendremos una cena romántica

  120. We’ll be in Biloxi because casino towns always have the best restaurants.

  121. We will spend it at home with a home cooked meal.

  122. Red Lobster because of a seafood treat

  123. We are spending Valentine’s Day at home in front of the TV. The Walking Dead returns!!!

  124. Will be working but will spend a little time saying I love yous and eating candy. LOL

  125. out on the town! drinks, food , etc!

  126. Flowers and go out for dinner

  127. Home made dinner and movie with my love

  128. At home)

  129. We will go out to a restaurant

  130. Home alone, watching TV, and eating snacks.

  131. a nice dinner out to a restaurant

  132. I will spend the romantic day with my hubby at church.

  133. I’ve booked a top hotel for the night and a lovely restaurant for our evening meal. During the day we are going to watch a romantic movie at the local independent cinema that has love seats so two people can cuddle up on to enjoy the film. I can’t wait. 🙂

  134. having a meal then a romantic film after

  135. At home and enjoying with my loved one.

  136. I wanted us to have a new experience, something fun. I though maybe indoor skydiving.

  137. We’ll be chatting on Skype. Who says romance is dead? I in reality, she’s in Italy.

  138. Out of the city, away from the noise. Somewhere in Northern Ontario.

  139. My aunt will be visiting with her beau on Valentine’s Weekend. So they & me & my hubby & our 2 kids will be going to Melting Pot for dinner. We love that restaurant for special occasions, and my aunt has never been!

  140. At home, no special reason, don’t really celebrate Valentines day.

  141. We may go out for Sunday lunch with our children, otherwise we will just be a home

  142. Will spend the day with my hubby at home with a nice dinner

  143. At home!

  144. Home, with my wife.

  145. My husband and myself married 55 years will be spending a nice evening at home and eat at a favorite restaurant if it isn’t storming.

  146. My wee mum is in a dementia care unit just now so I will go and spend a bit of time with her and the other guys and gals there…take them up some valentine sweeties and spoil them Xxxx


  148. We will stay in because it’s my Birthday and I don’t like the crowds.

  149. At the Hotel we got married at for a quite dinner for 2 without the kids! Very rare treat

  150. Want to win

  151. Home. Peace and quiet. No running around.

  152. OMG, just dinner at home. . Wow, prize power bank is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me!

  153. I’ll be working, but a nice dinner afterwards!!

  154. romantic dinner after going to thew cinema watching deadpool *-*

  155. I want this prize

  156. Nos espera una noche romántica en alguna playa. Tenemos calor por acá.

  157. We’ll have a nice dinner at home

  158. This would be great!

  159. Well I’d love to spend it in Ireland – but I don’t think that’s going to happen. 🙂

  160. We’ll probably just have a nice dinner at home. We have 3 young kids & no babysitter!

  161. A wonderful dinner, dessert and lots of love!!

  162. unfortunatly we will both be working so wont be celebrating

  163. At my grandsons Christening and remembering my late husband who died 22 months ago x

  164. I’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with my dear hubby of 49 years as I do every year!

  165. Maybe celebrate this Valentine’s Day with my valentine and his mom , since I stay far away from my family ? This day maybe like a reminder for me to appreciate the one that always by side . Maybe go out to some nice place for dinner . Hope your Valentine’s Day full of loving people by your side ❤

  166. We haven’t made our plans yet, but a hotel might be in order xx

  167. I will probably spend it with my husband first going for a drive and then out to dinner.

  168. I will spend a good part of the day at my son’s hockey game, then after that and all our kids are tucked into bed, we will order take out and enjoy a quiet (without all the kid noise) meal together.

  169. Since it’s Sunday this year, we’ll go to an early movie and then an early dinner – we like to enjoy our Sunday evenings at home with the family

  170. I’ll spend Valentine’s day at home with my husband. We’ll wait until after the kids are asleep and watch a movie together without interruption. I’ll make his favorite, chicken burritos)

  171. Going out to dinner with the hubby

  172. having a quiet dinner at home with my husband as its my birthday as well so he makes a bit of a fuss of me

  173. Will spend it at home. Might go out for dinner.

  174. Trick question! I’m single. But to answer the question anyways I’ll be at my dorm where I will perhaps bake some red velvet cake to celebrate the occasion.

  175. I’ll spend my valentine day with my family.

  176. We both have to work 🙁

  177. we will probably be at work on the night him during the day and me on the night shift. we wil have a special day to ourselves the week after when the kids are away

  178. I will be spending Valentines Day at church, as my goddaughters are being christened =)

  179. No plans because I’m single- nobody loves me. Lol Love to win the power bank to use when camping.

  180. I am single so will be at home on valentines

  181. Saving money is romantic to us….so we’ll be at home on the couch with ice cream!

  182. I’ll be spending my day with the love of my heart. Why? 🙂

  183. We will be having Valentines day at home, just another day for both of us.

  184. thank you

  185. A night in with good food and good wine.

  186. My husband will have to work, just got a new promotion and can not get time off. We will celebrate ours the day after with a romantic dinner out and a show.

  187. I will be having a candlelight dinner at home

  188. Getting high with my honey bear Bobby in High Park, Toronto. (on life)

  189. We will make a nice dinner and watch a good movie.

  190. Hopefully going out to dinner with my boyfriend.

  191. I don’t understand what kind of prize this is. But if it’s what I think it is, I would like to win it.

  192. My husband is taking me to the dinner, the restaurant he proposed to me at… I just had a,baby so it will be so nice to have a little alone time to rekindle us♡

  193. I will be spending valentine’s day at home!

  194. its our 12 year anniversary so a romantic meal at our favourite restaurant x

  195. I’ll spend Valentine’s Day On Skype – Cos my Valentine lives in New Zealand!

  196. Eating out

  197. well not having a girlfriend so maybe with this as a present I can get one hahaha
    It will be a Sunday so it’s almost sure I will be diving in a beach, because I’m a scuba diver

  198. Just going to stay home as no money to go anywhere


  200. take the wife out to dinner

  201. Probably at home, but I see from the other comments that’s not very original!

  202. would like to spend it with my wife Elizabeth as far away from home as possible.maybe Portugal would be nice.

  203. great giveaway , I love it and to be a winner.

  204. just at home 🙂

  205. My husband and I have a goal to see the Coral Castle in Florida.Thanks so very much for sharing.

  206. I will be spending my Valentines Day with my Fiance and children. It’s all about Family in my house??

  207. Live is full of little surprises so who knows

  208. It’s always been a surprise ! He does that every year

  209. there is presently a vacancy to be my Valentine

    but if one did appear then a a walk along par beach towards polkerris would culminate in a nice lunch at the Rashliegh arms in Polkerris

  210. I’ll spend it at home, no special reason 🙂 .



  213. At the coast, first to our favorite restaurant and then the evening on the beach ! It’s where we got engaged and married !

  214. Sadly my husband is away on Valentines Day

  215. My Valentine will be away for Valentine’s Day so i will have to wait until hes home and we will go out for a meal


  217. Probably at home with a bag of fish and chips from the local chippy and a bottle of lager. Usually choose to stay in as you can’t beat the home comforts.

  218. I usually spend Valentine’s Day at home with my husband. We’re kind of boring that way… haha

  219. Will spend it at home.

  220. We like to make a special dinner together on Valentines Night. No crowds, no noise, just us enjoying each otherl

  221. I will be spending it in solitude, alone. Hopefully with this prize as consolation

  222. Will be spending Valentine’s Day at home with my family. After we had children, we just don’t really do anything special on Valentine’s Day.

  223. We will probably spend Valentine’s Day at home (:

  224. Spending valentines day with my wife at a casino

  225. I will spend the day relaxing with my dogs.

  226. We just adopted a 1 year old little boy, so we would spend the day wrapped up in blankets, eating nummies in front of the fireplace and watching cartoons.. I know it is not romantic for most if not all, but he came from a very bad home and he is now happy and loved, so that would be the perfect day for me and my husband! thanks!

  227. Will spend the day with my hubby of 10 years and our two kids! No other way I’d rather spend it!

  228. Staycation!

  229. Spending valentines day with my husband at home with our two beautiful children because we most likely wont have a baby sitter. Our anniversary is valentines day and we will have been together 8 years

  230. I’m staying out home with my Netflix 😀

  231. My bf has some sort of surprise planned- no idea where I’ll be!

  232. I don’t have a Valentine. 🙁 Does that disqualify me? So my little alien pug and I will be cuddling on the sofa with a movie and popped kibble. 🙂 Thank you.

  233. at home 😉

  234. I unfortunately won’t be with my husband on Valentines day. I have to drive my daughter to Portland for a gymnastics competition

  235. We’ll go out for the day and have dinner and a movie at night

  236. In school, because memories!

  237. I will be staying home as my husband passed away at the very young age of 42.

  238. We may take a drive to the coast. We love it there.

  239. Tough to get a babysitter for Valentine’s so I probably will be at home with my husband and two sons. Movie and pizza night!

  240. I’ll probably rustle us up a steak dinner at home

  241. We haven’t made plans yet but we will probably end up in Ask as that is where we have gone the last few years.

  242. I’m going to have a cosy night in

  243. In London or Paris.

  244. We will spend Valentines Day with my mother – dad just passed away & I don’t want her to be alone on such a special day

  245. At the restaurant we first laid eyes on each other 26 years ago 2/14.

  246. We carry on as normal, with a child around it’s hard to do something special. We exchange cards.

  247. A romantic day at home with the kids, being married to a chef never get valentine with my husband

  248. We are having a romantic night at home with all our favorite foods, drinks, and movies!

  249. unfortunately i dont have a date but i have my mom besides me cooking me cookies :3

  250. lol i dont have a valentine but im sure that im gonna be happy besides my mom cooking me cookies :3

  251. With two 5 year old boys who have autism, Valentines Day for my husband, of 20 years and I usually gets overlooked. With them both in school this year though maybe we can sneak in a lunch date. 🙂

  252. At home on my own, he will go for a pint I hope, lets all live happily ever after, lol

  253. I’ll be spending it on my bike … in preparation for my 1100 mile Lands End to John o’ Groats ride in June!

  254. Unfortunatelly I do not have a Valentine so I will spend this day with friends or family watching our favourite TV series.

  255. At home with the most special lady ever.

  256. we will spend the day doing nothing, because we have children, and my husband kind of sucks that way lol

  257. With my hubby out dining

  258. Still alone, not forever alone, please God don’t let me be 😀 , but still love the Valentine day, it’s full of love, well at least it seem so when you see so much couples on it. What about you, where will you enjoy your Valentine’s day and even more important with who. Wish you a perfect Valentine’s day.

  259. At Taco Bell with Sue… extra crispy

  260. I’d spend Valentine’s Day curled up on the sofa with my husband because we love it.

  261. We’ll be going to vegas for some fun

  262. We will be staying home this year with a candle light dinner an a movie. We just want to spend as much time together as we can this year. It takes so much time away to get all dressed up an the driving to an from were we would go.

  263. flying to Seattle. we take a quick trip every year

  264. Valentine is such an overrated commercial marketing trick.

  265. It does not really matter where we are, so long as we are together.

  266. At home in bed and I will leave the reason to your imagination

  267. My wife and I will have a “Home Alone” day, with a phone call to a local restaurant that delivers. We seem to spend so much time running around at the moment, it is going to be so nice to have some us time.

  268. We will spend Valentines at home and order take out.

  269. We are working and will be off to Iceland Later.

  270. At home having a nice dinner and some good wine

  271. Alone… Studying at home for my exam… So sad :'(

  272. We will probably go out for dinner somewhere then head back home to watch a movie and have a cuddle on the couch. All this with lots of chocolate. 🙂

  273. I will be working that day but will be taking my valentine out later for supper and an evening together

  274. Home with family !

  275. We will spend ours at home, watching a movie.

  276. I will be staying home with my husband, we usually fix a special dinner at home. The restaurants are just to busy and it’s not special.

  277. Where will you spend the romantic day with your Valentine? Any special reason?
    On a boat heading to the island where we first met 3 years ago.
    Super excited!! <3

  278. Here to WIN nothing else counts. Thank You!!!!!!!

  279. I’ll spend the romatic day at Venice

  280. Unfortunately, I no longer have a partner so I will be working so the younger crowd can have the evening off.

  281. I will spend day w my BF watching horror movies, laughing at inappropriate stuff, and probably some shrimp plates.

  282. I will spend it with my girlfriend <3

  283. Romantic weekend at a spa resort

  284. at home x

  285. We will probably be at home with our children, because it is a special day for them too… and let’s face it, babysitters are expensive!

  286. At home – nice meal made by me! Nice and relaxed with our newborn x

  287. I will be spending Valentine’s Day at home with husband. We are making our favorite meal together. Cowboy steaks with bacon green beans and a baked potato.

  288. I’m single so I will spend the day with my single friends just having our own special night. Salsa dancing the night away

  289. Going to Paris

  290. I’ll stay home this year.

  291. i will spend it with my husband of 35 years. I will make him a candle light supper, have music, have a glass of wine and dance the night away . every valentine is a special one. one year he makes it wonderful. the next year is my turn. works this way.

  292. Probably doing nothing. My husband doesn’t believe in this holiday! UGH gone are my wild younger day dreams of roses and diamonds on Valentines day! I will be extremely lucky if I get a card!

  293. The hardware store… nothing says love like a trip down to Lowes and Home Depot 😀

  294. We’ll be spending it at home, as we’re both disabled, but we’ll still try to make the day enjoyable x

  295. I’ll spend the day with my wife like I spend every day with her. Every day with her is like Valentine’s day.

  296. at home

  297. At home next to the fireplace

  298. Unfortunately I don’t have someone love me for party :'( I looked everywhere I can for about 9+ years. Still no success even I’m 24 in age :'(

  299. Inside by a warm fire!

  300. A meal and spend the night in a nice hotel

  301. I would spend a romantic day at the Faroe Islands to see a wonderful Northern Lights.

  302. My valentines day will be spent with my OH having a lovely meal and a bottle of wine 😀

  303. I`m going to take my husband at Las Vegas Strip


  305. I’m single so I’ll be with my dog at home 🙂 Watching a movie!

  306. We always do Dinner and a Movie even if we watch the movie at home.

  307. We will spend Valentine’s Day at home, I will prepare whatever my husband fancies as he is under treatment at the moment and has lost his appetite; the specialist says just give him tiny portions of what he likes. When he has recovered we will have a meal in the Drover’s Rest restaurant in Llanwrtyd Wells, where we held our Wedding dinner. Thanks for the opportunity.

  308. I would be at home because husband has to work that night. We will celebrate Valentine’s Day another day.

  309. Wife of 39 years is always my Valentine

  310. I will take her to dinner.

  311. Probably be at home as just had bad car bill to pay out for.

  312. I’ll be spending it the same as any other day. We’ve been together for 34yrs so we just exchange cards now.

  313. Would love to spend it somewhere tropical but will probably just have a cosy dinner for two at home!

  314. No Valentine day for me this year, divorced, and my ex’s birthday is in Valentine day 🙁

  315. I’ll be spending it at home with my 3 beautiful daughters who I will get flowers and chocolates for because they are too young for boyfriends 😉

  316. I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my husband to celebrate the day he proposed to me 25 years ago and we will be taking a walk on the beach and out to dinner to celebrate!?❤️

  317. We will go out to have a romantic dinner, without the kids 🙂

  318. just at home with my husband, all nice and cosy

  319. My Valentine this year will be my son and we will likely be going to Mcdonalds!

  320. I will be staying home. It will be another day for me. 🙁

  321. I will do with her at one restaurant .

  322. Killin’ it on the mountain snowboarding!

  323. I’m not sure where we will spend valentine’s day. Right now I am just crossing my fingers he doesn’t end up on call that day.

  324. Does spending the day making paper hearts and frosting cookies with a group of first graders count!

  325. I will be spending Valentine’s Day in NYC with my husband and my girls!

  326. We hope to be in Gatlinburg TN

  327. My husband & I will have a quiet candlelight dinner & watch a movie on blu-ray

  328. I’ll be away for a family girl’s weekend, but I would be back home the evening of the 14th…we’ll probably just have a quiet evening relaxing 🙂

  329. we would go to a movie and dinner

  330. I will most likely be spending the day at home with hubby.

  331. I’ll be home with my loves- my husband, and my two teen. I’ll make a sweet dinner, a lovely dessert, and then—

    I NEED TO BE LEFT ALONE TO CELEBRATE with my other loves- Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Michionne, and Carol. The Walking Dead returns Feb 14th!

    I’ll make sure to celebrate “Valentine’s Night” with my hubby a night early so he doesn’t feel left out. lol

  332. I will be going out to eat with my husband and probally movies.

  333. It is my anniversary so we will be celebrating alone with a good bottle of wine. Nothing fancy just the 2 of us at home.

  334. Will be going on a special dat night and then home to play kids and crafts with the kiddos.

  335. At home, because I don’t have anybody special to spend it with

  336. We have not decided yet what we will be doing for Valentine’s Day.

  337. Just another day for me, cleaning house and cooking. So I’ll be at home not doing anything special for it.

  338. A sweet candle light dinner. A romantic movie an lots of chocolate

  339. No Valentine for me. So there will not be any special plans.

  340. Boston commons

  341. My husband and I will most likely be staying in this Valentine’s Day with some sparkling grape juice and a nice Italian home cooked dinner with our 8 year old son. We don’t really do “date nights” but usually when we do we end up taking him with us because our relationship isn’t just about us anymore it mostly revolves around our son, ,there are occasions when he wants to spend the night with his Nanny and Papa and we get a small date night but we usually order pizza and watch a movie that we find inappropriate to watch with our son. Thanks so much for the chance to win :).

  342. At home snuggling in front of fireplace or swimming if warm

  343. We plan on having dinner at home and watching a movie.

  344. We don’t have any special plans this year-we will probably go out to dinner at a nice restaurant, and maybe take in a movie.

  345. I’ll spend it with my hubby and daughter at home. We’ll have a nice dinner together.

  346. I’ll be at home alone. Kids will be with bfs and I’ll sit on my computer or maybe watch tv

  347. We will spend our romantic day at home. We will spend it here due to lack of a babysitter.

  348. i will spend the day at home with my family.

  349. I’ll most likely spend it at home. 🙂

  350. We’ll spend the evening at home. We like it here lol.

  351. Will be going to the casino for Seafood Buffet and to play slots..winter is too unpredictable here so can’t travel too far.

  352. We’ll be staying home – because, when you think about it….it’s really the place where you can have the most romance. : )

  353. I am not doing anything special for Valentine’s Day that I know of… Of course, that could change. 🙂

  354. We will hopefully spend Valentines in Pigeon Forge, we love just going sight seeing and shopping there

  355. At the beach that we met at 26 years ago on Valentines Day.

  356. Im thinking of having a mother – daughter tea! For my little extra special loved one!

  357. I will be spending the day at home with my valentine and daughter, no special plans for us.

  358. Just going to spend the night watching movies with my wife and kids.

  359. My husband and i will be going out to eat and coming home and watching movies.We usually do this every Valentines Day.

  360. This would be a lovely valentine surprise.

  361. I will spend Valentine’s day with my significant other right here at home. Why?….
    The food here is always good…We might just have lobster and rose wine and a french baguette.
    Strawberries or raspberries for desert.. Mmmmm….oysters on the half shell with a squeeze of lemon sounds good for an appetizer.
    We can cuddle up on the couch for a good movie and enjoy our quiet time together!

    All of this beats a crowded restaurant any day!

  362. No plans. We will probably just hangout and order in.

  363. We will hang out at home with our kids.

  364. I will be spending Valentine’s day at home with my husband and daughter. We will have a special dinner with red velvet cake for desert.

  365. Love roses

  366. We will spend the day at home. Finding a sitter for four little kids can be quite the challenge.

  367. definitely by watching a movie at home!

  368. I will spend the day with my husband, and go out to dinner.

  369. I will spend it with my husband, not sure what we’ll be doing yet!

  370. At home with the kids having a nice takeaway and praline chocolates

  371. We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day – it will just be a regular day for us.

  372. I have fun hanging out at the ice rink, thank you

  373. I will probably spend the day at home but we will have Movie Night with popcorn and wine!!

  374. I will spend Valentines day with my wife and our newly-born at home. It will be our first Valentines together with our baby 🙂 🙂

  375. I am spending this Valentines with my boyfriend. Where will it be, it doesn’t really matter, at home or somewhere out, either way, I will be satisfied as long as I spend it with him.

  376. I plan to make my husband his dinner of choice and we’ll probably kick back and watch a movie at home.

  377. I can take her to a spa for a full hour treatment

  378. I can. take her to the spa for same body treatment

  379. We are hoping to rent a cabin with a hottub because it’s also close to our 25th wedding anniversary.

  380. I’ll spend it at my favorite Italian restaurant. It’s very small and the wait staff provides amazing service.

  381. Unfortunately I will be spending Valentines Day across the country from my fiance because I’m in the middle of rotations for school. I’d love to surprise him with these awesome “special extras!”

  382. My nephew’s birthday is on valentines day so I celebrating valentine’s day with my family on my home
    We arrange the party at home ♥♡♥♡♥♥♥

  383. Don’t have a Valentine so I will be spending the day shopping and buying myself something special.

  384. On a mountain cabin after some hours of snowboarding.

  385. we will have a dinner in our special resturant

  386. Other commitments means it will be at home! We will arrange to celebrate later.

  387. I’ll spend it with my hubby… My birthday is on the 13th, so he usually does something nice. 😀

    • Wow, happy birthday, Domenique and wish everything is all right with you. And also happy Valentine’s Day, that would definitely be nice and unforgettxable:) Envy you so much:)

  388. We are planning on cooking s nice steak dinner at home and watching a movie with the kids!

  389. I shall be at home…again.

  390. Another sad valentines days on my own at home, oh well at least it’s cheaper 🙂

  391. A bouquet of red roses, a warm hug, Swiss chocolate and a candle-lit dinner in Lansdowne , Uttarkhand, India. The mystic charm of this place is unforgettable, not so crowded hill station, very romantic as it is surrounded with fog and mist at the time of valentine’s month.

  392. I’ll spend the romatic day at our local park with my valentine because its where we met for the first time. ?

    • First-meeting is always so unforgettable:) could we say that’s kinda love-in-first-sight? Hope you have a nice Valentine, Saif.