EasyAcc Stereo Bluetooth Speaker with 6W Output and 15 Hours Playtime

Let great sound fill up your room and diffuse among rooms.

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Room-Filling Sound

Premium 6W drivers pump out great stereo sound with crisp highs and decent bass. And it enables a room-filling sound on full volume, without tearing or cracking.

Portable On the Go

Equipped with a 15-hour playtime, thanks to the 3000mAh power capacity, a carabiner and its compact size just make it easy to travel — great companion for on the go music lovers.

Built-in Microphone

Lets you talk hands-free on incoming call with greater sound quality and higher volume, even in noisy occasions. And it will resume your music playing after the phone call automatically.


Reviews (10)

  • Five Stars
    by woodie 29/06/2017
    fantastic! great sound
  • it is perfect to listen to rap music as well as other ...
    by CJ 17/05/2017
    Really decent speaker as both bass and threbble are really really decent , it is perfect to listen to rap music as well as other types , the battery life is really as stated as for the automatic switch off when not in use that most people complain...mine does switch off so im good XD would defo get another one.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 28/02/2017
    very nice speaker, pretty powerful.
  • Five Stars
    by Ryan Cruickshanks 30/11/2016
    Came quickly and the speaker sounds great!
  • Portable music/phone access with carabiner and rugged 5***
    by colin smallwood 09/09/2016
    I was sent this speaker by easyacc to trial,I put it through it paces. I went camping for 8 days and this speaker performed perfectly,the carabiner was a great addition as you can hang the speaker in or around wherever you are,it paired up very quickly with my iPhone and the addition of taking calls was great (only got the one as I was in the sticks) being able to skip tracks was a welcome addition as sometimes it's just one kind of music you would like. In the evening we attached it to our 12v TV with the cable which was included and the sound was perfect. I would recommend the product 100% as it did exactly what I needed it to plus a bit more.
  • Great companion for on the move music lovers
    by Mr Deineka 30/08/2016
    Great companion for on the move music lovers I was looking forward to receiving this speaker a lot. It has nice rubbery finish, very pleasant for touch, sound quality turned out to be much better than I initially anticipated, given the size of the device. Have been using it outside on a balcony, as well as in my car (I don’t have bluetooth in car), and after about a week of use I can say it ticks most of the boxes to me - easy to set up and pair, loud speaker (I like my heavy metal music properly loud), decent bass and mid range freq for the size, pretty long battery life, though I only have used it for a week, and not sure of it will degrade as time passes, it has a microphone so my phone pauses music, and I can talk hands free on incoming call, music resumes after call is finished, remote control music playback - skip and pause. Bluetooth range is impressive, i had my phone two rooms away from speaker at some point, and it still kept playing without skipping, guess it's Bluetooth 4.1 at its best. It also comes with a nice little spring hook so I was able to hang it. Usb cable and 3.5mm cable are also provided.
  • A very good quality and portable speaker!
    by Rajbir Sandhu 29/08/2016
    This is a fantastic Bluetooth speaker and EasyAcc is selling it for a very cheap price! I think the price is very reasonable for the product, and it is very good value for money! Moving away from the price, let’s talk about the product itself. As a person who uses speakers and listens to music on a daily basis, I can confidently say that this speaker deliver fantastic sound quality! The dual 3W drivers deliver excellent sound and it’s very loud when on full volume, and can easily fill a room up! I recently held a party in a small hall, and this speaker did the job to fill the whole hall! I was amazed with its sheer power and the distance the sound travels from it. In the box, you receive the speaker itself, a micro USB cable for charging, a 3.5mm auxiliary cable, a carabiner clip and a user manual. As well as the speaker being a wireless Bluetooth connected speaker, you also have the option to connect it manually to another source, e.g. a computer which doesn’t connect via Bluetooth. When I have used my mobile phone, I have connected the speaker via Bluetooth and the sound quality is superb! It has a very fast and a stable connection which is essential when connecting to Bluetooth! It stays connected for about 10 metres away from my phone which is amazing! I can go into any room in my house and use the speaker which is brilliant. I’ve always wanted a speaker which I can hold in my hand and not need to have a wire tagging along to it, so now I can listen to my music in a more comfortable position. The speaker is very portable and has a very good grid with the rubber outer skin. If you travel a lot, the carabiner clip is very useful because you can attach your speaker to a bag. Another thing I really love about this product is its battery life! The speaker comes equipped with a 3000mAh battery, meaning that it lasts for a long time! Having tested this, it plays constantly for 15 hours which I find is excellent! The product itself has a very smooth rubber o.....
  • Fantastic speaker
    by DP 28/08/2016
    Funky design and sounds as good as it looks. I have recently tried a few bluetooth speakers all around the same price range but this one tops them all in terms of sound quality. Distortion, bass, treble, handling high frequencies and loudness - this one wins in all of them amongst other budget speakers. The two 3W speakers are really impressive providing stereo sound. The speaker is paired so easily with bluetooth devices. As it is bluetooth 4.1 it can handle distances of up to 10metres. Something which is amazing is its battery life which lasts 15 hours on one charge! This is really useful. Sample received for evaluation for review purposes.
  • Sound is excellent - nice, slightly rubbery feel. Works well.
    by Mark J Hillen 23/08/2016
    I got this to use in my old Mk IV Golf as basically my car's entertainment system. I'm glad I did. Let's go from the start: the unboxing. The packaging was neat - Apple-esque - albeit cardboard, not white. But still, no frustration-free. The product feels nice. It's light, but not too light, I like the Orange/Black look, and it has a nice, slightly rubbery feel - like the door trim on a MK IV golf. It has the ususal ports on the back - on, off, audio in, our, and micro USB to charge. It works - and the sound is loud and good on both treble and bass. It's more than enough to cope with 4500 rpm in the car. A nice touch is the karrabiner to hang it from things. It's not quite perfect - the Bluetooth connecting beep is a bit weedy. I've done a few long trips in the car (Manchester to Oxford and back - with traffic) since I've got it, and not had to charge it yet - it's living up to its long battery life claim. So yes, I like this. A lot.
  • Great Battery Life, With Big Sound
    by samuelson 21/08/2016
    I love this speaker, it really packs a punch and has some great features for a great price. The speaker itself is made from a rubberized material,that does not show finger prints and has anti-slip feet to keep it firmly in place. There is a nice carry handle built on the left hand side, which is made to be used with the supplied carabiner to clip on your bag, super useful, and only requires 1 finger to carry as it is nice and light. I love the orange accents and grill and they make it stand out from the boring competition. The status led in the top of the unit is a nice touch also. Sound quality is great, but that is thanks to the Dual 3 watt drivers. And also the Bluetooth 4.1 that is used with this speaker, which increases range and offers a fast and stable connection. Whilst being fully backwards compatible with older bluetooth devices. The EasyAcc Portable Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker offers great playback and volume to rival much more expensive speakers, with no distortion and room filling sound. The range is quoted as 10 meters, but maybe more if there is no walls blocking the range. Battery life is epic, with the built in 3000mah rechargeable lithium battery. Easily giving you 15-18 hours playtime, all from 1 charge. You charge the speaker from the supplied Micro USB Charger (or you can use the one that came with your phone or tablet) And it charges very quickly at roughly 4 hours. by far the quickest charging speaker I have used. Pairing with your device is effortless and takes seconds, Simply turn the speaker on, turn bluetooth on on your phone or tablet. Search for bluetooth devices, Select S201C. And that is it job done. and it is a 1 time setup per device, so super simple. I tested the speaker with my GALAXY NOTE 4 and S7, and everything worked as it should. There is even a microphone built in to use it for voice calls or conference calls. All of the controls are on the top of the device and the buttons are nice and responsive. and give yo.....