How to play music from iPhone 7 to car Bluetooth

By September 30, 2016

Many people enjoy listening to music especially when they are driving, so how to play music from iPhone 7 to car Bluetooth?


First of all, you need to enable the iPhone 7’s Bluetooth Connection. You can tap the Settings icon on the iPhone 7’s home screen and tap the General menu option to the next screen, and then enable the Bluetooth option by tapping it. Then switch on your car’s Bluetooth function, make sure it’s available to be paired up with. If you haven’t paired it up with your iPhone previously, you should see its status as not paired. Tap on the device to select it for pairing, it may ask you to enter a security PIN code. The PIN is usually 4 zeros, but you’ll need to read the device’s instruction manual to make sure. Enter the PIN and then you can tap the pair button.


However, past updates have shown some cars are just not compatible with the new iPhone Bluetooth specifications. And as the iPhone 7 have been announced, some people complaint that they cannot connect to their car Bluetooth. How does it happen? The main reason for incompatibility of iPhone 7 with car vehicles is that the design cycle for cars is much longer than for iPhones. Cars typically have a five-year design cycle while wireless devices can be iterated in one-to-two years. Therefore, your car may not suit the newest generation of iPhone. As iPhone 7 abandoned headphone jack thus will affect car owners who have late-model cars which do not have a Bluetooth or USB connection for playing music. If you are currently connecting your iPhone via an AUX port for playing music, the best suggested option is to connect iPhone 7 via Bluetooth to the device which is connected to the AUX port.


If you still cannot play music from iPhone 7 to car Bluetooth then it’s better for you to take following suggestions: First of all is to check whether it has the latest operating system installed on it or not. The iPhones usually check for updates automatically, but you can manually do this as well. And only update your iPhone over Wi-Fi because cellular connections may cause glitches.

If the Bluetooth problems still exist, the next step is any variation of the “nuke-it” fixes. These fixes remove all the settings from the car and the iPhone to start from the beginning. Some even disconnected the car battery to clear all the settings in the car, too. If so, you are advised to reset all settings of your iPhone 7 and disconnect iPhone and car infotainment system, then go to the iPhone settings to rename your iPhone 7 and pair with the car infotainment system again. After that you can restore all network settings of iPhone 7, by the way, it deletes all Wi-Fi and other network settings by this method! If you reset it you must re-add all your network settings in iOS. In the end, delete all blue-tooth devices.

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