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By September 7, 2016

Are you excited about the new release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? If you are ready to get an iPhone 7 to have a try of updated functions and new features, don’t miss this chance to get your iPhone 7 covered up for free! 

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Just about every iPhone owner that I know of love their device, treating it with significantly more care than they usually treat their other gadgets. 

If you are eager to rock a naked iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, chances are that you’ve noticed that its premium build, while wonderful, makes it prone to suicidal pavement leaps. Don’t you worry, EasyAcc offers you a great chance to get iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus cases for free.

1.EasyAcc TPU case for iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus

With a lightweight and unobtrusive design, EasyAcc TPU case unburdens your phone and wraps the phone corners like a glove.  The edges help prevent your phone from being damaged when it drops into a flat surface accidently.

Available delivery to: UK, US, Italy, France, Canada, Germany


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2.EasyAcc Leather Wallet Case for Apple iphone 7 / iPhone 7 plus

It’s not just an iPhone 7 case, the wallet slot design can easily collect your frequently used cards and changes. Durable PU leather exterior, soft interior and hard polycarbonate shell together protect your phone from scratches, abrasions and the impact.

Available delivery to: UK, US, Italy, France, Canada, Germany



3.EasyAcc TPU Case Plating Bumper for iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus

Besides all the outstanding features of classical TPU case,  the bumper color matches well with the phone and the premium plating will keep the dazzling color from fading and scrapes in daily use. Currently there are 3 different colors in stock, grey, rose and gold.

Available delivery to: UK, US, Italy, France, Canada, Germany, Japan

easyacc-tpu-case-for -iphone-7-plating-bumper

4.EasyAcc Premium PU Leather View Flip Case for iphone 7 / iPhone 7 plus

With soft sensitive silicon slide points, you can answer the phone without opening the case. The smart silicon slide points are sensitive enough to answer the phone even with tempered glass screen covered. By folding back the folio, you can easily get a hands-free viewing stand for watching video, reading e-books and etc.

Available delivery to: UK, US, Italy, France, Germany 


5. Easyacc iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Protective Case with Embedded Manganese Steel

Comes with an embedded manganese steel plate, the case is able to work with most magnetic phone holder, without attaching anything to your phone.

Available delivery to: UK, US, Italy, France, Germany


6. EasyAcc iPhone 7 TPU Case Cover with Leather-Adhered Back

Adhered with PU leather, the case adds a solid grip to your palm. While the fine and smooth texture of the leather delivers a decent looking.

Available delivery to: UK, US, Italy, France, Germany


We are not entirely sure how many Apple fans are willing to use EasyAcc iPhone 7/ iPone 7 plus cases, Just as always, we spare no effort on improving products quality and user experience. We highly value your reviews and would like to receive your review request via [email protected]  or comment on our facebook pageIf you are an Amazon user, please submit your Amazon User File.


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