Portable and High-efficiency, EasyAcc 28W USB Solar Charger with SunPower Solar Panel

By May 25, 2016

The EasyAcc 28W solar charger has 4 USB charging ports and also 4 highly efficient solar panels.


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EasyAcc Portable Solar Charger – 11SC28W review

Thus it should be possible according to the manufacturer, two iPads simultaneously to 2.4A USB ports to load quickly.

EasyAcc promises an efficiency of 21.5 to 23.5% and thus indicates it could be 10 percent more efficient than existing products from other manufacturers. The Smart Charge Technology recognizes the devices automatically and sets the maximum charge current up to 2.4 amps automatically.

easyacc 28w solar panel, Smart technology

However, as with a maximum of 4 A combined two times 2.4 A to be built, remains a mystery to me. The fact is, an iPad will load quickly and I have the detailed test and good sun no difference to quick chargers can determine for the outlet.

Here you get the EasyAcc solar charger on Amazon.

The code 12OFFDE there are an additional 12 € savings on the purchase of 28 Watt device


All information, the unboxing and the delivery in the video.

Ideal it should be for outdoor activities, to consider at the point however is the weight: 620 grams must be permanently supported. Two carabiner and a backpack rope but facilitate attachment.

easyacc 28w solar panel, rope and carabiners

Two versions are available,

    • 4 solar panels and 4 USB ports (2 x 2.4 A and 2 x 1 A) Purchase
    • 2 solar panels and 2 USB 2.4 ports A with Smart Technology. Purchase
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  1. sound very handy to have this product. Be great to have

  2. Very practical and innovative!