What Is The Best Power Bank For Smartphone

By May 30, 2016

You may ever used the Oneplus power bankIntex power bank, Honor power bank, Asus power bank and the Anker Power Bank. But do you really know what plays the most important role to the Best Power Bank? Here is test from the 3rd Party Tester in Germany, which can help you find the best power bank according to your own needs and requirements!

Best Power Bank

We have researched extensively and finally ordered 18 current battery packs with good customer reviews. Besides, we have the additional batteries into three categories: less than 10,000 mAh, 10,000 to 20,000 mAh and over 20,000 mAh.

Since you cannot really rely on the manufacturer’s information on the battery capacity, we have even measured all Power Banks. We wanted to know how much kilowatt-hours of energy that a battery pack actually flows and have the measured values ​​then compared to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Test Winner: EasyAcc PB6400MT2


 Best Power Bank

According to our test that the manufacturer EasyAcc on top. In two out of three battery sizes, the models of EasyAcc delivered the best values.


Power Bank Test: The three test winner

The three battery packs for EasyAcc size comparison.

Small and mobile: 6400 mAh

For most smart phone users who also go sometimes want to charge the battery when it is running, the model PB6400MT2’s interesting.


EasyAcc PB6400MT2

Test: Power Bank – winner EasyAcc PB6400MT2

Our winner is small and light enough to keep it always with you and provides enough juice to charge a smart phone several times.

Amazon Price: $12.99

How to test Power Bank

The manufacturer specifies a capacity of 6,400mAh or 23,680mWh, which are in practice 19,395mAh available. This corresponds to 83 percent of the manufacturers promise, which is a pretty good value, when comparing to normal conversion rate of the battery cell.


As is common for small Power Banks in the category up to 10,000mAh, and the EasyAcc PB6400MT2 has only one USB port. It loads connected devices but with 2.4 amps instead of the usual 1 Ampere. More and more smartphones support higher charging currents, so that this device’s battery charged much faster – a real bonus for your time saving. And the EasyAcc provides the smart charging tech to recognize the type of your devices and deliver fastest charging speed. 

Even the Micro-USB port for charging of the battery pack is supported with 2 amps, which is more current than the 1-amp standard. Who used a charger that provides appropriate amperage benefited: the Power Bank is faster again fully operational. In our test with a quick charger was the EasyAcc PB6400MT2 battery after 3:13 hours, almost an hour earlier recharged as with a conventional 1-amp charger.

With its small size of approximately 10 x 4 x 2 centimeters and a weight of 142 grams the PB6400MT2 is ideal for traveling and must have in your travel packing list. It fits easily in any pocket. 

Even the neatly manufactured case of a lot of aluminum and some plastics should join almost any tour – as long as it stays dry. How much energy currently still there, reveals the power bank via 5 LEDs.

With a price equivalent to 56 cents per Wh the EasyAcc PB6400MT2 also one of the best models in the test field.


Medium size: 15,000 mAh

More preferably projected to the watt-hour is the larger model EasyAcc 150002 with 47 cents per watt-hour.

For a weekend trip

EasyAcc 150002

Test Power Banks: EasyAcc 150002 BGR

The 150002-BGR of EasyAcc has good capacity and three USB ports.

Amazon Price: $ 26.99 (With this deals code DBXMPPVJ you can get 4$ off.)

Best Power Bank

The manufacturer lists 15,000mAh or 55,500mWh, we measured 51 312 mWh, corresponding to very good 92 percent. The EasyAcc PB15000CS2 is because of the high capacity for longer trips: can fully charge your smartphone about four and half times.

With dimensions of 15 x 7 x 2 centimeters and a weight of 340 grams the larger version is nothing more for the jacket or trouser pocket, rather a bit. For the shoulder bag or backpack.

But they also offer three USB ports, so you can charge three smartphones or tablets simultaneously. A charging cable is included.

Each output provides 2.4 amp, compatible devices can be fast charged. However: Overall, EasyAcc supplies 150002 maximum of 4.8 amperes. Are three consumers connected, flow mathematically “only” 1.6 amps through each cable.

To recharge the Power Bank a Micro-USB port comes with 2 ampere for use. Given a corresponding charger that EasyAcc 150002 is within 6:44 hours to fully – the second fastest in the test field. With a normal charger with 1 Ampere she needs 12:09 h – almost twice as long.

The case is indeed entirely of plastic, but feels nonetheless top quality. Nothing rattles or creaks, it is very stable. About the charge level again inform small LEDs, here there are only four – industry standard.


Maximum Power: 20,000 mAh

Who wants to have more power here, we recommend the EasyAcc PB20000MS.

Best Power Bank

Short stays without power

EasyAcc PB20000MS

Test Power Banks: EasyAcc PB20000MS

No Power Bank in the test has a higher actual capacity.

Amazon Price:$32.99

The largest powerpack of EasyAcc comes with a proud capacity of 20,000mAh or 74,000mWh, which delivers even 68,650mAh in practical tests – these are all 93 percent of the manufacturer’s specification. Around six times can be a smart phone so completely recharge.

Four LEDs share if it has sufficient energy stored, or the battery pack to the charger must. If so, however, you have to show patience. Despite 2-ampere input charging still takes a correspondingly strong charger almost 11 hours a day – with a widespread 1-amp chargers there are even more than 15 hours.

The trick: This one does not have to wait that long and also has the opportunity to charge the Power Bank times overnight, there is a second micro USB input also 2 amperes. Ideally – with a second 2-amp charger – requires charging only half as long. In our test, each with a 1- and 3-ampere power supply could confirm the reasonably measured 6:55 hours.

Best Power Bank

In addition to lots of USB inputs the PB20000MS offers even a particularly large outputs, namely four. Each delivered strong 2.4 amps, but all together a maximum of 4.8 amperes. to load four phones at the same time, is possible, then takes longer than when only two docks consumer parallel.

With 450 grams and 17 x 8 x 2 centimeters ours is one of the most severe in comparison. Thus, it is more for the long camping weekend.

This Power Bank is exactly with a flashlight in a rugged enclosure. Although this is not a substitute for a real flashlight, but significantly brighter than most other models which we tested with flashlight. In addition, included are of two USB charging cable. Finally the EasyAcc PB20000MS with 44 cents per Wh one of the cheapest battery pack.


Alternatives: What else is there?

Power Banks to 10,000mAh

Whom the small EasyAcc PB6400MT2 because of the oval shape is somewhat clunky, reaches instead for Intenso S500, which is very easy with 1 centimeter very flat and with 109 grams.

Easy and flat


For iPhones

Power Theory PowerJet 4600mAh

With the included Lightning adapter can charge an iPhone on the go.

Amazon Price: € 19.95

After all, the manufacturer shall submit in a Lightning adapter, so you can also charge an iPhone. But with a different port? In order for this power bank is not clear.

Slightly irritating we find the charge status display. The PowerJet has only one LED, that knows only the states completely full and not full. In addition, this information is only available when a power supply or smartphone leash – which is, however, even when Intenso way.

Positive however the good workmanship: One can the model because of the white plastic designate with roughened surface as the most beautiful in the test field. This also fits the fine leather pouch included.

Also positive: good capacity. 85 percent of the manufacturer’s specification creates the PowerJet. That’s 14,418mAh of 17,020mAh according to manufacturer specification. Slightly more than once, you can charge your iPhone with it. With EUR 1.38 per Wh but it is among the most expensive battery packs.


Power Banks to 20,000 mAh

Who sometimes the short weekend trip with no outlet survive, but do not want the same heavy hauling, we recommend the Power Bank Onite 5002-01BU with 10,000mAh or 37,000mAh. Of which they reached in the test outstanding 97 percent (35,932mAh) – so it delivers what it promises. More than three times can invite so an average smartphone.

Anker PowerCore 10000

The Anker PowerCore invite has a 2-ampere input to fast.

 Amazon Price: $21.99

Best Power Bank: Anker Power Bank

The Anker PowerCore has 2.4 amps in output and even 2 amps at the entrance. 4 LEDs for displaying the charging level, a solid build and a USB cable and a carrying bag both have in common. With 48 cents per Wh, the Amazon is a bit cheaper.



More than 20,000 mAh

Who currently has a smartphone with the new USB Type C calls his own, for the RAVPower RP-PB043 is interesting. It has namely a USB-C port, through which the spare battery can be both ascending unload – each with 3 amps.

Extensive connectivity

RAVPower RP-PB043

Best Power Bank: RAVPower

The large RAVPower comes with a USB-C connector and a flexible USB-A output.

  Amazon Price:$55.99

There are two USB A sockets, one of which also has a special feature. Because unlike any other Power Banks provides them if necessary, a higher voltage than the usual 5 volts: 6.5, 9 and 12 volts are possible for consumers who need appropriate voltages – then respectively with lower amperage. So at 12 volts flowing a maximum of 1.2 amperes.

With 20,100mAh or 74,300mAh the RP-PB043 is, at first glance, the largest in the test field. However, our examination showed that only 60.0053mAh really available, which corresponds to 81 percent of the manufacturer’s instructions. Almost six times you can charge a smartphone so.

But she invites incredibly fast with a 3 Amp power supply via the micro USB input: After 6:28 hours it is full. Strange: About the also 3 ampere USB C input it requires almost an hour longer. Unfortunately, leave both inputs do not use parallel for charging.



Anyone looking for a cheap Power Bank with a comparatively large capacity, is currently best served with the models of EasyAcc. This is true for the compact model PB6400MT2 for small energy hunger or the larger Modelle 150002 and PB20000MS with more capacity.

All three battery packs offer largely the manufacturer’s production capacity can be recharged quickly – and do not cost much.

Now we are offering a international giveaway for our fans, thanks for all your support. All your choices make our products better.

Best Power Bank Giveaway

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