How to Quick Charge Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wirelessly

By August 23, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was landed on August 9 with a similar design as Note 8 and eye-watering price starting around $1000. Yet, it is a beast of spec featured a 6.4inch display, dual rear cameras, fingerprint sensor in the back, and a remarkable 4000mAh battery. The redesigned battery of 4000mAh capacity is much larger than that of Note 8 which was reduced to 3300mAh from Note 7’s 3500mAh for the safety reason.

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Samsung’s galaxy series have been supporting wireless charging for years. However, as it is a way of convenience instead of efficiency, wireless charging has always been a secondary of options for users. While, with more and more smartphones hop into the bandwagon of fast charging, the wireless charging has been improving to catch up the needs of the trend. Samsung as one of the leaders in wireless charger world is also dedicated in it.


Alongside the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Smartwatch, Duo—the new two-devices wireless charger — was released in the unpacked press conference too. How to quick charge your next Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wirelessly? Maybe Duo is the solution that Samsung provide to you. It is said that Duo can offer charge up to 12W to both your Samsung or any other wireless-charging-enabled phones and its smartwatch simultaneously, moreover, it is the first wireless charger that comes with two pads which features one flat and another stand. Usually, you may use the stand pad to charge your smartphone so that you can even check text and watch video while charging. So obviously, wireless charging is being improved to be both convenient and efficient. The Duo is available in classic black and white colors with a pricy tag of $119.99 online.


Generally speaking, within the limitation that your smartphone allows for the maximum power in a certain period, we think that the higher the number of the watt, the faster your device will be fully charged. So the fastest way to wirelessly charge your phone depends on how much watt your wireless charger can offer. While the fastest wireless charger on the market right now might be Belkin which offers 15W of charging power, even faster than many of the wired chargers. For more information, you can jump to the hand-on review video on Youtube  


Wireless technology, as something new, is still on its improving stage. And wireless chargers are usually labelled a higher tag than most of the wired chargers, so it is quite necessary to obey some of the rules of safety while charging, for example, avoid playing games while charging, which may, otherwise, heat both your phone and charger up and damage them all. Let alone, leave your smartphone alone while it is charging is a way to charge it faster!

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