Upgraded Clip

Newly upgraded clip is designed for strollers and easily clips onto them anywhere. Keep your baby cool while outside. Can also be used in offices or cars/trailers or at home or school without damaging surfaces. It also can be a pet fan for pet cooling.

Best Camping Equipment

EasyAcc Portable Camping Fan is the very must-have kit when you go camping in the wild. With hunging this camping fan on the tent, you can get rid of the heat, providing yourself with an extremely comfortable personal space. Bring you an extraordinary travel experience!

4 Speeds + 720° Rotation

Clip fan with 4 speeds accessible via the power button. 3-15 hours of continuous use possible, with slowest speed at 1600RPM and fastest at 3000RPM. Supports vertical and horizontal 360°rotation that allows you to get airflow from different directions, keeping you cool in very angle.

Durable 2600 mAh rechargeable battery + Portable

Durable 2600mAh 18650 lithium battery and 5V 1A USB data cable included allow charging via computers, chargers, power banks, and more. Dimensions: 130*79*214.8 mm. Weight: 0.356 kg. Lightweight, handy, mini size make it easy to carry around or storage. Strong wind and low noise. Uses environmentally friendly ABS and a brushless motor for a quieter fan. Noise at speed 1<40 db.

Reviews (41)

  • Can't live without it
    by DMoore 24/10/2017
    I use it constantly and can't live without it.
  • they are fantastic now have one for a spare and one for ...
    by Honey20 16/10/2017
    I had all ready purchased one of these fans. they are fantastic now have one for a spare and one for a friend .
  • Great fan!
    by Liz Dupee 02/10/2017
    Little fan with great power! I use it in the bathroom.
  • Five Stars
    by Jordan 28/09/2017
    Used in the car during a road trip to improve airflow to the back seat. Worked wonders.
  • Great fan
    by Amazon Customer 23/09/2017
    I bought two of these for my Motorhome and took it away on holiday.
  • Perfect...esp in the blazing hot Middle East
    by Rocky 23/09/2017
    My kid is deployed with the Navy in the Middle East and its 135 degrees in his work area. I sent him this to circulate the hot air and keep him m cooler. He loves it! I can't ship him anything with batteries...this was perfect!
  • Very happy with this
    by Sodapop 22/09/2017
    Bought this to use in our RV bedroom. We have USB ports on wall that’s powered from battery so they have power when we don’t have a shore line or generator for AC power. This fan isn’t super powerful but it moves some air which at night while sleeping is fine. It is also very quiet. On low speed I don’t hear it at all and on high it is a faint sound from blades moving in air. Motor makes no sound at all. I used command strip Velcro to put it on the side above pillow. My only complaint is the cord is short. And it isn’t a mini usb on fan side it is a round plug so I can’t just use a long usb I have laying around. For under $6 I have ordered a 8 foot long usb extension. When that comes I will route wire through the closet out of the way.
  • Really like it
    by wakefoot 14/09/2017
    Hard to believe you can get a fan this good for such a price!
  • Five Stars
    by fredridgeback 08/09/2017
    Works great. Just what the computer user needs on warm days.
  • Five Stars
    by Anna Dowd 07/09/2017
    Absolutely love it!
  • Very effective for the size
    by E. Forster 18/08/2017
    This is great and exactly what I was after - it makes a real difference in a hot room, and runs very quietly.
  • This is the greatest little fan ever!
    by Julz 14/08/2017
    We actually bought it for our bedroom because we have a small space and didn't want a big, bulky fan taking up a lot of room, and we also wanted to be able to move it and adjust it easily. Its 2 speeds are perfect, and for such a small fan, it's quite powerful. It does it's job keeping us cool at night. One note: Somehow I missed that it was a USB plugin, and not the normal electrical plugin. Fortunately we happened to have an extra USB adapter. Otherwise - if your intent is to plug it into the wall, make sure you have an adapter.
  • Powerful dual setting personal fan!
    by Amazon Customer 11/08/2017
    This fan is outstanding! It's top speed is brilliant - it's noticeably cooler to about a meter away and it's low speed is almost silent! It's clipped to the side of my desk and I'm buying a second one for my house! For the price, it's unbeatable! I highly recommend it!
  • Highly recommend, whisper quiet!
    by K.Mo. 09/08/2017
    This is a LIFESAVER. I don't know about you, but I tend to sweat, alllll the time. My office is open concept and has A/C, but we are right by these large windows, and with the hot sun streaming through, it can get a little stuffy in the morning. I have this permanently hooked up to my computer and the clip at the bottom is sturdy and large enough to clasp just fine onto my half-cube wall. As soon as I come in in the morning, I turn on my computer and the fan goes on, and I adjust between the two speeds throughout the day. It is practically SILENT, it's so quiet, my cube-mates are so pleasantly surprised by how not distracting it is, we forget it's there! I LOVE IT. We also used this for a film shoot that took place in an office. It was great to keep the actors cool in-between takes!
  • Awesome!
    by AudreyW 03/08/2017
    This fan is awesome. At first I thought it was broken but it just takes a few seconds to turn on. I clipped it to the headrest in my car to increase the airflow in the back of the car for my dogs. They used to pant quite a bit and now they quit a minute or so after the fan kicks on. Has quite a bit of power for such a little guy, and it's pretty quiet too.
  • Five Stars
    by Marilyn McAfee 03/08/2017
    Wonderful plastic fan! Well worth the money!
  • Five Stars
    by farmwife 27/07/2017
    Works great in backseat for air circulation
  • This fan does the job...
    by Amazon Customer 26/07/2017
    I have installed alongside my computer and it keeping the unit cool.
  • Great little fan.
    by Lorna Goodwin 25/07/2017
    Perfect for clipping next to your computer. More powerful than you expect.
  • Good buy!
    by Yoshimitsu76 19/07/2017
    Not cheap but surprisngly powerful for a USB powered fan. Good buy!