How To Maintain Power Banks–Part 2

By February 2, 2016

Power Banks has brought a great convenience for people. More and more people are using power banks to charge their digital devices. Maintaining your power bank can ensure that it works properly and last lasts longer. However, many people don’t know how to maintain their power banks. Here, we list some methods for your power bank maintenance.




1.Use power bank regularly 
Do not leave it unused for a long period. If the power bank for long periods of time to be used, from time to time perform a single charge and discharge to maintain their normal performance. Best time to discharge and charge per month of power bank, so you can ensure that the internal batteries to maintain the best condition, and effectively extend its service life. 

2.Use power bank suitably

Do not try to use until fully charged and not over-depletion of the battery. It is advocated that do not interrupt charging when the charge has not been completed, as this also sacrificed its life. Do not over-depletion of the battery, do not use to completely discharge, then it will cause some irreversible loss.

3.Use in the right temperature and humidity

We may all have this experience, when you open your TV in wet days, the screen is a little blurry and the colors will be distorted, and which is exactly the impact of  humidity for appliances. Mobile power is no exception. As electronic products, careless water or prolonged exposure to moist air will cause varying degrees of corrosion or oxidation of its internal electronic components. Therefore, power bank must be stored in a dry, cool place.


Tips: Put the power bank away from the place for children easy to touch in case of accident.


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