More than a Case

Remains all functions a phone case should have, and the front cover with one card sleeve just keeps your daily using card for quick access.

Strong Magnetic Flap

The Magnetic Cover wraps your phone snugly and prevents the case from accidentally opening while dropped.

Free Your Hand

With the built-in kickstand, just prop it up, you can enjoy your video anytime, anywhere — without needing extra add-ons.


15.6 x 7.8 x 1 cm
32 g

Reviews (26)

  • Four Stars
    by michael harris 24/10/2017
    As expected
  • Watch band gear3 clasic silver
    by Mike 19/10/2017
    My watch band was off bye 3cm so I had to cut it. It didn't fit properly
  • Five Stars
    by mr j d dewey 17/10/2017
    this is a great product. offers good protection (which has been tested !) at a great price. Thank you
  • Excellent value
    by Ciara R. 03/10/2017
    Very practical. I've been a pretty big fan of these types of phone wallet cases for the past 2 years. This case feels great on my hands, the designs are etched precisely, and the color of the leather is matte black. Buy one, you certainly won't regret it!
  • Good design
    by Destin 02/10/2017
    It is much thinner than other wallet cover. One card slot is enough. The most important thing is the S pen is work well with this case. Love it.
  • Nice case.
    by F. Figueroa Jr. 01/10/2017
    Super fast delivery. Fits new phone perfectly. Works as advertised and looks nice too. Good case for the price. I've be using this type of flap case since my Note 3 and phones have never gotten scratched or cracked screens.
  • 5 star
    by Ivan nava 26/09/2017
    Just like the picture and perfect
  • Great case for the money but not the most protective.
    by TheZed750 25/09/2017
    Does not offer very high levels of protection but is s good looking case which provides adequate protection at a reasonable price.
  • nice case good quality
    by jordan romero bowers 23/09/2017
    bought as a present for my friend case itself seems a good quality with a nice feel. i like the wallet feature as it saves taking your purse and phone just pop the needed card or some notes in and your sorted. definately good value for the price.
  • Five Stars
    by terri 21/09/2017
    This has become my favorite case. It is stylish and very practical. I bought a screen protector for my phone as well, and together they keep my phone very safe. I get a lot of compliments about this case from my colleagues and others I come into contact with in my industry.
  • This is amazing! Exactly what I needed
    by Stacy 21/09/2017
    Looks better than the pictures! Very classy ""little black bag"" like look; solid, with a good magnetic clasp. It's sturdy, my cards fit well, and my phone feels safe and secure.
  • Misses the design brief but good service
    by Efx 19/09/2017
    Nice and neet case, BUT the magnetic close system on it makes my note 8 think then pen has been detached which is annoying and I guess not fit for purpose. UPDATE the vendor contacted me regarding this product and offered s refund or replace with new case that has had the design fault fixed. I had already bought a new case so asked for refund which i got. I didnt have to return the faulty one which was nice. I dont know what the new case is like but if it does work and is the same design then it will be good. Good customer service throughout this purchase/query.
  • Good Buy
    by Molly Black 19/09/2017
    This one is very nice and quite affordable. No wear and tear yet, slim so I can use it as my wallet with one card.
  • Five Stars
    by Nounou 16/09/2017
    Really good quality thin folio case. Magnet keeps it open the back. Go for it
  • Surprisingly good but doesn't work with stylus!
    by Jay Montano 16/09/2017
    I was surprised how good this was. It closes magnetically even without side clips. However as with magnet closing cases, it inhibits the stylus. So where the magnets are placed, the stylus can't work. Shame. Alright if you don't use the stylus which some later buyers of note might fall into.
  • Nice case but annoying magnet
    by Sam Ortiz 11/09/2017
    Awesome case but..... Magnets make the phone think the Pen is out which is really annoying, oh well, it will protect my phone till my next case comes in.
  • Amazing!! I was not paid or asked to ...
    by ug36 09/09/2017
    Amazing!! I was not paid or asked to do this review. I took a risk and wow this case is amazing. Its very slim and fit and finish is top class.
  • perfect case, good price:)
    by Zheng 09/09/2017
    I really like it, excellent case, especially for the price. The case seems very sturdy and comfortable, especially with the leather backing.
  • A Great Case with a Not-So-Great Feature
    by Ratchet-Kunst 08/09/2017
    A well-built phone case that feels nice in the hand. The interior is lined with fabric which helps protect the phone. One major issue I have is that the magnet inside the case activates the S Pen sensor whenever you close the case or flip the cover onto the back, and the pen icon won't go away unless you manually do it with the pen. When flipped back, the case can also prevent the phone from detecting when the S Pen is actually pulled out. A plus side to the magnet is that it's strong enough to stick to the hood of a car.
  • Nice case
    by Rene 07/09/2017
    Nice phone case phone clips into place able to tilk the case so the camera is standing on its side