Unnoticeable Shield

Crafted with one of world’s lightest plastic, PP, its merely 0.47mm thickness and a weight you can barely feel — it will retain the very beauty of your phone to the maximum extent.

Decent Protection

Though it’s thin and light, the matte finish of the surface still can handle the accumulation of fingerprints, dust and grease, and it makes your phone less-likely slippery than itself alone.

Full Compatibility

The case gives a super fit, with all cutouts matched up. And all edges are rendered for a scratch-free use, and being downsized not to squeeze the screen protector you might apply.

Reviews (2)

  • Nice design.
    by Aaliyah 25/10/2017
    This case is very good and I am extremely impressed with it! Simple case, low profile and slight texture. It is overall a very well-built, good-looking case. Recommend
  • Decent
    by Jayden D. 25/10/2017
    This case fits beautifully and looks smart and stylish and doesn't spoil the look of the phone. Well worth the money. Can't wait for X