Is Your Device Qi Wireless Charging Compatible? Check the List!

By June 14, 2016

Just as its name implies, Qi wireless charging refers to charging your devices wirelessly with Qi technology instead of using any cables. Most of wireless charging products are based on Qi technology nowadays, but not all phones and devices are made with Qi built-in. if you want to know if your device is Qi compatible, or if you want to buy Qi compatible devices, the list below will help you.

Most of Nokia and Samsung smartphones are Qi compatible devices, while some other hot cellphones, such as HTC or Apple have not. See how to add wireless charging to HTC 10 and iPhone. You can also know how to add wireless charging for mobile phones in all types. 

Qi-enabled devices list (2014-2016):


 Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Asus Padfone-S
Asus Padfone S

Blackberry classic wireless charging

 Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: blackberry classic               Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: BlackberryPrivUSAonly
Blackberry Priv           Blackberry Classic 


 Qi Wireless Charging Compatible:Nexus6
Google Nexus 6


 Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: LG G3
LG G3 (EU only)


 Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Nokia Lumia 950 XL                             Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Nokia Lumia 950                             Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Nokia Lumia735
Nokia Lumia 950 XL              Nokia Lumia 950                    Nokia Lumia 735

 Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Nokia Lumia 830                            Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: NokiaLumia930                              Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: NokiaLumia929
Nokia Lumia 830                   Nokia Lumia 930                    Nokia Lumia 929/Icon


  Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: GalaxyS7Edge                           Qi Wireless Charging Compatible:Galaxy S7                               Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Samsungw2016
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge     Samsung Galaxy S7                     Samsung W2016
 Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: GalaxyNote5                            Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Galaxy-S6 Edge Plus                              Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Galaxy S6 Active
Samsung Galaxy Note 5     Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus    Samsung Galaxy S6 Active wireless charging

  Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Galaxy S6 Edge                           Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge    Samsung Galaxy S6

Sony Xperia wireless charging

 Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Sony Xperia Z4V                          Qi Wireless Charging Compatible: Sony Z3V
Sony Xperia Z4V                  Sony Xperia Z3v

Above are qi wireless compatible devices list. Besides, no matter your device is qi enabled or not, a wireless charger is a necessity.  For example, HTC 10 wireless charger receivernokia lumia 929 charger, Apple wireless charger

Recommendation of wireless charging pad:



RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger

Faster than traditional 3.5-5W chargers, it’s able to support 7.5W output.

More updated compatible devices are listed here.


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    • Galaxy S6 device has a built-in wireless charging coil. You can charge the battery using a wireless charging pad. Additionally, Galaxy S6 supports both WPC (Qi technology) and PMA (Powermat) certified wireless charging technology.

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