GIVEAWAY: Only One Wall Charger Satisfies All Your Mobile Devices

By October 25, 2016

When you travel or head for your business trip, how many wall chargers and cables you have to bring? Smart phone, tablet PC, PlayStation, mp4, all become a part of your life. Nearly all people have more than one of them. So would you like to bring up all chargers of your mobile devices or just choose one from them to charge all your devices? I want to give you the third choose. Get a Smart multi-ports wall charger from EasyAcc.

During the trip, it is difficult to find even just one socket. If there is just one unoccupied socket, however, you have to charge both your iPhone 7 and iPad Air. It is so cruel that you have to make such a decision. EasyAcc Smart 24W 4.8A 2-Port USB Wall Charger can solve this problem immediately. Charge them simultaneously. Or you have another smart phone needed to be charged at the same time? Don’t worry. There is EasyAcc 36W 3-Port USB Wall Charger. Backing up by larger power, the chargers have full capacity to charge 2 or 3 mobile devices in the meantime.



And due to Smart Charger Technology, the charger can charge your device at the maximum speed, by automatically detects your device type. A charger with 1A port can nearly transmit 1000mA electricity per hour and a general smart phone’s battery capacity is about 3000mA. So it will take 3 hours to charge fully. However, with 2.4A ports, just need approximately 1.5 hours. Nowadays, smart phones become more and more power-consuming so that fast charging is necessary. EasyAcc wall charger makes charging safer and faster.


Crafted with the palm-grip frame and a fordable plug, the chargers take up minimum space and its plug won’t be wear out or out of shape because of extrusion. Contact pin is designed at the edge rather than center, so you can open and fold the plug conveniently.

Easyacc always makes effort to improve product quality and provide convenient services for our customers. Now, you have a chance to win an EasyAcc Smart 24W 4.8A 2-Port USB Wall Charger or an EasyAcc 36W 3-Port USB Wall Charger for free. We will delivery one of them randomly. Don’t miss this chance!

GIVEAWAY: Only One Wall Charger Satisfies All Your Mobile Devices

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  1. Hope I win this 🙂 it looks really handy and effective too… thanks EASYACC

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  18. Just got easyacc charger and its great, fast charging! I have a question tho. As I’m playing some addictive game on my phone, I’m used to play with my cord in my phone, so either battery is at 100%, I leave it plugged into current so I dont waste battery as its depletes quite fast. Is this smart thing to do or should I avoid that?
    Phone is Iphone 7 if it matters. Thanks!

    • I suggest you to avoid that as the Li-ion battery life has limited charging cycles, someone even suggest to open airplane mode while charging to prolong battery lifespan.

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