Hybrid Structure

Flexible TPU frame ensures an easy installation. While the hard and clear acrylic back clearly reveals the natural beauty of your phone.

Decent Protective

Reinforced corners help to buffer the shock from drops and bumps. Hard acrylic back effectively resists scratches in daily use, without turning yellow.

One-Handed Use

Skidproof TPU frame delivers a solid gripping. And the slightly-elevated edge of the back makes the case less likely to slip for one-handed use.

Reviews (8)

  • Good case
    by Avijit Sarkar 03/10/2017
    Good case and fits well
  • Basic unobtrusive protection
    by Bubbadink 21/07/2017
    Works just fine. No complaints.
  • Great
    by Amazon Customer 11/06/2017
    Love the cover. Very slim and gives me a bit of grip.
  • Favorite so far
    by Jamie 28/05/2017
    Put it on my phone and knew I would love it from the beginning. Works with Whitestone Dome protector and also works with Custom Skinit skin I have on the back. It doesn't stick to the skin and is crystal clear. Sits flush with tempered glass screen protectors. Buttons feel very nice. Feels much nicer in the hands than the Clear Otterbox Symmetry and the Clear Speck Presidio in my opinion. If this one does scratch up it is definitely worth another $8. Highly recommend this case.
  • Excellent clear case.
    by David D. Nelson 21/05/2017
    This case fits very nicely and works well with the Spigen NeoFlex screen protector and the Whitestone Dome glass (For Galaxy S8+), screen protector, [Full clear], [Full Cover], [Full Touch], [Full Fix], 3D glass, Edge to Edge. The buttons are completely covered and yet very easy to press. The corners bulge out slightly which make the phone easy to pull out of my leather holster. The corners also have a raised ridge on the bottom side so the solid clear plastic back doesn't rest on the surface. The opening around the flash, camera, and finger print reader has no raised edge like some cases do, instead it is just a beveled cut into the back. It came with a cleaning cloth so you can wipe the fingerprints off the phone and case before attaching.
  • Great fit
    by Xavier Reyes 21/05/2017
    Great fit, love how the back has a few points where it is raised from the surface
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 12/05/2017
  • This is the one
    by M 22/04/2017
    I've tried 3 different clear cases for my S8+. This one is perfect. It's not too bulky, provides just the right amount of coverage for my uses and it is absolutely --->crystal clear<---! The others were either bulky, our cloudy with a yellowish tint. Perfect case.