GIVEAWAY: EasyAcc DP200 Bluetooth Speaker Mixes Super Portability, Powerful Sound with Better Craftsmanship.

By January 22, 2016

DP200 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers of EasyAcc for its elegant shape and quality sound. 



The DP200 speaker is of cola can size which make it compact and convenient enough for you to take it everywhere in your house or even outdoors. However the sound quality will never be reduced by size, two 5W loudspeakers brings you a rich and crystal-clear sound experience.


EasyACC-DP200 2


It is also specially designed under the concept of simplicity. The small cylinder was surrounded by a matte silver steel grid which is crafted by the most delicate cutting technology. With the best material, this speaker is made to be the top speaker in market.



With the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, we can enjoy a stable music stream without switching on/off all the time. Besides, there is an aux port for us to connect the non-Bluetooth devices to it. The only 3 buttons on the top ensures all the actions to be done in second.

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Now this wonderful speaker is on GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment below about what do you value most of a Bluetooth speaker or follow EasyAcc on your social software, you will have the chance to be the lucky dog and get a free DP200! 

Giveaway: Elegant shape with quality sound–EasyAcc DP200 Bluetooth speaker

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  1. Sound Quality, Battery Life, Weight.

  2. I love the look of it.

  3. Better sound

  4. nice give away thanks

  5. love the new features

  6. Long battery life is critical with bluetooth speaker as well as great sound quality. If either is missing then it is useless!

  7. Sound performance.

  8. The most important things are portability and battery life

  9. Looks and sound 🙂

  10. That it connects wirelessly

  11. looks sweet!

  12. For a bluetooth speaker, I value the portability the most

  13. Sound quality is of paramount importance!

  14. love the new features

  15. I love the versatility!

  16. The sound.

  17. The most important thing for a Bluetooth speaker is of course quality of sound. Same with any speaker system really.

  18. easy to move from room to room

  19. Fabulous giveaway. Fingers crossed x

  20. Sound quality is a must! And Bluetooth!

  21. I’ve actually never had a Bluetooth speaker but I would imagine I would value the size and portability over anything so I can take it places with me and move it around in the house if I need to.

  22. Good battery life!

  23. The portability

  24. ease of use & a good range

  25. I love the reliability as well as the sound quality.

  26. It would have to be reliability for me – so many Bluetooth speakers give up the ghost very easily and one like this would be handy because you know it isn’t just going to cut out.

  27. the quality of the sound is a priority to me

  28. Sound quality and a good signal are important to me!


  30. Ah what a upgrade from my speaker haha

  31. Portability and sound quality

  32. What I like best is that of Size, Reliability, Sound and Shape – making it that of an item I’ve been asking to receive even for my birthday – but didnt ge it this year – but havent been able to afford!

    [email protected]

  33. I value small portable size with good sound and no wires.

  34. This is something I would enjoy. Thank you.

  35. quality of sound which was not on last video

  36. Quality of sound.

  37. Ease of use ?

  38. This is a good product, the elegance and the simplicity of the way is made is the thing that i like too much.
    The thing i think is not good enough is the bottoms of on/off, find a better position and make it more cute.

  39. I look for good sound and value when looking for a Bluetooth speaker.

  40. It’d be great for camping and BBQs in the Summer!

  41. the look is just amazing and you can take it everywhere

  42. the size is perfect and it looks so classy 🙂 i really need one

  43. I value a Bluetooth speaker with very good sound and not having to recharge it very often.

  44. I have only heard of powerbank just recently. I do not yet own one but hope to soon.

  45. Sound quality and battery time.

  46. this giveaway ends on the day i was born 🙂

    looooove to wiin, it would be a great present

  47. That’s a nice giveaway.I hope to win.

  48. sound quality and loudness

  49. let´S GO TO THE PARTYYYYY!!!

  50. Good speaker

  51. Excellent sound & flexibility

  52. Quality of sound

  53. Great sound

  54. These speakers are spectacular and very practical. Thank you for the draw

  55. So easy to use and can be put anywhere.

  56. Sound quality.

  57. I love this speaker so much!!

  58. That it has no wire to worry about.

  59. I need one

  60. I value the size. It can fit in my purse and I can use it with my tablet or phone. The most important part for me is the sound quality.

  61. Great giveaway!

  62. the pitch the bass in it dont want sound distored

  63. Portable, good looking, and high quality sound. How have I lived this long without something like this? 🙂

  64. Definitely sound quality is most important for a speaker, but being bluetooth makes battery life also important . It’s very annoying having to recharge while listening to my music

  65. Nice way to promote your product. I would like to have these speakers. Hope I can win

  66. For me a bluetooth speaker must have loud volume and clear sound without distortion.

  67. For me a bluetooth speaker must have loud valume and clear sound without distortion.

  68. The shape it has give it an advantage on toher portable speakers. The design makes it a model to follow by other makers out there in the market. It is a beautiful product indeed.

  69. The size and convenience.

  70. Sound quality

  71. Love the look of this

  72. Rich Sound

  73. I value a small size and a big, clear sound.

  74. Good sound quality is most important to me and it’s great to be able to have speakers whether you go with Blue Tooth

  75. Portability and quality are key to me. I am always on the go so I want a pair of speakers that will encompass this lifestyle aka these Bluetooth Speakers!!!

  76. Easy stable connection. Most bluetooth devices I’ve used drove me insane, constantly requiring re-pairing, re-booting and ignoring each other’s existence like sulky teenagers.

  77. Perfect size to fit right in my purse

  78. muy elegante ideal para llevar de campamento, muy buen sonido

  79. Quality of sound

  80. looks fab

  81. Great giveaway

  82. bluetooth speaker is handy

  83. I would like to win

  84. love to win this

  85. The thing i value the most in a BT speaker is its design and the sound quality which i think easyacc is good at it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. I like crystal clear sound

  87. It seems a very interesting article I would like to try.

  88. Nice speaker!!

  89. The most important thing is good sound quality

  90. good sound quality is most important

  91. Never had one really want one so i can take with me to any room in the house

  92. I value the convenience

  93. Muy atractivos los equipos de su prestigiada marca quiero participar en el concurso se ve que la bocina tiene buena calidad en sonido aparte de buena estetica +529831164949

  94. Can you believe that I’m living in the dark ages and do not have a Bluetooth Speaker? This old gal needs one! Would allow me to share my tunes with everyone!

  95. Es elegante, practico, el sonido es lo mas importante ,es lo mejor para salir a acampar

  96. Really Nice Look Of Speaker

  97. Nice speaker!

  98. THE most important thing is the sound.

  99. Grill speakers fingers crossed to win them

  100. Portability and clear sounds

  101. Quality of sound and convenience

  102. I really value the quality sound quality if that comes with convenience even better.

  103. I value most good sound quality

  104. I am excited to win this…i have nothing like this

  105. I love the stylish design

  106. sound quality

  107. quiero ganarme esa bocina. el sonido es excelente

  108. I have to say sound is the most important.

  109. I value sound quality and price the most when looking to purchase a speaker.

  110. The most important thing is good sound quality for me.

  111. beautiful speakers that would make a lot of kids coming to the ice cream truck very happy to see

  112. I want it.

  113. Great sound x

  114. I value sound quality the most.

  115. Bobby Womack all over the house

  116. quality and sound

  117. I value good quality sound and range. This speaker looks brilliant.

  118. The fact that it is portable !!!

  119. Nice pocket sized unit. Would fit my pocket fine.

  120. I need a bluetooth speaker that has nice clear sound and doesn’t just sound like a tin can!

  121. It’s portable and wireless

  122. Looking forward to good sound.

  123. Good Sound!

  124. I can enjoy a stable music stream without switching on/off all the time

  125. great prize i’d use this alot xx

  126. I value most the sound quality.

  127. I want it.

  128. thing i value most is the wire free hassle free use of Bluetooth speakers

  129. Entered to win.

  130. me gusta muchos la musica y me gustaria ganarlo para poder escuchar mis musica favorita ya que no tengo Altavos

  131. what I value most is the sound and compact it

  132. Most value = sexy design!

  133. small and simple for me

  134. Quality of sound and how high I can blast my tunes.

  135. The Bluetooth feature looks really convenient

  136. I’m a massage therapist and having a speaker I can easily move, with no wires and a great sound is pretty much essential if I want to create a tranquil and soothing environment through music. This one looks FAB X

  137. That’s one beautiful speaker.

  138. Nice prize

  139. Good sound quality.

  140. Small and portable for travelling

  141. el speaker tiene un diceno muy llamativo, me gusta y la facilidad de la conexion bluetooth lo hace aun mejor

  142. I can use the anywhere

  143. great speaker

  144. Me encantaría tener este parlante y no tener cables molestando x todos lados. Que bueno escuchar música sin enredos.

  145. Me encantaría tener este parlante y no tener cables molestando x todos lados. Que bueno escuchar música sin entierros.

  146. Thanks

  147. Cool design. Bluetooth is very convenient.

  148. Simplicity size and quality sound great piece of tech

  149. Looks nice, plus points for the sound quality.

  150. Compact, practical and reliability are valued.

  151. I love the versatility, you can place it anywhere, without the need for ugly wires and having to sit them near your device

  152. the quality of sound and the fact its so portable

  153. Nice and compact so it’s easily taken along anywhere I go x

  154. The lack of wires

  155. I can have my favourite music wherever I want xx

  156. ideal for when we go camping instant music

  157. The most important quality is clarity of sound, followed by stylish looks

  158. So portable!

  159. The sound quality is most important


  161. Sound Quality is most important x

  162. No wires and looks great.

  163. the convenience and sound quality

  164. Sounds quality and simplicity is king

  165. Quality of sound and battery life

  166. Hope I win

  167. I value the quality of sound most xx

  168. Hope I win!

  169. love its features

  170. Great size an great output is what i value in a Bluetooth speaker

  171. I value its portability. I can take it anywhere with me when I travel.

  172. A small speaker with long battery life. What a good combination.

  173. I think the sound quality is the most important.

  174. BT speaker is size and quality of sound.

  175. The compact size and clear sound are most important.

  176. Good sound and small size .

  177. I love, love, LOVE that I can take it camping!

  178. wow very impressive and the sound is amazing and perfect features.

  179. Sound is important

  180. Range and clarity!

  181. I would like to install these Bluetooth speakers into my car!

  182. Quality of sound.

  183. I love the simple look and sleek design

  184. Awesome Party Power with Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker and Portable 6400mAh Power Bank with Smart Technology!

  185. A great quality sound is what I value most.

  186. Thank you very much and wish good luck.

  187. I like clear sound and accurate reproduction of music in a bluetooth speaker

  188. The sound quality is most important.Thanks so very much for sharing.

  189. Good sound

  190. Great bluetooth speaker for low price!

  191. Looks great! I really like the small size. For me, it’s about the sound clarity and volume.

  192. Music is my life, so I value the bluetooth speaker as one of my very important things in my life..

  193. This speaker looks super convenient!

  194. I love the portability and the quality of the sound

  195. The most important thing in bluetooth speakers: range.
    I don’t want to have to be within 2 feet of the thing for it to work. 🙂

  196. I value the most mobility and good sound quality.

  197. Love the convenience of portable speakers. Count me in!

  198. great giveaway!

  199. Cola can?

  200. I like a speaker that is lightweight and sturdy.

  201. Nice prize

  202. Sound quality and volume !

  203. I so want to win!

  204. It’s got to be an high volume

  205. I value the sound quality and the battery of course

  206. Love the size, will have to see what the sound quality is like when I win!

  207. Looks amazing! Want to win this!

  208. great for gardening

  209. Price, sound, and range are very important!

  210. I love that I can play this puppy anywhere, thank you so much!

  211. Durable battery backup, decent noise free sound & High Bass along with compact stylish look i look after for any Bluetooth speaker.

  212. small size , strong voice , no wires needed and a beautiful design.

  213. I value the sound quality most in a Bluetooth Speaker!

  214. I think being able to connect portable devices around the home. I’d sit this on the dining room table and we could all share together.

  215. Really nice !

  216. I value good sound quality most in a speaker.

  217. How powerful it is an the clarity

  218. I would love this

  219. Portability and sound quality are what I value most from my Bluetooth Speakers

  220. Nice crisp, clear sound!

  221. Hope to win

  222. Constant connectivity and great sound.

  223. The sound quality is the most important feature, in my opinion…

  224. Hope I win 🙂

    Good luck everybody

  225. I’d love to win one of these speakers. Would jam it out on my normal walks I take. Thx

  226. I value a Bluetooth speaker that has crisp clear sound.

  227. I love bluetooth speakers! They make it so easy to listen to music and use your phone at the same time, like when i’m cooking and using my phone for recipes. Would love to win this 🙂

  228. Clarity

  229. I really love Bluetooth Speakers such as this one because it will have better and louder sound than say, my computer or my cell phone, and I can move it around with mobility wherever I want to go.

  230. I love the metallic sleek look combined with crystal clear sound. No wires or cracking noise a bonus!

  231. I love for it to have good sound.

  232. It’s got to be sound quality.

  233. Nice giveaway

  234. Portability!

  235. Nice speaker, what I search in any bluetooth speakers is long playing time and great protection against dropping it or splashing.

  236. Great giveaway, thanks!


  237. I need impeccable sound quality.

  238. I value the quality of the sound most- but that goes hand in hand with being able to hold the connection and to Not be breaking up- nothing more annoying than that!

  239. I value the sound the most.

  240. Great sound, great speaker!

  241. Would work great on the boat or while camping

  242. I value bluetooth because I hate wires.

  243. In it to WIN it! Thank You!!!!

  244. I consider the size of the speaker one of the most important features: for me, it must be fairly small but also have a good shape that allows it to be put on most dimensions without worrying for its stability. Its power and battery time are not that important because being a small object it doesn’t need to be very powerful, it just needs to play music in a fair way

    • angela

      Well this DP200 BT speaker is portable enough for you to put it in your bag and bring it everywhere you go while the battery life of it also won’t let you down.

  245. Awesome Speaker, Always wanted one!

  246. The sound is important to me!!

  247. I value good sound quality and portability in a bluetooh speaker.

  248. Looks like a great speaker. Great giveaway!

  249. I need me some speakers!

  250. It’s nice, I once had a bluetooth speakers and it was great

  251. I value the sound quality

  252. looks great! i really want to win it

  253. Sweet thx

  254. Could really use one of these but I know my son would take it from me, and that is ok, he could use one as much as I could

  255. good sound performance

  256. Would love something like this

  257. it looks great! hope i can ear it!

  258. I most value quality sound.

  259. I would love to have this. I love how there are not wires all around. I am so tired of my wires getting all tangled up.

  260. Bluetooth 4.0 technology, we can enjoy a stable music stream without switching on/off all the time is really awesome !

  261. With the newest Bluetooth 4.0 I’m game for this speaker!

  262. Nice hope I win

  263. I love the simplicity of this design and development.

  264. It’s got to be sound quality.

  265. I think the batteries are the most important part! I wouldn’t buy a bluetooth speaker if I had to recharge it every hour! 😛


  267. this looks like a convenient and powerful speaker!

  268. Looks really good

  269. I value my sanity for a Bluetooth speaker!!!

  270. I value portable speakers that are small and easy to carry that still have a great sound!

  271. For me, the most important thing for a Bluetooth speaker is convenience.

  272. love the design of this particular BT speaker, same as its power autonomy. Would really love to own one.

  273. great giveaway. i want to win it

  274. The Bluetooth feature looks really convenient – especially when compared to my old wired speakers.