Giveaway: Enjoying Free Time in U.S. Labor Day

By August 30, 2016

DP100 enjoy music in free time

It is know that May 1st is international Labor Day and this comes from the U.S., but U.S. Labor Day is not this date. It is the first Monday of September and people have a day off that time. After a long time hard working, it is important to calm down and enjoying a free day. Music should be a great choice to relax. This giveaway is here help you relax through music.

What you can get from this giveaway:

EasyAcc DP100 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

EasyAcc DP100 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

A super portable, unique design with speakers on the side makes it easy to hear whatever is playing. It is compact but still powerful, with an impressive 4W 45mm driver. Your room can full of music by this speaker orientation. It allocates more efficient transmission to get less degree of sound loss. Besides portable, it is also pretty simple to control with three buttons on the top, which won’t waste your time to remember. As a portable Bluetooth speaker, it is important to have a great battery life. This EasyAcc Bluetooth speaker uses the latest Bluetooth technology, so it doesn’t need to be switched on or off all the time. You can enjoy a non-stop music for about 20 hours. Hope this can be the best choice for your relaxing time. If you want to know more about experiencing this speaker, you can check the video below.

If you like our speaker pretty much, here is the way to win it as a prize. 

Giveaway: Enjoying Free Time in U.S. Labor Day

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  1. Spent the day with family.

  2. rest and be with family

  3. We went camping by the lake.

  4. Labor Day has already passed. I basically just sat around my house and relaxed on the holiday. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

  5. Kickboxing

  6. My wife and I went hiking and had a BBQ.

  7. We grilled in our backyard. Just my family.It was fun and yummy

  8. picnic with neighbors & relax

  9. I just took the day off

  10. Relaxing and spending time with family.

  11. I had to work on labor day 🙁

  12. Listening to the music

  13. watch movies

  14. I didn’t do much for the holiday. I’ve been sick and hubby was out of town =(

  15. I was doing homework

  16. We went geocaching on Labor Day! Was the last day before school started!

  17. We spent the day as a family relaxing.

  18. Sleeping

  19. It already passed…and we just chilled out at home!

  20. We did some back to school shopping.

  21. I just watch some movies labor day

  22. We just barbecued on the patio and watched a movie.

  23. Having a backyard BBQ.

  24. Cleveland Oktoberfest

  25. Bret Michaels concert

  26. Cleveland National Air Show

  27. Work

  28. play on pc

  29. I will be shopping and visiting family.

  30. Swimming and kayaking on the lake.

  31. Fan Expo!

  32. I will take a good sleep

  33. We had a cookout for Labor Day.

  34. Hang out with the family

  35. I must fix the back deck!

  36. Resting at home and getting some work done.

  37. I’m gonna work :v

  38. We’re hosting a BBQ and inviting the family and friends.

  39. we re hanging out round home

  40. Stay at home and rest.

  41. Chill with the family.

  42. Cookout with friends and family!

  43. I will be visiting my family for Labour Day 🙂

  44. Working. Boo.

  45. I’ll work on labour day

  46. nice speakers

  47. I’m going to take it easy Monday but going to the Labour Day Classic on Sunday. Go Riders!!

  48. Working

  49. I plan on spending the weekend with family and hopefully grilling out on Labor Day.

  50. My family is coming in town…I’m so excited to hang out with them!

  51. A nice quiet day at home

  52. Win

  53. Staying home for a BBQ

  54. sleeping

  55. in my country it is in May, so surely work

  56. I will be relaxing!

  57. I am trying to work 😉

  58. I’ll be spending Labor Day with family and friends at the house.

  59. nothing like usual, enter contest, cook a meal, do laundry

  60. Visit the amusement park, museum, and camping with friends.

  61. I will visit Family for a Family barbecue

  62. I will just relax, have an ice cold beer and enjoy the last days of good weather in Calgary!

  63. We will be cleaning up and helping others clean up after the hurricane we just went through. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Really sorry for the hurricane news, it’s so kind of you to help others clean up, I believe everything will be fine, take good care:)

  64. Having a barbecue, enjoying the weather and spending time with family

  65. Spending time with friends and family!

  66. Relaxing 🙂

  67. Most likely watching cricket with a beer ^_^

  68. entering giveaways.

  69. Going Camping!!

  70. RELAXIN’

  71. BBQ with family and friends.

  72. Cookout with Family

  73. 1st of all I get to sleep in ?, then coffee on my deck with my cat…and then play it by ear!!

  74. I will be workiing.

  75. Spending time with family

  76. Going to the PNE. Superdogs!

  77. sleep

  78. get blitzed

  79. I will just be doing some work around the yard.

  80. I’ll be up hiking the alpine meadows at Sun Peaks for our “Lift & Lager” day!

  81. I don’t have any special plans for Labor Day.

  82. I’m going to my sisters house to have a BBQ.

  83. I will be working

  84. Have family over and grill out.

  85. I will be moving on labour day….. doesnt sound the most fun but we are going to make the best of it!!

  86. Work work work work work work

  87. I’ll be hosting a family cookout.



  90. Going to take my daughter for the weekend 🙂

  91. We are having a family BBQ for Labor Day.

  92. visit Family

  93. Go see fireworks in the hometown I grew up in.

  94. I might go fishing this weekend.

  95. Slack 🙂

  96. Relaxing at home with family and friends

  97. going to amusement park

  98. I will be holding a huge BBQ for family and friends on Labour Day

  99. Nothing special.

  100. it depends. we might get hit with a tropical depression, but if not it is supposed to be the first cooler weekend in quite some time. i really was hoping to go hiking

  101. I will stay at home as always in labor’s day.

  102. Labor Day enjoying time with my husband on a little trip to mountains—we love nature!

  103. Family BBQ

  104. We will have a cookout with my parents on Labor Day

  105. I will sleep to recharge my budy

  106. I will go watch a movie with my family.

  107. BBQ with the family

  108. Trip in the mountains and walking with friends.

  109. Watch movies 😀

  110. I usually go out walking with my girlfriend, we go to the mountains and take photographs and this awesome speaker would really entertain us during our trips! 😉

  111. Sleep in and relax

  112. hey, cool speaker!
    i’ll just chill, nothing special

  113. Trip in the mountains with friends.

  114. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the day!!!

  115. Nothing 😉