Tips On How To Charge iPhone 7 For The First Time

By September 19, 2016

Have you received your new iPhone 7 or  iPhone 7 plus? After you receive it, the first question you may meet is how to charge iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus for the first time. This post will teach you how to charge iPhone 7 for the first time, best ways to charge your iPhone 7 for a better battery life.

How To Charge iPhone 7 Plus For The First Time? 1

Battery Health

You have to know what battery health is before you charge iPhone 7 for the first time. Battery health is the current condition of itself at any time and is usually shown as a persentage. Battery health affect the battery life directly. Everybody wants to keep the battery as long as possible. The fact is whichever battery is, the battery wears down along with use.Battery health can be affected by many factors,like temperature or charger and so on. What we can control currently is the way of charge. Here are some tips for you to charge iPhone 7 for the first time.

Tip 1

It’s no necessary  to charge your iPhone 7 when you receive it at the first time. You can just start using it. And you can charge it when the battery persentage is fully drained. Once it happened,keep it off for at least 2 hours before the first charge. If you don’t often use it, please make a full discharge one or two times once a month.

Tip 2

The type of charger you use matters a lot. You’d better to use the ordinary wall charger for the first three times,not the computer’s USB port or any other fake brand charger.

How To Charge iPhone 7 Plus For The First Time? 2

Tip 3

Many people said you have to charge your new iPhone no less than six to eight hours for the first time. But is this true with the iPhone 7 ? My reply is no. Users do not need to charge it for so many hours. Battery charge can be ended  when the battery is charged to 100%. One of the features that iPhone 6s has is it offers a function of overshoot protection. When battery is charged to 100%,this function will work to stop charging automatically.So does iPhone 7.

Tip 4

The first time when you are charging iPhone 7,do not use it while charging. Just lay it aside for a couple of hours while it is fully charged with normal mode before you start using it again.

Practice what I post,this four tips will help your iPhone 7 remain in good shape.

Below are some recommendations of accessories to protect and charge your iPhone 7 properly.

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  1. Even if you switch off the phone and put it on charging, the p[hone automatically turns-on. This thing happens all the way back from old phones…
    So you can’t charge it with phone turned off…

  2. should the phone be switched off to be charged, or can it be left in the on position ??

    • Technically it’s the best to switch it off or switch on the airplane mode while charging, however not use the phone while charging is a good habitat to prolong the battery lifespan and avoid overheating danger.

  3. I noticed it says that the iPhone 7 when it reaches 100% for the batterie it has a protection and it will stop charging. Well I had to go 2 times to the Apple Store to change the iPhone 7 because the protection does not work. It will keep charging none stop.

  4. Under NO circumstances should you EVER drain your battery all the way. That’s actually harder on it than leaving it plugged in all the time when it’s 100% charged. It’s best to keep your battery between 30-90%, that’s where it is happiest and where Apple recommends you keep it. These aren’t the old style nickel batteries, lithium are very different.

    • I wish I had read your comment prior to following the advice about giving it a full drain the first time. Ugh. It’s a shame there is so much misinformation out there; I wondered if w/all of the typos this was even a valid post, or merely someone looking to get stock by suppliers. I did find more information that was in alignment with what you’ve said. Anyhow, I just got the phone and this is my first recharge. I am in the 14 day return policy… should you see this soon, any thoughts on whether or not I’ve damaged the battery by draining it fully? Also, the recharge of it has been Extremely Slow! Not sure what that is about (is connected to wall). Thank you