EasyAcc TPU Frame and Acrylic Back Case for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus - Black Frame

Complements your phone, with protection.

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Hybrid Structure

Flexible TPU frame ensures an easy installation. While the hard and clear acrylic back clearly reveals the natural beauty of your phone.

Decent Protective

Reinforced corners help to buffer the shock from drops and bumps. Hard acrylic back effectively resists scratches in daily use, without turning yellow.

One-Handed Use

Skidproof TPU frame delivers a solid gripping. And the slightly-elevated edge of the back makes the case less likely to slip for one-handed use.

Reviews (7)

  • Nice. Simple.
    by Michael M. 25/09/2017
    Really nice, slim and looks great especially with a Black S8 to match the colour on the sides.. Only gripe is how the clear back stick to the phone and creates that smear.. otherwise perfect.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 29/08/2017
  • Five Stars
    by Jennifer A Huttel 18/06/2017
  • Very shinny
    by Max 09/05/2017
    What I received is a semi-transparent blue, which is even better than I expected. Good quality case with details,looks very shinny under light. Recommend!
  • Great case for s8
    by Amazon Customer 27/04/2017
    A pretty solid and slim shock proof phone case for your Samsung Galaxy s8. It feels good in your hand. I feel very confident with the case on my phone, since the case will handle the drops for the phone.
  • Get this case📱
    by LATROY D KING 24/04/2017
    You read the descriptions when purchasing items like this but you just never know the results until you receive them. Packaging A+, once I put this case on my S8 I immediately loved the feel and look of the two together. Very nice fit, but I will say that the fingerprint issue is just like touching the front of your screen it is gonna happen. So, I’m just going to rate the style, fit and look of this case because I feel the smudges are just collateral damage that cannot be avoided.
  • It fits nicely
    by Cuitláhuac 23/04/2017
    It fits nice and snug on the S8. Doesn't feel slippery in my hand. Came nicely packaged. The back and inside of the case came with this blue film I guess to protect the clear glass from scratches while it gets to you and you will have to pull it off. I had to clean the clear glass very well because of that blue film. All the cut outs and buttons are all aligned. It is screen protector friendly. I currently have a plastic screen protector because of the common issue that is happening with the tempered glass not sticking to the screen and having sensitivity issues with the screen. But I think a glass protector will not be a problem. I gave it 4 stars because the clear back glass is a fingerprint magnet, gets smudges really easy. I think it will protect your phone from an accidental minor fall. Overall I recommend this case.