Best Wireless Charger Pad for Charging both iPhone X and Apple Watch

By February 23, 2018

The new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus finally equipped with wireless charging technology. Apple has always been promoting its wireless world concept, this is one step ahead. However, Apple didn’t use the long-range wireless charging technology provided by the Energous Company after all, but chose to experience mature and stable inductive charging, that is, an induction coil is built-in device, and iPhone is placed on a special pad during charging.

The problem, however, is that the wireless charging used in the iPhone takes longer to charge than normal charging. This point, even iPhone X is no exception. If you look forward to iPhone X performs all aspects, you may be disappointed at this point. Although iPhone can’t generally leave the pad, in the sense of not being bound by the charging cable, you would feel convenient when charging. So there is some recommendation for you to wireless charging both your iPhone X and Apple watch.

Funxim charging mat juices iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously

Do you use your iPhone with phone case on? With Funxim, you don’t need to have your case removed. This product is on Kickstarter, now you can pre-order on Indiegogo. Funxim is the first Qi standard fast wireless charging pad on the market designed for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Apple Watch. With a charging conversion rate of over 80%, you can charge your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time with ultra speed.

Funxim not only gives you a genuine wireless living, its stylish design blends in beautifully with your surroundings. The Funxim is also available in color black, it blends in well even if you have dark furniture.

OLVOO Wood Wireless Charger

Starts the moment you place down your iPhone X or Qi-Enabled device or device equipped with a Qi-Compatible cover. 2 in 1 wood stand designed for your Apple Watch and iPhone. Charging both for Apple Watch and smartphone at the same time. You will no longer need any cord to plug in and out, just place device on the pad and you are free to enjoy your wireless and limitless charging experience now.

UGREEN Wireless Charger

UGREEN portable wireless charger for Apple Watch offers a inductive charging for Apple Watch with capacity to offer full charge for your Apple Watch for 6-8 times.Besides, Built-In Lightning cable on this wireless charger, it offers a perfect way for charging your Apple Watch and iPhone while traveling.

The LED light design allows you know the remaining power capacity. The integrated magnetic charging module is MFi certified for Apple Watch and you don’t have to carry the original charging cable for your Apple Watch, simply place your Apple Watch on the magnetic charge module of power bank, then magnets align the connectors automatically, and then inductive charging begins instantly.

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