Giveaway: Best Power Bank On Your Christmas Gift List

By November 14, 2016

Getting more battery life out of a smartphone is more important than ever. Instead of buying a massive new phone with a huge battery, why not choose a portable power bank? As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season is coming soon, EasyAcc  offers you chances to win the  2nd Gen. Metal 6400mAh Power Bank. It is small but smart, mini-size with super power.


Highly recommended by Digital Trends, EasyAcc 2nd Gen. Metal 6400mAh Power Bank is ranked as one of the best of best portable chargers. What are you waiting for? Get to the entrance below and try to win a power bank for yourself and family members.

Anything else you need to add into your Christmas gift list? See More. Usually we spend the holiday with family and friends, in order to record the precious moments we photographers need to apply several practical accessories. More Info about this topic, Hover Here.

Giveaway: Best Power Bank On Your Christmas Gift List

The exciting Christmas Gift Event this year will be held in early December, please stay tuned on and keep up with EasyAcc. You can also comment below about your Christmas stories and wishes below to win extra bonus.

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  6. I could really use one of these my phone battery is always running out Thanks

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  9. Awesome, could desperately do with one of these! Phones always running out of juice!

  10. fab giveaway. forever getting “my battery died” when trying to get hold of my teenage son so this would be ideal. thanks for the chance. 🙂

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  12. Many thanks for offering this great opportunity to win a super efficient, and a definitely powerful portable charger for both phone and tablet! 100% handy!

  13. Fab giveaway! I’d love to win for my other half so he can’t say his phone has died at work!

  14. this would be great for my daughter, she really needs one

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  17. Is this usb-c?

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  26. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win such a terrific power bank! I’m sure it would really come in handy if I am fortunate enough to win, especially given all the cellphones my family members have. Once again, thanks.

  27. This would be a great Christmas gift!

  28. Argh. My battery’s not holding its charge. I need one of these badly.

  29. I sure hope I’ll win. My fingers are crossed. Thank you.

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  31. I use my battery up way coomuch.

  32. wow- Merry Christmas

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  36. I love the idea of trying this small and portable power bank! Thank you!

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  39. The blue is beautiful. my phone always dies I have an iphone 4 poor me

  40. This would be great for my back country trips in Alaska

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    Love the genre!

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  43. I wish I can get gift . My birthday is 23 December.

  44. would be awesome for when i am playing pokemon go with my teenagers

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  48. I have been thinking about getting a few power banks as backup lately. This looks like a good one!

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  81. I need a charger for my phone. It no longer lasts me all day.

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  92. NEEEEED THIS!!!!! My phone is constantly dying especially now that its winter it just loses its battery because I trying to keep it warm so it wont die from the cold but then it overheats and dies from the heat… :/

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  97. What is IP-class of this acc?

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  116. Thank you for this! Hoping to win though.

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  118. Power ban for my Nexus 4 would be great

  119. These look pretty nice! How durable are they?

    • I suppose you are asking how many times the power bank can charge your device, however, it depends on the battery capacity of your device, for example, it can fully charge an iPhone 6 more than 2.5 times and for samsung S6 around 1.5 times.

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  125. my Chriistmas wish this year is to visit my mother in law and father in law in Portugal for Christmas if I get together enough money. take my power bank with me to charge mine and my wifes mobile if I win.

  126. This is a cool gadget. I need one of these.

  127. My guy would love this – he has so many gadgets!

  128. thanks for the chance to win. Keep seeing these on quite a few giveaways.. haven’t won yet but bound and determined too.

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  131. Just big enough to last through the heaviest use-case day. This is perfect.

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  147. We are an outdoors family that spends a lot of time in the middle of nowhere. This would be great for keeping phones, cameras and other small electronics going the entire trip. Love it!

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  161. Hey! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

    I just thought I would point out that the entry for visiting doesn’t work because it isn’t hyperlinked in Gleam.

    • Hello, Sam. Thanks for your interest and attention. The hyperlink problem had been fixed, you can try it again. We really appreciate your prompt response, thank you. Wish you good luck to win.

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