How To DIY Phone/Tablet Lazy Stand?

By February 26, 2016

1.Bottle Bottom Phone Stand


   Bottle-Bottom-Phone-Stand-01   Bottle-Bottom-Phone-Stand-02  Bottle-Bottom-Phone-Stand-03   Bottle-Bottom-Phone-Stand-04



2.Cardboard Phone Stand


Cardboard is a pretty abundant resource. It costs next to nothing, and it also is very strong. This instructables will tell you how to make a reliable phone stand with tiny scraps you can find from boxes or whatever


Cardboard-Phone- Stand-01    Cardboard-Phone- Stand-03  Cardboard-Phone- Stand-02  Cardboard-Phone- Stand-04



3.DIY Lazy Stand By Binder Clips


DIY Lazy Stand By Binder Clips





4. DIY Coat Hanger Stand


DIY Coat Hanger Stand




More way to DIY  phone holder at:

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  1. Great blog

  2. great ideas. I like the bottle bottom stand.

  3. nice ideaas, thanks

  4. Nice idea for a cheap stand.

  5. I have no use for any stand for my phone. But if the need arises, I will put the plastic soda bottle to use!

  6. I like the plastic bottle, less likely to scratch the phone compared to the metal

  7. I like to use Jumbo Binder Clips

  8. I like the most DIY Lazy Stand By Binder Clips because I think that is the most solid.

  9. Bottle Bottom Phone Stand I think is the most original

  10. I want the Bottle bottom stand the most it’s easy to make.