Safeguard for All Ages

This mini alarm helps to alert attackers and draw others’ attention for emergencies — a great safeguard solution for elders, women, teenagers and more.

Simple yet Highly Effective

With a single pull of the pin, the alarm will be activated in merely 0.05 to 0.15 seconds. Every second counts in critical emergency moment and the alarm enhances your safety and security in no time.

Portable and Unobtrusive

he ultra-slim alarm is made portable to hold it in your hands or attach it to your backpack or handbags. It comes in handy and delivers peace of mind wherever you go.


10,5 x 8,2 x 2,6 cm
59 g

Reviews (1)

  • Great device to fend off any predators!
    by Eric Montebello 15/09/2017
    Pros: 1) The overall small for factor is great as it can fit almost anywhere and if put on a keychain, it won't take up much space 2) The speaker unit is nice and large and does probably deliver close to the 130db mark (I cannot test it out as I do not have a sound meter) 3) The pin is easy to remove although not easy enough to remove by accident 4) There is an included LED light which is a nice feature to have although it is not very strong and doesn't deliver much. Overall great to have if you want to be prepared for any attacks, human and non human, as it does attract any strangers nearby for them to help you in case of emergency and will also fend off any predators that might be around. If the attacker is an animal, it will surely make it run away as the sound is too intense to withstand. Great product, would recommend!