How to Charge iPhone 7 on Macbook Pro 2016

By November 19, 2016

This year Apple unveiled  iPhone 7 and the updated Macbook Pro at its event. The Pro has many latest advancements of Apple’s but not a single traditional, USB 3.0 port. The newest iPhone 7 can’t plug into Apple’s latest Macbook Pro.The iPhone 7 comes with a USB-A to Lightning cable while the new MacBook Pro only has USB-C port. That means the standard USB to Lightning cable that comes with iPhone 7 won’t be ability to plug into the phone directly.So here comes the question, how to charge iPhone 7 on MacBook Pro? Don’t you worry, there are some solutions to work out.

1.What is Type-C.

How to Charge iPhone 7 on Macbook Pro 2016 1

Type-C refers to a specific type of USB connector. In fact, USB connector has a variety of specifications, such as our common USB connector in the past which called USB Type-A, such as the common Micro-USB on Android phones is a USB connector specifications.

USB 3.1 specification on the MacBook’s only interface with high transfer rate and two-way charging characteristics. The specification increases USB interface transfer rate to 10 Gbit/s, and supports three sections of voltage 5V, 12V and 20V, the maximum power supply 100W. In fact, since USB 3.1 provides backward compatibility with USB 2.0 / 1.0 devices, it is possible to connect the original USB device directly if the other USB Type 3.1 connectors are used.

In a word, the size of the USB connector determines the shape of the USB, while the USB transfer specification determines its performance and functionality.

2.USB-C to USB adapter

How to Charge iPhone 7 on Macbook Pro 2016 2

If you already own the new MacBook Pro but you still need transfer a lot of data by using USB, you’re going to need this simple little adapter no matter how. you’ll be ability to attach the USB end of the Lightning cable into this adapter, then connect the USB-C port to the MacBook. You can also just use it for charging your new iPhone 7.

The advantages of having the USB-C to USB adapter is extensive use. Your devices mostly can be used by the standard USB port,such as Apple Watch and more.

You can choose Apple’s adapter for about $19, and there are other third-party adapters you can buy if you’re searching for something cheaper.

3.USB-C To Lightning Cable

How to Charge iPhone 7 on Macbook Pro 2016 3

If you’re worried about losing the adapter easily, here is another option.  You can choose the lightning cable which is bigger than the adapter so that not easily to get it lost. Lightning cable allows you to plug your iPhone 7 directly to your new MacBook Pro.

You can choose Apple’s official cable for about $25, and there are other third-party cables you can buy if you’re limited by your funds.

What other choice do you have? Come and let us know.

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