Solutions to Bluetooth Device Connected but No Sound

By June 20, 2016

Bluetooth devices has become a necessary part of modern life. A portable Bluetooth speaker brings music along the trip, and a Bluetooth headphone frees you from cables when watching videos or playing games. However, many of us came across problems of Bluetooth connected but no sound. Here we provide strategies to solve this problem:

1. Make sure there is no connection problem
2. Add another device into the Bluetooth
3. When successfully paired, go to Bluetooth – show Bluetooth devices
4. Double click on the Byte Headset icon and click Listen to Music
5. Connected.

If the Bluetooth device connected but no sound problem remains, follow steps in the video below. Click here to see How to install a Bluetooth speaker for car.

If you resolve the issue with this resolution, please let us know. I will be glad to know if my resolution is useful for others.. Thank you. 

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  1. Or restart your device. My bluetooth was connected but no sound, and I tryed everything else i could do. I restarted my device, and now i have sound.

  2. How to change battery in Easyacc minicannon

    • Hello, simply connect the USB cable comes in the box with a qualified charger and you can charge minicannon smoothly.