Amazing Performance

With two 5W drivers built in this cylinder body, the speaker is able to blast a stereo sound, filled with clear highs and enhanced bass.

Intuitive Design

The touch-enabled panel on the top achieves most operations quick and easy. The volume wheel enables you to turn up or down the music like a breeze.

Portable to Go

The cup design fits most bicycle cup holders, and can easily slip into your backpacks. Take it for outdoor gatherings, or stream your favorite music while cycling.


Reviews (3)

  • ... my son to go with the Amazon Alexa dot- Brilliant quality, looks nice
    by Amazon Customer 13/08/2017
    Purchased for my son to go with the Amazon Alexa dot- Brilliant quality, looks nice, easy to use. Sound is very good too- my hubby thinks a little tinie- I didn't notice- but for £30- a brilliant buy! Xx
    by James Wilton 25/07/2017
    To start of my introduction about this incredible Bluetooth speaker. I would like to say this all-round package of this is just outstanding. I was expecting this sound quality to be average however this is NOT the case. Especially for the price this is an amazing deal! This is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I have tried and for this price I am shocked!!!!! Unboxing/Packaging: As you can see in my photos of this astonishing product, the unboxing experience and packaging is of a very high quality-standard, reminds me of apple which is nice! Which is nice to ensure no shipping damages and to make sure your experience is not ruined by damaging the product by opening the box. Obviously, this is not the case. The experience is enhanced by the overall look and feel! Build Quality: Absolutely terrific in my opinion! The nice feeling plastic structure ensures feeling of this EasyAcc SoundCup is absolutely brilliant. Which also ensures Drop and scratch protection for long lasting use. I can seriously tell this EasyAcc SoundCup 10W will not break in later time. The high-quality fabric which is made to look nice also makes a good scratch protector. The rubber protector for the micro-usb and aux has a nice click effect for when your protecting the lightning port from water or dirt. Aesthetics: The looks of this flash drive is really nice, so modern! This defiantly goes well with my house and desk at work, this EasyAcc SoundCup really does not stand out in anyway. High Quality materials make this EasyAcc SoundCup aesthetically pleasing and durable at the same time. The cloth fabric makes sure no finger prints smudge the amazing materials. Functionality: This EasyAcc SoundCup has the following inputs. 1 x Micro-usb port for charging (cable also supplied) 1 x 3.5mm jack (cable also supplied) Bluetooth 4.1 for energy efficiency and longer radius playing This amazing amount of ports ensure all functionality works to all devices. Bluetooth is easy to tether as Blue.....
  • Must buy!
    by Sam 13/07/2017
    Can't get enough of Easy Acc at the minute, think they're fantastic. This tops the lot as well so keep reading. This stylish speaker should be welcomed into anyone's desk or side board in every home or work place. The style also starts off with the unboxing. Open the beautiful, slick black box to find the speaker there straight away. Once the plastic cover is removed you're ready to go. Mine was already charged up 60% so I started playing. Pushing and holding the button on the bottom with start the speaker up. After that you just have to find it on your Bluetooth list. Connection can be either Bluetooth or AUX 3.5mm. Bluetooth connects quickly and can be seen in the top right hand corner of an iPhone showing it's battery. It's can also be seen in the iPhone's battery widget giving you a full percentage. The speaker is rechargeable and can be taken away from a plug so is perfect for on the go but I think I'm going to keep mine plugged in. The sound is rich and full. The speaker grill is hidden by the grey fabric that surround the unit but it does look like the sound can exit the speaker from all angles to fill the room with sound. One great feature is the touch screen on the top. The only functions this controls are skipping tracks. To pause you would have the press the on button underneath the unit. The speaker also has a dial that surround the top. This can be turned to control the volume... and it does go pretty loud if you're wondering. All in all I really love this speaker and will post more photos in the future of this to show it off!