Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

By March 21, 2018

Have you prepared a screen protector for your new Samsung Galaxy S9? If you struggle with the kinds of screen protector, the tempered glass would be a smart choice. Tempered glass belongs to safety glass. It has excellent abrasion resistance and the Vickers hardness of 622 to 701. Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to increase the strength of glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the glass surface. When the glass receives the external force, the surface layer stress is firstly counteracted, thereby increasing the carrying capacity and enhancing the impact resistance for your Galaxy S9.

The tempered glass screen protector is the highest level of protection for the smartphone screen. With the trending of tempered glass, the tempered glass screen protector has been favored by more and more users. In the terms of experience, the tempered glass screen protector is indeed better than the hydrogel screen protector and the general plastic resin film. In order to solve your urgency, there are some selections of rave reviews to equip your Samsung Galaxy S9.

MaxDemo Samsung Galaxy S9 Anti-Scratch Screen Protector

The screen protector is specifically designed using precise laser cutting technology to offer maximum screen coverage for Samsung Galaxy S9. It is super tough, ultra clear and maintains your Galaxy S9 screen’s original touchscreen sensitivity without compromising the high-definition viewing experience. The oleophobic coating is waterproof and protects against fingerprint smudges and oil, it’s 9H hardness can effectively protect Galaxy S9 from unwanted scuffs and scratches by knife, keys and some other hard substances.

Sliiq 2 pack Galaxy S8 Glass Screen Protector

Sliiq premium glass protector is the latest in state-of-the-art screen protection technology. The ultra thin-0.3mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. It’s also highly durable and scratch resistant, and the 9H hardness will guarantee your Galaxy S9 the best protection against drops, bumps, scratches and normal wear.

EcoPestuGo Samsung Galaxy S9 Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector

The ultra-thin glass is strong enough to guard your Galaxy S9 but without compromising user experience. It is sensitive to touch and very fast to respond. The screen film is made from high-quality tempered glass that offers HD 99.9% transparency, allowing optimal and natural viewing experience. By undergoing more than of high-temperature temper treatment, this screen protector’s compression strength reach as high as 125MPa, 5 times higher than regular glass.

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