Rechargeable High Capacity 2600 mAh Battery - Ensures 8.6 hours wiress working time

Prelemium rechargeable 2600mAh lithium battery (included), works 2 - 8.6 hours on a full charge, rechargeable for hundreds times and ensures safe using.

Unique LED Light & 3 Speeds Strong Airflow

A pair of LED equipped in the fan casts a beautiful blue decoration light, while spinning. And the side LED lamp gives right amount of light for emergencies. 3 adjustable settings: Low-medium-high speed level, through press the ON button to adjust appropriate fan speed.

Portable Fan & USB Convenient Charging

Compact size (4.7 x 5.9 in; 7.9 ounces), fits your desk, bags, purses and perfect for indoors and outdoors like trips, hiking, barbecue. Convenient to recharged by 5V output adapter, laptop, computer, power bank and other USB outlet devices with included USB cable.

Reviews (32)

  • Saved my life
    by David 18/10/2017
    Perfect for my desk, good size!
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 08/10/2017
    Love itc
  • This is a great buy. Bought them for Hurricane María in Puerto ...
    by Wilma 08/10/2017
    This is a great buy. Bought them for Hurricane María in Puerto Rico. If you use this item in Lo temperature it can work for 10 hours without recharging.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 24/09/2017
    great portable fan
  • Surprisingly powerful for its size. Lightweight for portability and ease of placement.
    by George Berger 23/09/2017
    Surprisingly powerful fan. Very lightweight, just the right size without being too small. I use this fan on my workbench at my work, where AC outlets are in notoriously short supply and cables are a serious obstruction. It's surprisingly powerful, and the air stream is very narrow. This fan is not articulated, which limits its ability to be directional. The base is also narrow, probably for portability, but presents a tipover hazard. The charger LED cannot be turned off. This is both a good and a bad thing, as it tells you if you have charger power at all times. However, if it's plugged in, expect to have a light (probably green, maybe red) shining at all times. You can operate this fan using a USB compatible power input source with or without the battery. However, the maximum fan speed is electronically locked out when on USB power. Since this fan charges its 18650 Lithium Ion cell through the micro USB port, it could double as an 18650 cell charger. Although a micro USB cable is supplied, there is no USB charging adapter. You have to buy that separately.
  • Blown away by this small but efficient fan
    by Stoobie 14/09/2017
    I am very impressed with the efficiency of this fan - very quiet at the lowest speed but still produces a powerful, cool flow of air. Small and unobtrusive, it is very handy to carry and use.
  • Great experience, Great fan, nice seller
    by Renhao Luo 13/09/2017
    I received one which did not charge, but the seller contacted me and sent me a replacement, even though I have already got the refund. The replacement works perfectly fine. It is a nice fan to have on my desk, and it also helps me to cool down my laptop. I like the design to have a small flash light on the side so that when you drop something into a narrow space (e.g. behind the desk), you can just use the light in fan to help you looking for it. The battery last about 5-6 hrs with a full charge and the lowest speed. It takes about 2 hrs to get a full charge. The charging cable comes with the fan is short, but if you have an Android phone or any micro-USB cables, they should work. Overall, a great fan to have, and friendly seller. If you need a desk fan, this is a good one.
  • Five Stars
    by Richard Huskins 12/09/2017
    Wife loves it..
  • A must have for those hot days!
    by S. Fox 07/09/2017
    Small and compact this fan seems well constructed and easy to use. The battery required 3 hours charging initially even though it does run from the mains and everything works as it should. It is very powerful on the 3rd setting and the others are not too bad either. I intend to use it on holidays in the sun and I am sure it will be up to the task.
  • best fan in Amazon
    by koysor ali 01/09/2017
    oh my god this fan blow my mind because it's really so good prudact I was surprised the speed of the fan I recommend people buy this product you will not disappoint 100 person because there is so many prudact selling on Amazon rubbish some prudact finally I found the write one big battery give 2 hours full speed USB usy to charge good luck
  • Switch on breeze!
    by RickyTicky 31/08/2017
    Best little portable fan around! Powerful and keeps you cool for a long time!
  • Really strong cool air
    by Natasha Walsh 29/08/2017
    So good I've taken it away to the alpes and by my bedside it's so good. Very powerful.
  • Amazing product, light to carry but really effective in ...
    by Remi's mum 27/08/2017
    Amazing product, light to carry but really effective in a recent holiday to France, kept us cool all evening - love it
  • It`s relatively small but perfect for what we wanted
    by J. Calabrini 19/08/2017
    It`s relatively small but perfect for what we wanted. It has 3 speeds and they are all very powerful. Can be used on the battery or plugged on the USB. Battery lasts for a few hours.
  • Amazing fan. Only gripe is that the button can ...
    by Mr M Cas 14/08/2017
    Amazing fan. Only gripe is that the button can be pressed if it is in your bag, so watch out. other than that, it really is helpful especially in extreme heat (35degrees). Would consider buying it again, it is that amazing!
  • Great buy!
    by icemann46 08/08/2017
    Great little desk fan! My office has two people in it with two computers etc. As a result, it gets really warm in there. This little fan puts out plenty of wind for me on the lowest setting, and it has two more higher than that. The lowest setting is very quiet as well, which gets louder if you go up in speed by the way. The battery it comes with is rechargeable, which is great, just plug it into your computer if it dies. I have had it for a few days and it hasn't died yet, so I can't complain about battery life. It is a little smaller than it looked in the pictures, but since it is on my desk, that is not a problem, in fact, I am kind of glad. It also has sticky base pads that you can stick down if you want. I don't but it has them. Overall a very great buy!
  • Excellent fan!
    by Amazon Customer 08/08/2017
    This fan has 3 speeds, just press the ON button to adjust speed. Easily to operate and not as noisy as other USB fan. The blue light make the fan looks cool, especially in night. The most important is the inside battery, it can last a long time after fully charged. I can take it outside putting in my bag and use it everywhere.
  • Makes hot summers a lot better.
    by ShmuliT 08/08/2017
    Amazing portable fan. Ive tried a bunch of portable fans, from usb powered ones, to OTG fans that are powered from your phone, but this beats them all. It has a huge amount of airflow, runs off a included rechargeable battery but best of all it uses a MICRO USB charger. I use it both in an office setting as a desk top fan and also while commuting/traveling.
  • - Portable - Has 3 speeds that are suprisingly very high powered - Very durable - Easy to charge
    by Amazon Customer 08/08/2017
    Pros: - Portable - Has 3 speeds that are suprisingly very high powered - Very durable - Easy to charge, and battery lasts for a solid time Cons: - None I pur
  • Great Fan and Great Use
    by TechnoNewsNow 29/07/2017
    Great Fan. The materials are quite cheap plastic but its not too bad and its what keeps it very lightweight. The fan itself is very simple to use with 3 modes of speed and it also has a torch which is a pointless feature but its a nice touch. The fan is very powerful and thats why i think its a really good fan. Its portable and battery operated which is whats amazing. Overall score 9/10.