Shield Like An Armor

With an industry-high 9H hardness, the product can resist dust, scratches and daily wear like a breeze. Use your beloved device freely, and leave the protection to us.


Ultra-clear gloss finish with 99% tranparency ensures crystal-clear viewing. Special coating of the protector lets you clean away smudges easily, and keep the screen display looking sharp.

Easy Bubble-Free Installation

Coming with a full set of tools, as dust removers, wet and dry cloths, you just get all possible supports to complete a simple and bubble-free installation. Plus the glue-free material ensures a clean removal that leaves no residue on your screen.

Reviews (4)

  • Five Stars
    by HW 02/10/2017
    nice and simple as what I expected, good package as well
  • Five Stars
    by ooo 01/10/2017
    looks pretty good and very clear. the last thing is got my 21th birthday gift iPhone x
  • Look forward to installing it on my iPhone X
    by MarkM007 26/09/2017
    I ordered this Easy Acc 2-pack of tempered glass protectors before buying an iPhone X which isn't available for preorder until October 27th. I want to have the glass protector beforehand so I can quickly install it on my new iPhone as soon as I receive it. When the EasyACC package arrived I at first thought they mailed me the wrong product. On the box box it says, "EasyAcc for iPhone 8" However, upon visual inspection I saw the glass was cut in the shape of the new iPhone X, like in the photos accompanying the Amazon listing.I guess EasyAcc manufactured these screen protectors before we all knew the new iPhone would be named X. So, be forewarned and don't get nervous like I did, thinking I would have to send them back. Regarding the package itself, inside were 2 clear glass protectors, 2 screen dust absorption stickers, 2 reinstall labels, 2 "wet" screen cleaning cloths and 2 dry cloth screen cleaners. There were no written instructions. The glass is 9h hardness, which makes it very strong for resisting scratches. Holding one in my hand, it felt strong, clear and impressive. I feel certain it will guard my new phone well. Finally, I commend EasyAcc for being one of the first manufacturers to actually have their product available before the phone is even out. Helps us early birds get prepared.
  • Good quality! Can't wait to apply to my new iphone X
    by Dorothy C. 25/09/2017
    I preordered my iphone x and am still waiting for it to arrive. Its great that iphone x protectors are ready on the market.The screen protector quality looks great. Can't wait to apply to my new iphone! Hohoho.