Bonus Time: Why should I Need High Efficiency Portable Solar Chargers?

By May 18, 2016

How much do you know about solar chargers?

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A renewable and environmentally friendly energy is said to be a solid part of energy supply, and it is solar energy. Hypothetically, the huge and unexpected power enters into our daily life to replace some high expensive energy, why not have high efficiency portable solar chargers in advance? EasyAcc gets ready to share these chances with their enthusiastic and passionate fans.

EasyAcc aims to be an innovative company that works out resolving people’s charging problems. In the solar energy generation, EasyAcc makes different high efficiency portable solar chargers with good prices to make charging more efficient with low cost.

EasyAcc 15W high efficiency portable solar chargers

EasyAcc  28W high efficiency portable solar chargers 

EasyAcc 15w high efficiency portable solar panel

EasyAcc 28w high efficiency portable solar panel

The EasyAcc USB portable solar charger adopts high-quality flexible solar panels and canvas type of material which means its quality is really nice and is very light. There are two specifications of USB solar chargers from EasyAcc, 15 watt and 28 watt. In a way, 15 watt is right in the middle power wise between the 10W and 20W panels and it is rare in the market. Choose either the mini size or middle size according to personal demand at random.

When plugging into a 20000mAh power bank, the EasyAcc 15w solar panel and found it charging at 1.70 amps. At 21.5~23.5% efficiency, the industry-leading SunPower solar panels can shorten the charging time by 50%, as compared to the traditional 13.5%~15.5% efficiency. After test, the 28W Easyacc solar panel’s performance is essentially double that of the 15w EasyAcc panel.

About the package, it comes with a couple carabiners so that you can hang or affix the panel securely to things, such as a backpack, a rope or tent poles. It also came with a micro USB cable and what appears to be a dry bag.


EasyAcc 8000mAh Solar Power Bank Outdoor Portable Charger

EasyAcc 8000mAh Solar Power Bank Outdoor Portable Charger

Special designed with EasyAcc smart technology, the high efficiency portable solar power bank automatically detects devices connected; then both ports can output the maximum current up to 2.1A that your devices require. Then, how about the so-called high efficiency? 5 hours charging time will get it back to a full station with a 2A input port (a 2A power adapter is needed). Actually, it’s a high efficiency portable solar charger because it features with high conversion rate. Sunpower panels adopted, the charger is 50% more efficient than common ones on market. Besides, with 32 LED bulbs, the flashlight emits sufficient light for the outdoor and indoor lighting backup. 3 lighting modes, full brightness, low brightness and flash cover special needs.


EasyAcc 15000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank

easyacc solar 15000mAh power bank

If you are looking for an external battery and a solar charger for a long hike or trekking, this EasyAcc 15000nAh solar panel power bank will satisfy you as a portable size combination. The performances of the built-in solar cell probably is barely but suffice, it’s enough to provide juice to your smartphone for the basic power use in one day. Actually, the high efficiency portable power bank is designed with solid quality and good usability that you may never meet a 15000mAh solar charger with the weight, as battery include, weighs just 50 g. Loop with carabiners are also provided in the package for you to decide where to hang the power bank. How is it with the capacity? Here, the capacity of the iPhone 6 is specified with 1810mAh. Mathematically, 15000mAh can feed an iPhone 6 almost 8 full loads. Now there are of course loading efficiency losses, and also exist between the loading operations discharges the power Bank. So, just suppose that 80-90% of the 15000mAh capacity is loaded in devices, which means you can bring an iPhone over a period of 10-12 days during the outdoor activities.

BTW, all four high efficiency portable solar chargers will get along with each other in such a canvas briefcase. Tips, it has a special code for all of you on Amazon from now on.

Smriti briefcase codes



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So, how about the prizes? EasyAcc will share double high efficiency portable solar chargers as gift packages with their true fans. Only to enter the giveaway and I wish you all guys to win the abundant packages.

EasyAcc 15W high efficiency portable solar chargers * 2

EasyAcc 28W high efficiency portable solar chargers * 2

EasyAcc 8000mAh Solar Power Bank Outdoor Portable Charger * 2

EasyAcc 15000mAh Solar Panel Power Bank * 2

high efficiency portable solar chargers


high efficiency portable solar chargers abundant gift packages

Hey, winners will be announced here, please click to find those lucky guys. >>> EasyAcc giveaway


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