Custom Made

It encases your Nintendo snugly without any jostling, yet with spacious room to accommodate its accessories like Joy-Con, charging cable and more.

Highly Protective

Crafted from hard EVA material with cushioning layer, the case is built to protect your device from scratches and shocks. There is even a felt divider for added protection to your screen.

Travel Companion

Built-in carrying strap and extra carabiner make the case travel-friendly, while well-organized pockets cater your accessories nice and fit — pack your game gear on the go.

Reviews (3)

  • Great quality.
    by Kevin 18/10/2017
    Impressed! Great quality.
  • Would be nice to have a pocket to put games or SD ...
    by Amazon Customer 13/10/2017
    Simple, functional. Would be nice to have a pocket to put games or SD cards in.
  • Nothing to complain about
    by AJ 02/07/2017
    Nothing really to complain about - it does its job of covering the Switch and it also has a flap in the middle for extra stuff, like the description states. It's a pretty hard shell, although the inside doesn't have much padding (don't see it needing much in the first place.) One thing to note, though, is that the color of the case is more of a dark gray rather than the black displayed in the picture (for some reason, it reminds me of the gray used in a lot of argyle patterns.) Disclaimer: I did receive this product for free when I ordered a separate item from the same seller. However, they did not require me to review the product and I'm doing this on my own free well! :)