EasyAcc Universal Stand Holder for Phones,Tablets, and Apple Watch

A Universal and Functional Stand for Most of your Devices.

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Universal Stand

Constructed of aluminum alloy, this robust stand handles different-sized devices from phone to tablet, effortlessly. Its simplistic look makes it a great match, no matter to device or table.

More Than A Stand

There is also an unobtrusive yet smart cutout for your Apple Watch ― holds your Apple Watch and the charger for convenient display while charging.

Free Your Hand and Neck

It provides a comfortable viewing angle, in both portrait and landscape positions, gently minimizing possible strains of your neck and back.

Reviews (10)

  • Really nice looking, just wished it was a little taller ...
    by Wendells 16/09/2017
    Really nice looking, just wished it was a little taller so the cord didn't seem like it's bent too hard.
  • Perfect for my phones and iPad-mini.
    by Leonard Howell 08/09/2017
    This works great with my phones, Kindle Fire HD and iPad-mini. It will NOT hold a full size iPad or Surface Tablet. The only issue you may encounter is thicker type charge cables may push the phone off the stand (see pictures I attached).
  • Good looking, works well, 100% recommend!
    by Eric Montebello 07/09/2017
    Pros: 1) The whole stand is made out of metal. It feels great and the material is excellent. 2) You have included padding to reduce slipping and reduce any scratches that might occur to your phone. 3) You have an included dimple where you can put some sort of watch charger. It is advertised for an apple watch charger and although I do not have an Apple Watch, I believe that it does fit perfectly. 4) You have included cutouts for cable routing which means that you can pass through a cable and charge the phone while it is on the stand. 5) The only logo present is the small EasyAcc logo on the base which is great for those people who do not want any logos to be seen. 6) The weight is distributed evenly and even if pressure is applied to the top of the phone, the stand will stay upright There are no cons to this as it achieves it's goal perfectly and looks great with a black themed setup like mine! 100% recommend this!
  • Excellent product.
    by Mrs.S A Smith 01/09/2017
    Excellent product. Does what it says also small enough to use on plane with my tablet.
  • Best for watch movies or videos
    by Colin 21/08/2017
    Simple fashion design lazy amount, Best for watch movies or videos, listening music on the bed, desk, car without holding the phone. It does what it is designed to do very well for most applications, This works great, perfect eye level, easy to insert and remove. I highly recommend this product.
  • Very pleased
    by Alan Dobbins 10/08/2017
    The little magnet doesn't stay put very well, but I don't use it anyway. Other than that, it holds my iPhone 7+ very well and blends in nicely with the monitors on my desk. Holds the phone securely, too!
  • a multi-functional universal phone or tablet mount
    by Rebecca Anderson 28/07/2017
    It is a multi-functional universal phone or tablet mount, it could be used to hold my mobile or tablet, has a nice finishing and good quality. it support the devices up to 10 inches and thickness up to 12mm.
    by James Wilton 25/07/2017
    Introduction: For £7.99 at time of writing this review this phone holder is great for holding any mobile phone device at an angle, perfect for watching movies. The elegant bent anodized aluminium which ensures your phone or tablet is in sight. Unboxing/packaging: Everything is protected well with a plastic sleeve to protect the aluminium from scratches in shipment. Box is also easy to open, at a great size too. Aesthetics: I really like the basic design of this mobile phone/apple watch holder. The sleek but simple lines on this phone holder ensure it to stay suit with the rest of the house (please see pics in my ford focus). It’s made small to also to not to use up much space. Build Quality: Now this is another positive about this phone/apple watch stand. The high-quality black anodised aluminium ensures the arm doesn’t snap or brake. The rubber inside the mount of the phone also is great quality which also ensures your device doesn’t slip or get scratched. Functionality: Just as this mobile phone holder says on the tin…The phone mount ensures your mobile device is held securely and is tightly fastened. This ensures no wobble while using and you can put your device to allow the device to be landscape or portrait. There is a magnet for your apple watch to stay on too. I believe there can be no improvements with the functionality. Overall, I would 100% recommend this phone/tablet mount. The fact that there is no wobble whilst in use and the universal phone holder makes sure my friends can put their phone as well as mine. If you would require any assistance with any questions on this product please do not be afraid to contact me.
  • A great quality product
    by LL 23/07/2017
    The phone stand was vey much smaller than expected, but it can perfectly hold my iPad. I was watching movies on my iPad in bed hands free last night. It was fantastic. I was not disappointed with my choice and would recommend to anyone looking for a simple stand for their iphone and iPad.
  • Wonderful product. Does exactly what it's meant to
    by Scarlett 24/05/2017
    Wonderful product. Does exactly what it's meant to, and keeps phone safe. I also use it for skype calls, and videos. Very sturdy. Recommended! The company was also very helpful and issued a replacement of a previous product straight away. Excellent customer service.