This is one of the thinnest and slimmest 10000mAh portable chargers. Around the size of an iPhone 5s, it can easily slip into your pocket or stash to any purses and suitcases. A compact size as an iPhone 5S.

Latest [Smart Charge]

Engineered for latest quick-charge phones, it supports QC 2.0, QC 3.0, FCP, MTK and other protocols — adds the speed up for critical moments.

Fitting Capacity

It will meet your daily charging needs, with capacity that provides 3 feedings for most phones, or 1 feeding for most big-appetite tablets.


132 × 64.5 × 13.8mm / 5.2 × 2.5 × 0.5 in
DC 5~6V / 3A, 6~9V / 2A, 9~12V / 1.5A
Battery cell:
Supported Quick-Charge Protocols:
QC2.0 / QC3.0 / FCP / SFCP / MTK / BC 1.2

Reviews (15)

  • Stays cool while charging and powering
    by Ephraim Amir 19/10/2017
    My 2nd power bank from EasyAcc. The 1st one from 2015 is still up and running. Thin and small yet 10,000mAa !! Stays cool while charging and powering. A very solid product
  • Works great!
    by Brendan Hanley 15/10/2017
    This thing works great!
  • Solid build quality.
    by wmhwm 11/09/2017
    Item arrived on time. The packaging is great and the build quality of the power bank itself feels solid. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a light, compact and reliable power bank. The flashlight is also very bright.
  • This battery is absolutely amazing!
    by David Lyons 05/09/2017
    The fast charging ability seems to charge faster than the original Samsung wall fast charger. Plugged in a Galaxy S7 at 30% and after a quick bite it was above 80% Very slim and easily fits into a front pocket. Hard to believe it's actually 10,000 mAh. I have owned multiple external batteries and this by far is the best a hundred times over.
  • Packaging was good, came with an instruction manual USB cable and ...
    by Dhruv D. 31/08/2017
    Item Arrived on time and was as described. Packaging was good, came with an instruction manual USB cable and the charger. Build quality is solid and the product has a nice design and charges my devices perfectly.
  • Another great design by EasyAcc
    by Bauble B. 27/08/2017
    I've been using EasyAcc portable batteries for a couple of years and they've never let me down. Here is another great example of a solid feeling, high powered portable battery. At 10,000mah this thing is going to last quite a while and it has a built in torch which is so handy. I do a lot of video shooting which involves me leaving my cameras running and there's not always a good place to plug them into a power supply, and that's why I use portable power banks. This lasts more than I could ever need it to without having to worry about wires running to sockets on the wall. Plus the torch helps when it's dark setting up and I can't see properly. This has a sturdy feel to it and a little bit of weight which makes it feel very well made. It's not too heavy though. I find a lot of the time it's a good idea to attach Velcro to my power banks so that it's easy to attach to places, and it wouldn't take a lot to keep this in place. If you're looking for a good sized power bank to keep you topped up throughout the day or at a festival / holiday I recommend something by EasyAcc, especially this specific one.
  • Power bank
    by Manjit F. 26/08/2017
    Power banks are great for people on the go.. Phone batteries don’t last very long anymore and I tend to use my phone a lot for games.. I am not always around somewhere that has a power source so I can take this power bank with me and charge up my phone on the go. This power bank charges really quickly and it can charge my phone fully around 3 times. It only has 1 USB port though so not ideal if you have more then 1 gadget to charge. It is thinner then any other power bank and small too.. Also has a flashlight just in case. It has an 18 month warranty so I don’t need to worry about it.
  • Great Buy!!
    by Aweezy 21/08/2017
    This product works great and charges super fast! And lasts for a long time! Definitely a solid buy! I'd recommend to anybody!
  • Very good, would recommend.
    by Kaamil Jasani 21/08/2017
    Postage and packaging: The product arrived in a timely manner and I had no delays. The packaging I found to be particularly nice, with an aesthetically pleasing box which was super easy to open. Contents: The box comes with the power bank itself, along with a USB to micro USB cable and the quick start guide. I should mention I did like the quick start guide very much. It has a nice layout with all the important information readily accessible. It also has translations in four languages. Usage: I found it very nice to use. It is quite compact and fits in my pocket fairly easily. It does get warm after being used for a while, but this wasn't too much of an issue for me. It was also very simple to use. Single click on the power button to check remaining charge, and double click to turn on or off the flashlight. Speaking of which, it is quite bright and very much usable, especially since you will likely have it with you in your pocket anyway. It also does, as advertised, support quick charge, which allows your phone to be charged fairly quickly. It is also quite a big battery, being able to charge my phone 2 times over fully, and almost all the way again the third time. A couple of things to note: The box does not come with a wall adapter for USB. This means you will need to use your own adapter to charge the power bank itself, although this will likely not be an issue for most people since it takes a standard micro USB cable for charging. It is also worth noting that this power bank will not be able to charge other devices while it itself is charging. This isn't an issue since this is not how you would normally use it, but I thought I should mention it. Overall, I think it is a very good power bank especially considering the price and the fact that it comes with an 18 month warranty! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, compact yet high capacity power bank. Detailed video review coming soon!
  • Fast phone charger.
    by Amazon Customer 18/08/2017
    Good buy. Fast shipping. Having a flashlight is an awesome bonus. Perfect gift idea
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 15/08/2017
    Amazing portable charger really thin and light great for daily use.
  • Just what I am looking for!
    by Amazon Customer 08/08/2017
    This little thing is amazing,almost as small as my 5S.  It is very portable  and powerful for daily use,works great.
  • Love the chic design
    by Yang Du 08/08/2017
    The charger works great. Super light and easy to carry around. Love it!
  • The Best Battery Bank in the Market.
    by Alessio Lacco 08/08/2017
    This Battery Bank is The Best. Size are perfect compared as an iPhone. Really light and charge my iphone7 over 5 times. Also is dotate with quick charge. I Really Raccomande for the Price.
  • Five Stars
    by Belen 08/08/2017
    Amazing battery! Very light, a lot power for many hours!