How to Connect Samsung Gear 360(2017) to iPhone or iPad

By May 25, 2017

After the releasement of new Gear 360(2017), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd launched the new Samsung Gear 360 app, which is compatible with Gear 360(2017) and Gear 360. For the Live Stream function of Gear 360(2017), Samsung Gear 360(new) app added a new feature named Live Broadcast. However, it only works on Gear 360(2017) and only the app on Google Play has this function. This is a gear announced by a company manufacturing Android phone. Can it work with iOS devices, iPhone or iPad? The answer is yes. In this article, let’s discuss about how to connect Gear 360(2017) to iPhone or iPad. Samsung Gear 360 2017 vs Samsung Gear 360 2016: What are they and what’s difference


How to Connect Samsung Gear 360(2017) 2017 to iPhone or iPad?

Although the Samsung Gear 360 app downloaded from app store doesn’t have live stream function, you can use the camera function to take picture, check the photos you taken in Gallery and set your Gear 360(2017) in Setting. Follow the steps below to connect your Samsung Gear 360(2017) to your iPhone or iPad.

1. Check SD card. If there is no microSD card inside, insert it.


2. Download Samsung Gear 360 app in App Store

3. Turn on Bluetooth of your iPhone or iPad.

4. Open Samsung Gear 360 app on your iPhone or iPad.

5. Tap CONNECT TO GEAR 360(2017) on the screen

6. Set access permission following the instructions.

7. Turn on your Samsung Gear 360(2017) by long press the red Back button on the right side.


8. Long press the Menu button on the top which is also the Bluetooth Button, until the notification Connect to iOS shows up.


9. Press red button in front to confirm the connection and a string of numbers will show up on the little screen of Gear 360(2017).


10. Input the numbers showing on Gear 360(2017) in app.

11. Now you finish the connection and can do operations on your iPhone or iPad.

Hope this article can help you. If there is any problem, leave the comments below.

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  1. Samsung gear do not connect bluetooth, only wi fi.

    This tutorial does not help anyone

  2. Does not work with iPad. Not listed as compatible on Samsung webpage and is not in the Apple App store on iPad.

  3. How do i update the firmware with an iphone or ipad?

  4. Cannot find gear 360 app on iPad pro

  5. I can not connect to bluetooth on IOS. It will do wifi, but not bluetooth.

    • Having same issue. Only option is to connect via wifi which is useless outdoors. Even when Inuse wifi the app is buggy. Sometimes it works but mostly it keeps telling me to pair the phone with the camera even when they are already connected. I have the iPhone 7 plus. Any advice greatly appreciated.

      • Same issues. Cant connect with my 7Plus. Guess we need to update the firmware. but how do we update the firmware if we do not connect to the phone…

  6. Just received Gear 360 2017 to work with my iphone 6s.
    Having issues, Samsung Tech Support is useless.
    Able to pair camera w iphone. The App freezes or crashes at various stages. At one point, app was able to download firmware but said that it could not transfer upgrade to camera because it was not connected even though it was.
    “Can’t copy update to Gear 360
    Check the connection to your Gear 360 and try again”
    No bluetooth option, connects through wifi.
    Any leads?
    Is there a way to do a firmware update from my macbook pro?

  7. Hello,

    I am not getting message “Connect to iOS”, instead it is showing “connect to android”.

    • Please check the Bluetooth of your iOS device be turnd on firstly.And turn off the Bluetooth of your other Android devices.

      • I get the same message “connect to Android”. Gear 360 is not visible through wi-fi or Bluetooth. The ios application is either useless or too hard to use

    • I’m having the same issue. It only shows Connect to Android and then goes to Gear 360 with a password. It never shows “Connect to iOS”. Also, if I go looking for the connection in wifi or bluetooth on the ios device, I don’t see it.