How many times can a 3000mAh power bank charge your phone?

By July 22, 2016

3000mAh power bank can charge how many time your smartphone? A 3000mAh power bank is easy to carry and also can be a good solution for your iPhone, Samsung S7 edge, especially when the Pokémon Go drains your battery life.


I get a small satisfaction whenever I have a fully charged phone. I’m sure it’s happened to everyone, especially for those who plays Pokémon Go often. A solution for this is to have a portable power bank 3000mAh on hand. As we all know, different smartphone is equipped with different battery capacity.

 How many times can a 3000mAh power bank charge phone? 

At this point it just becomes a math problem that how much power you need? Power in a portable battery charger is typically measured in milliamps (mAh), and these devices will typically be described with a number telling how its battery capacity. The true output rate may be lower at times. Usually the conversion rate of a good power bank is about 90%, so now we just have worked out a not so difficult math problem.

How many times can a 3000mAh power bank charge phone?

How many times can a 3000mAh power bank charge your phone?

3000mAh power bank can charge how many times your iPhone 6? According to this math chart, a 3000mAh power bank can charge your iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and HTC M9 about one time. And the 3000mAh Power Bank offer your iPhone 6 one and half battery life.

How many times can a 3000mAh power bank charge phone?

If you just want keep your smartphone double the battery life, you’d need a pack with a capacity of at least 5000 mAh.

But If you wanted a power bank that could double the battery life of your and your friend’s smartphones or double the battery life of your smartphone and your tablet, you’d need a pack with a capacity of at least 10000 mAh.


Anker PowerCore 5000 power bank [Buy at Amazon] is able to fully charge your smartphone for at least one time and the super slim size with a built-in cable make it convenient for you to bring anywhere you go.


EasyAcc 10000 Slim Portable Charger [Buy at Amazon]


  • Handy to go — Smaller than an iPhone 7, light enough to grab it with your phone each time you move from site.
  • High Capacity — 10000 mAh capacity, provides 4 times full charge for iPhone 8 or 2.5 times for Galaxy S8. No worry power off in games, photographs or phone calls.
  • Smart Charge — Compatible with almost devices. Intelligent detects and delivers fastest charging speed for your device. Charges QC-support devices up to 80% in 35 minutes, deliver enough power to finish a movie.
  • Built-in Flashlight — Backup for unexpected power failure or emergency. Provide an alternative flashlight to camera flash.


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  1. So, does that mean that Galaxy S models’ battery last longer since the battery packs don’t charge it fully as much times as the iPhones?

  2. This article was awesome and exactly what I needed…
    Thank you!

  3. The table of “How many charge times” is incorrect.

    The internal batteries from the power banks are 3.7v lithium as well as the smartphones batteries.

    But the outputs are 5v USB and this means the power bank needs to raise the internal battery from 3.7v (or whatever voltage they are at) to 5v to feed the smartphone.

    Then the smartphone will not use those 5v as the batteries charge to 4.2v maximum.

    To get the correct available charge times you need to divide the power bank mAh by 5v and multiply by 3.7v and then multiply by 0.9 assuming 90% efficient power bank.

    So, a 10000mAh power bank has only 10000/5*3.7=7400mAh available after converting the voltages. And considering 90% efficiency we really have only 6600mAh for our devices.

    This can charge an iPhone 6 only 3.68 times and not the 4.97 times as on the table.

    The same way, there is no way that a 5000mAh power bank will chargen iPad mini battery of 4490mAh as shown on the table…
    It will charge 75% of it in the best case.