EasyAcc SoundCup-L Touch-Control 20W Bluetooth Speaker

An unmissable speaker with outdoor and indoor modes.

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Immersive Sound

Two powerful 10W drivers pump out a rich and strong sound, while the resonator thumps just the right amount of bass. Experience the immersive sound with highs and bass.

Indoor and Outdoor Mode

You can idle away a cozy afternoon in immersive music with the tender indoor mode. Or just turn the volume up, and feel the powerful sound that surprises the crowd while outdoor.

Intuitive Design

The touch-enabled panel on the top achieves most operations quick and easy. The volume wheel enables you to turn up or down the music like a breeze.


Reviews (21)

  • Slick High Quality Device and Sound. Recommended!
    by Vernal Scott 21/10/2017
    I love my bass, but this brilliant sound machine in in the form of a Bluetooth speaker far surpassed my expectations. As well as solid bass, the speaker also delivers full mids and crisp treble. Bluetooth connectivity took just seconds. The volume is amazingly loud too. Arrived packaged to the slickest of gift standards, the speaker is well built with awesome touch controls and a high tech finish. The design and sound quality are flawless and well worth the asking price. I got what I paid for: Portable high quality audio that I am proud to own and show off.
  • Great
    by FN2187 24/09/2017
    Great sound, great compactness.
  • Brilliant speaker
    by M 22/09/2017
    The sound quality is remarkable - excellent bass, crystal clear sound and lots of depth with no canniness whatsoever. Very loud too - surpassingly loud, actually. Connecting is simple through Bluetooth or using the audio cable - I didn't notice any lagging using Bluetooth so it's a good connection. The speaker looks and feels very robust too - I especially like the lighted volume slider at the top. Very pleased with my purchase.
  • Perfect for outdoor use!
    by Stuart C. 18/09/2017
    One thing we had learned this year was that our Amazon Tap doesn't really produce the noise for outdoor use which we'd like so I've been looking for an affordable outdoor speaker that could still connect to it easily enough. And, I've found it. This thing just sounds great and works as you'd want it to! Not only was this super easy to hook up to anything on the Amazon line but our phones as well. From streaming in any of the devices, this is a great compliment to having sound that can not only carry over our backyard but into the garden as well. Honestly, I am overly thrilled with how amazing the sound not only is quality wise but how great it carries outdoors. (I'm stressing the outdoor use as that's what we got it for and where we've mainly tried it.) The image is the speaker with a full-sized Echo (not a tap) for size comparison.
  • Five Stars
    by Bill 23/08/2017
    Great sound from a small speaker!
  • Superb
    by Amazon Customer 09/08/2017
    Left a bad review but jumped the gun. Didnt no i could change efects through my phone as i had base up to loud and it kept cuttin out as it thought it was at full volume . So i changed all settings and now sounds awsome its bloody brilliant
  • Five Stars
    by Jesse 03/08/2017
    Design pretty cool , sounds amazing!!!! Bottom line? (Para pa pa pa!!!) We're Loving it!!!!
  • Five Stars
    by mydas 03/08/2017
    Surpassed all expectations!
  • Fantastic sound quality, very robust, I love it!
    by Devon 16/07/2017
    This is easily the best bluetooth speaker I have ever owned. It arrived well protected and packaged in foam casing and alongside the bluetooth speaker itself is: A micro USB charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and a user manual. The speaker is cylindrical, with the main speakers on each side and a subwoofer at the bottom. It has 2 buttons on the front, one for the power and one to change the mode from outdoor to indoor. On the top is a touch screen panel to control the volume as well as a rotating volume control. The USB charging port and audio jack port is at the bottom covered by a tight waterproof seal. The speaker is incredibly easy to pair, just hold the power button for several seconds and then select the speaker from your device, you will hear the speaker say "connected". The rotating dial for the volume is very smooth and it has many increments so you can perfect the volume to your taste. The quality of the sound is absolutely amazing, the indoor/outdoor modes have a huge difference too, you can hear a wide range of tones, no matter what type of music you are listening to, or even if you are listening to a podcast. When you use the indoor mode, the bass is much more deeper and vibrant whereas the outdoor mode has less bass but it is louder and projects more.
  • Lives Up To The 5 Star Hype / With Worrying Con
    by Apollo Smile 13/07/2017
    I Truly Love this blue tooth speaker it lives up to its 5 stars slandered! It gets so loud the can vibrates but doesn't slide around. VERY clean audio from this device!!! Easy ACC Quality (Or is it really EasyAcc?) PROS: 1. Crisp Mid Lows And Highs! 2. Loud Enough to not want to keep it at that level all the time. To much is better then to less. 3. Solid build / Touch screen slider / Volume Rocker is nice! 4. Includes charging cable and AUX 5. Boxing is very nice CONS: Yes there are some cons but these are about features i wish this higher end version had. First i knew what i was buying ahead of time before i made the purchase. 1. I own a cheaper Easy ACC Bluetooth speaker and it has more features then this much more expensive version. I don't understand why they wouldn't include a micro SD or Radio like the cheaper one.. While you do get a MUCH better audio experience on this speaker you lose radio and micro SD functions that i come to love on the smaller speakers from EasyACC and that's not to much of a big deal but this one cost more and should have it. But that's OK because i own the other versions too! 2. A Protective Carry Case would have been appreciated but not required this is a high end speaker. 3. Does EasyAcc Really Owns this speaker? Who really owns this speaker???? I seen it with multiple different brands and that worry's me on quality. I choose EasyAcc based on experience with there products witch has been very good.
  • Good quality speaker
    by Sunil 03/07/2017
    Good quality speaker, not as good quality as my Bose but didn't expect it for this price. For the price very good sound quality , rechargeable batteries and has aux . Easy to change volume Connects very easily, works with iPhone 7 plus, can withstand a drop! (already tested unfortunately) Volume goes loud The packaging is very premium too although that's in the bin now Recommended, good battery life, loud and easy to set up
  • Awsome prduct
    by Amazon Customer 27/05/2017
    Awsome delivers pertect music and love the controls recomend it for the price
  • powerful sound
    by Rosemarie D. Hill 18/05/2017
    great, full sound, easy to use
  • Amazing little speaker specially for the amazon dot
    by Amazon Customer 27/04/2017
    Outstanding little speaker for the price. Will certanly fill a living room with incredible sound. Bought bec. I wanted a better speaker for my amazon dot. You may have to attempt to pair several times before it connects. I suggest erasing all your speakers out of the alexa app. And disconnecting the dot from power, place the speaker and the dot tog. When you turn them back on, it should pair. An added bonus is that you can leave the speaker on, not plugged in and it will not turn off, thus you can use it for a long time with your dot. I have read a few people with similar speakers just leaving them plug in. The manufacturer tells you not to play the speaker while charging, i guess it lowers the batterie"s life. My only comment would be that i wish there was some way to know how much battery you have left. In any case, dot users this is the perfect speaker you hv been looking for, price and performance wise.
  • Five Stars
    by andre murray 16/04/2017
    I cn tell you that this device is awesome to have nice and loud easy to connect
  • It's good and funny
    by Yanping Wu 12/04/2017
    It's good and funny. The way to control the volume, skip to the previous or next song is so interesting. Easy to connect with my phone. Also, I love its nice looking.
  • Five Stars
    by Miked 28/03/2017
    The sound is awesome. Love it.
  • Amazed for a 20 Watt Speaker!!
    by Brandon a pedroza 27/02/2017
    This speaker is actually pretty cool!!! So the speaker it self is actually nice. The speaker consists of 4 Drivers 2 being Full Range and 2 Passive Radiators. The speaker is pretty loud in both In/Out Doors Mode. That's something that i really enjoy of this speaker! The sound is phenomenal for a low prices speaker. Bass is rich and mids and highs are just right. 10 Hour playtime which is crazy for a little speaker!! And the touch pad is crazy cool!!! It comes with everything you need even an Aux Cable for devices that don't have BT. Over all amazing little speaker which i would recommend to anyone. Very satisfied with my purchase sure you will be too! Left a little demo of the actual sound of the speaker which is pretty awesome!! Check out my YouTube Channel DJ Brandon!
  • Great sound, I use it mainly wired since my ...
    by Bruce R. Brandt 20/02/2017
    Great sound, I use it mainly wired since my HD radio doesn't have bluetooth. I had been using some cheap powered computer speakers with the radio but this sounds much better and does offer the option of bluetooth for things like my phone and laptop if I want to use it.
  • It's good
    by john 09/02/2017
    This works well I use it with my phone to listen to my music and my kindle for movie's it has good sound to it not as good with a surround sound but not bad