How long to charge power bank first time

By February 5, 2016

how long to charge power bank first time

Mostly, when we buy a phone, we would unconsciously ask that how long to charge the phone for the first time?

Likewise, when buy a power bank, we would ask ourselves the same question.

So, how long to charge power bank for the first time?

How Many Times Can a 20000mAh Power Bank Fully Charge Your Device

Same as the phone’s battery, the battery of power bank needs to be charged a bit longer before the first time using. 

Taking EasyAcc’s power banks for example, they are all made of Li-Ion battery. Nothing complicated, when charging the power bank, we could refer to the built-in LED indicators. 

Or EasyAcc 20000mAh Smart Power Bank, it has 4 LED indicators, thus each one is for 25% power on average. Is that full of charge when all 4 indicators are on?

When contacting with EasyAcc power bank product managers and engineers, it’s not that kind of situation.

Actually,  when 4 indicators are on, there’s only 95% power. Why?

Best power bank 20000mAh in German, EasyAcc


—— First and foremost, that’s because different battery cells have different capacities, even in the same power bank, which is from the point of product design. And it aims to fully take advantage of the battery, which, maybe, will remind you when starting the car, you should preheat it.

—— Then, to some extent, it’s for better charging experience. As larger capacity battery for longer charging time, thus the former indicator will take more time to light up; the latter one or the last one will cost less time. So you will find the power bank seems to be charged up faster and faster. 

Theoretically, most power banks will take 5% longer time for recharging up for the first time. But that actually does not matter. Free charging. Easy charging. 

Charge for the First Time

Surely, here is another factor, that is, the input. Normally, most power banks are allocated with one input in 1 amp. But if for 20000mAh power bank, it’s different. It will has two inputs and both of them are for 2 amps, enhancing the recharging speed up to 50%. 

All in all, that’s case by case. Whatever charging problems you’v met, comment below, and we offer your solutions. 

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Charge Power Bank for the First Time

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  1. I put my power bank on charge for the first time but after 5 hours i saw all the lights blue like its fully charged i took it off and press small botton the light turn on than all the lights off and i cant turn it on now

  2. I bought Intex 11000mah power bank, after full charging first time it gave only 4500mah of output, Is it normal considering first time use or should i return?
    Will Its output be improved after using some days? It’s getting full charge in 6 hours.

  3. Charging my bavin 12000 mAh for the first time. It is almost 24 hours now since it was plugged but it is still on the second light indicator blinking. What could be wrong?

  4. Hi
    I have a power bank that is 20,000 mah.
    It has 2 inputs; one 1amp and the other 2.1amp.
    I tried charging my phone with it but it does very slowly like as i use my phone and charge it at the same time it slowly dies.
    Is it the power bank or the cable i’m using i dont know.
    It says something about 72 hours on the manual but its not very clear whats thats about.

  5. Hi, I bought an ambrane power bank 20000mah on Amazon,, how long I put that in first charge………….

  6. How long a 20000 genuine powerbank lasts?I

  7. I have a lenovo pb 500 with 10000 capacity. How long to charge it for the first time?

    • What charger do you use to charge your power bank? The time depends on the output of your charger, if it’s a 5V 2A charger, the charging time will be approximately 6.5 hours

  8. How many hours willa complete power bank of 10,000mah and 12500mah could give for an iphone 7plus!!! Please can u comfirm me that

  9. Hi, I purchased new 26000mah easyacc power bank. I would like to ask, if there is any power in it when I received it and should I first use that power before first charge, OR, I can plug to charge straight away after i receive it with no worries.
    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Akosua, thanks for your support. For your concern, no worries about whether you use it first or charge it till full first since the Lithium batteries inside would have settled amount of recharging cycles, if you recharge it first, it would not be counted as 1 full cycle. Just do whatever you would prefer and enjoy your powered life.

  10. I have energizer ue2603 power bank and wondering how long I should charge it for the first time? How long should i then charge it for on subsequent charges? It is 1 ampere for both input and output. Many thanks.

    • What’s the capacity of your Power bank? I mean the number of mAh or Wh, then you can deduce the charging duration (hours) by applying the formula: capacity(mAh)/1000 mA(input current)/70%(general conversion rate)

  11. I have a power bank of capacity 20,000 mah, and i charged it with my Samsung galaxy C7 fast charger module, when i plugin the charger suddenly, white light popup for 2 to 3 seconds, then it becomes blue like the other 4 indicators light. And, all the indicating light are blue at startup off charging, does it make any sense, i have power bank first time and dont know how it charged and what does mean by that blue lights, plz guide mee. THANX

    • I don’t think it matters much, at the startup pf white light, it might be a delay of the internal circuit reaction.

  12. I have a power bank capacity of 20000 mah, when i plugin one indicator popup white light for 2 secnds then all 4 indicating lights becomes blue, doest it means its being charge or any fault. Ciz, i have baught it first time, plz guide me.

  13. Hi myself PURNAPRASAD,I brought LAP GUARD power bank of 13000 mAh yesturday..

    ? I changed it for 3 hours yesterday & 5 hours today morning but it is 75% charged , so what is the problem & solution of this matter sir..

    ? What is the charging duration of LAP GUARD 13000 mAh power bank..


    • Hello, the charging time technically depends on the charger you use. if you used an old-style 1A charger, it would take more than 14 hours to fully charge your power bank. I suggest you to check the charger you use first, if it’s 2A rated, then either the conversion rate of your power bank is relatively low or there’s problem with the charging cable or charger.

  14. Hi Shirley
    I bought a 13,000 mAh power bank with 5V—1.8A input I’ve been charging for about 5 hours since I bought it yet it’s still at 99%. I bought it at 73% and haven’t used it yet since then, is it ok to start using it already?

    • Hi Finest, considering the conversion rate of recharging is quite low like 60%, let us do the maths, (100%-73%)*13000 mAh * 3.6 V / 5V / 1800 mA / 60% = 2.34 hours, it takes approximately 2.3 hours to fully charge your power bank, if you had already charged 5 hours, even if you used a 5V 1A charger 5 hours is definitely enough to reach 100%. If it’s at 99% for a while I suggest you to use it directly, completely drain it to 0%, then take a full recharging cycle to verify if it still keeps at 99%.

  15. I have been charge my bank power for 4 hours it does not be fully it New power bank which has two hole what is problem

  16. I have an MI power bank and when I charge my lenovo phone using powerbank, it is able to charge it upto 80% only , even if I keep it in charge after that, it won’t charge more than that.
    I am unable to understand the reason, if you can help me with the same.

    • How about using the genuine charger to charge your phone? If it stays the same, the problem might be with your phone, if not, the internal control system of your power bank might be defected, it cut off the current due to wrong instruction.

  17. I have a moerdan power bank of 20000amh…its takes a longtime to charge it gets heated….What to do..??

  18. Hi, I also have a Romoss power bank and in my first 2 charging of the power bank it always reached a full 100 % now it only shows 95% no matter how long I extend it..

    Is there a problem with it?

  19. hi..i bought a lenovo PA 10400 mah (black) power bank…so how many hours i have to charge it for first time

    • It depends on what kind of charger you use, if it’s a 1 Amp charger, it will take more than 11 hours to fill it up, if with a 2 Amp charger, the time will be halved as well.

  20. Our organisation, after testing this power bank for about 1 month, concluded that it is not only affordable and reliable but also is handy.

    And of course, we are looking forward to collaborating and giving our opinion about other your products.

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  21. I have purchased Mi-20000 mAh power Bank , 3.6 V. It was fully discharged first time. But after first time discharged, it is not getting charged? Pl Guide.Manufactured in Nov-2016. Purchased on 23.09.2017

    • Hi, I’m afraid that you need to ask customer service for an exchange or refund if it cannot be recharged, try to switch the charging cable and charger first, if it’s still not working, it might be a defected one.

      • hi i bought a philips new power bank . how many hours i have to charge it (11000mah)

        • If you use a normal 5V 2A charger, and the power bank has only one input, the full charging time is more than 5.5 hours, 6 hours would be enough.

  22. Hey , can you help me i bought Denver powerbank(2600) and in package i didnt get original usb Cable(idk why) im charging ot for 8 hours and lamp still hasnt go off , how long does it take to charge it

    • Hi, technically a power bank with 2600 mAh can be filled up within 3 hours, if all the indicators are on and stop blinking, the power bank is fully charged.

  23. Can you top this unit off. Say you are leaving for a camping trip and your battery bank is 1/2 charged. Is it ok to top it off?

  24. Hi! I just bought a power bank that has 15000MAH and 5.0 V and 2.1 A. I charged almosy immediately after receiving the package and now it doesnt show the power indicator, could chatging it immediately be the problem?

    • Hi, it should not be a problem to charge it immediately, I’m afraid that your power bank is a defected one, you need to contact the customer service, if it’s an EasyAcc product, please contact [email protected] for further assistance, thank you.

  25. Hie. I brought a 8000 mah powerbank. I have no idea how to check if it is fully chatges or not because it does not have a indicator. Approximately how many hours should I charge it?

  26. Hello! Bought a 15,000 mAh battery with an input of 1.5 A and the 4th indicator is still blinking and has been charging for almost 8 hours. idk if my powerbank is okay or not.

    • Theoretically if the input is only 1.5A which is 1500 mA, the charging time is approximately 10 hours, take the conversion rate into account, the charging time is even longer, so 8 hours recharging is reasonable

  27. I m using Samsung power bank but I m not getting how to use it

  28. hello,
    I just wanna ask why my power bank 25000mah romoss brand is still not fully charge? I just bought this 1week ago.. and when i’m trying to fully charge it, it is still not fully charge after 2days of charging, the indicator led stuck in 1 bar and its still blinking upward.. and right now I still continuing charging..

    • Hello, Joef, I’m afraid that you have to contact the customer service for further help, the product might be a defect one

  29. Hai
    My powerbank is 20000mAh it’s have output1 5v 1A output2 5v 2A .but this have not speed charging powerbank is (sony cp-f20L cycle energy) pleas tell how to speed increas this powerbank

  30. Which are the best top 10 powerbanks?

  31. Charging for the past 8 to 10 hours. But the fourth LED is keep on blinking. How much time it would take to charge 100℅ for the first time.

  32. I just bought the EasyAcc PB26000MS power bank. It says in the instructions that i need to supply it with at least 2A to charge it. The problem is that I only own apple iphone 1A wall adapters. Will using both inputs through into the power bank on 1A each be sufficient or do i need to buy a new 2A adapter. As i use these adapters, they get considerably warm which is slightly worrying

    • Dear Cameron, since the EasyAcc PB26000MS power bank features dual input port, you can apply both of them to recharge simultaneously to halve the charging time, as you can see, the 1A charger is not that efficient to charge such a monster-capacity power bank, even if you apply 2 of them the charging speed is equal to 1 2A charger which means the charging time is more than 13 hours. I suggest you to buy an EasyAcc PowerEdge 3-port smart charger which enables the charging speed up to the maximum and meet the need of dual input ports.
      With respect to the heat the power bank released, please keep the device away from warm places and try to improve the air flow.If the heating problem still exists, please contact our customer service team immediately

  33. Hi good day, i just bought a 20000mah powerbank and when i swith on it appears on the lcd still 75% .
    Do i have to drain the powerbank before i’ll charge for the first tme after purchasing?

    • Don’t worry, the lithium-ion battery life would be counted on cycles, therefore whether you drain it till empty or not would not affect the battery life much.

  34. hello.. I got Intex 12500mAh power bank yesterday and it has 3 LEDs on when I switched it on. So I charged my moto G with that. I have seen that soon it came to 2 LEDs blinking. Then I fully charged my power bank to see how many times it can charge my moto G fully. I still have a feeling that it’s getting discharged fastly as already it came to 3 LEDs. Please let me know if this is a case with every power bank initially or my power bank has some defect. Thank you.

    • If the capacity of your power bank was running out quickly and unusually, it might be a defected one. Moto G has a non-removable 2070 mAh battery, theoretically when it gets fully charged your 12500mAh power bank would consume around one quarter ( take the power conversion rate approximately 75% ), if it came to 3 LEDs after mote G getting fully charged, I guess it’s quite Ok, if not, you might need to ask the customer service for further explanation.

  35. Hi, I just bought an Anker power bank 13,000 mAh, could you please advise me how long should I charge it the first time?
    Thank you for your support.

    • The charging time massively depends on the charger you use. The best way to charge your power bank is to cut the power off when the power bank is fully charged (The indicators stop blinking)

      • Hello Shirley:- I wish u can help me to let know that -Yesterday I bought the INTEX PB-13000mAh power bank and I bought then the 1 & half battery was already charged and now it has been 45 minutes I kept it on charge and the light indicates shows the same . So is it good or bad should I need to contact the person I taken from or should I replaced it to him .I would be glad for ur Concern.

        • Hello Akash, I need to know the type of charger you used to recharge your power bank, if the charger is 1A rating as most smartphone chargers are, 45 mins’ charging is around 600 mAh which is no more than 5% of the capacity 13000 mAh, therefore it can’t reach a quarter to activate an extra indicator. If you use a 2A charger, the charging capacity should be doubled to 10% which is obviously not enough either. Generally speaking, it takes much longer time to fully charge the high-capacity power banks, EasyAcc developed dual-input ports technology to halve the recharging time, like the same capacity of 13000 mAh,the charging time will be shortened to 3.5 hours by dual 2A inputs.

  36. i bought an ASUS zenpower pro 10050mah, when i bought it it has 2 led lights on then i consumedit first,then after i consumed it thats the first time i charged my powerbank, i have been charging it for more than 24 hours already and the 4th led light is still blinking for 10 hours already, but when i unplug it and check how many led lights will be on it will indicate 3 lights only. whats wrong with this? 🙁 thank you

    • Dear Monica, I’m afraid that you might have bought a defected Asus power bank, generally speaking, even if you use a 1A charger the charging time should not be that long, I suggest you to ask the customer service to get an exchange or refund.

  37. Iam new powerbank buying mi++ 20800 how many hours in full charging time 3indicate lights r stop blinking 4th light in not stop blinking tell me fast rlpy me

  38. I bought Samsung 4000amh power bank and it was charged on my mobile phone charger.about 3 1/2 hours. it was indicated red light. then i have charged my mobile phone using it. but battery was charged about 10% only. my phone is huawei smart phone. Please tell me whats the wrong? power bank?

    • What if you use the phone charger to charge your phone directly? If it stays the same, the problem comes out from your phone, vice versa.

  39. How to identify Ambrane 16000mah power bank fully charged or not? 4th led light jus blinking will it blink so that it is fully charged or 4th led light blinking gets stopped means it is fully charged?

  40. How much time does Honour Power bank 13000 it take full charge?

    • Generally speaking, it depends on the type of charger you use, I assume you use a 2A charger, charging time is around 13000 mAh / 2000 mA / 80% (industrial standard of conversion rate) = 8.125 hours

  41. How much time does it take to drain a 20,000mah solar power bank after it has been fully charged the first time?

    • It depends on the battery capacity of the electronic device you need to charge with the 20,000mah power bank, for instance, if you use it to charge iPhone 7 which features 1960 mah battery pack, it’s capable of charging around 8 times till completely juice draining.

  42. Just bought a 30000mah Powerbank, after full charge i plugged it to my 4000mah phone Just for it to charge only 50% of my phone before the led lights went of, still discovered the powerbank is still charging but no increase on my battery’s percentage.Can you please tell me whats going on?

    • Dear Adesina, I suggest you to disconnect your phone and power bank, instead charge your phone with the genuine charger, if the charging works fine, there might be a problem with your power bank, if not, the battery of your phone might have defects.

  43. Hi the first time i charged my powerbank wasnt 0% it is on 45% and when i check on it, it is on 99% and still on 99% for an hour.

  44. bought 20000mah set n charge fr 1am till 8am was only 2 lights blinking. . checked again at 1pm still the same. . puzzle me to search around n ask.. yet no reply… sigh..

    • So sorry to hear that, please kindly check the charger you used to charge 20000mAh, as it’s of high capacity, try to use 2A charger or double inputs to lower the charging time. If you have tried out all methods and the problem is still there, please contact the post sale customer service on Amazon, thank you.

  45. Hi, i just bought a new powerbank… Its 2600mAh and its been charging for like 5 or 6 hours and its still not charged… I tried charging the phone but the bank wont work… Does the bank have to be fully charged i order to work? Thanks

    • Dear Vladimir, normally no need to get the power bank fully charged, you can apply it after several hours charging, please kindly check the indicator on the top after pressing the “power on” button and find if there’s any power left, if not, please check the charger and cable you used were working smoothly, after all if it’s still not fixed, please contact the after sale customer service to ask for assistance, thanks.

  46. It just arrived and tried to charge it with my iPhone Adapter but nothing happens. None of the LED’s are blinking or respond in any way to the loading so I don’t if it’s even working.

    I tried turning in the flashlight but that doesn’t work either … Is it because the adapters only have 1amp ? Because a friend of mine loaded it with her adapter and it worked… Guess I’m be sending it back soon

    • Hi Arne, sorry for our late reply and also the prolem you’ve met.
      Well, upon recharging the Monster 20000mAh power bank, it requires the adapter allocated with a 2A output at least.
      If for an iPhone adapter, it’s only for 1A output.
      While, if for an iPad adapter, it’s at least for 2.3A outuput.

      • I just bought the EasyAcc PB26000MS power bank. It says in the instructions that i need to supply it with at least 2A to charge it. The problem is that I only own apple iphone 1A wall adapters. Will using both inputs through into the power bank on 1A each be sufficient or do i need to buy a new 2A adapter. As i use these adapters, they get considerably warm which is slightly worrying.

  47. bought EasyAcc powerbank, model no. PB20000TP. I am facing charging issue.

    After opening the box i used it to charge my phone and was able to charge it 5 times. Now only the last led bulb is blinking.
    I connected it to a USB charger and connected it to power source and kept it over night for about 10 hours on the first day, but there was still only the 4th led bulb is blinking. I am not able to understand why its not charging. 2nd day also i kept if for almost 11 hours with same result.

    I am using a USB charger with:
    Input 100-240V / Output 5V-1A

    Can you please guide me on how to charge or if i am doing it wrong? Please provide a solution.

    • Hi Bikash, thanks for your message. For this high capacity power bank, it needs greater output charger to recharge it. You could find some chargers with 2A output.

    • You need to charge it 26 hrs.if you use only 1A.try using 2A takes 13hrs only

  48. I have charge my power bank for the first time and when its close to full charge there is a power shortage that last for a minute and when the powers goes back agin it proceed to charging will it affect the performance of my power bank.

  49. I found this article really helpful. I needed to known about this specific feature. Thanks.

  50. How long to be fully charge with power bank 20000mah ?

  51. Will the power bank charge my phone as much as if connected to the socket? as it feels lasts less when charged with power bank (Mi 16000mah on a Redmi Note 3 Pro 4000mAh).

    Is it as good for the phone to be charged with power bank, socket or computer? or power bank might ruin the battery in the long run.

    Mi 16000mAh it says 2.1A output but the charger of the phone says 2A, will this affect phone? they are both same brand so I assumed it shouldn’t but don’t know. Whay do you think?

    Finally, What would happen if try charging my phone which has a 4000mAh with a 2000mAh power bank?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Gabriel, thanks for your message.
      1. Power bank could charge your phone as much as the socket does. And the issue of battery life, it depends on how you use/consume your phone (‘s battery). Next time you could have a look on that.
      2. No matter what the way, with power bank, socket or computer you charge your phone, it’s the same in fully-charged result but different in charging speed and charging time. Surely, the power bank won’t ruin your phone battery, if the power bank has a smart output technology. Take EasyAcc Smart power bank as an example, the final output is determined by your phone input. If your phone could only boast 2 amps, the power bank will output electricity in 2 amps.
      3. a 2000mAh power bank for a 4000mAh phone’s battery? Surely, it can’t offer you a full charge at a time.

  52. my phone would’nt last thru the day without it

  53. You charge it until there are 4 indicators are on the first time.

  54. practical and functional. I love this type of batteries.