High-quality Material

The EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan is made of high-quality material, which provides a steady stand for the fan, to decrease the rate of accident.

Small Size for Saving More Space

Here the EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan is a 6-inch portable frame, which is easy to be carried and saves more space for your desk.

Noise Reduction Design

EasyAcc mini USB desktop fan runs smoothly and quietly for it has a unique noise reduction in motor. 3 rubber cushions at the bottom keep the fan in its place while working. Enjoy the cool wind without any annoying noise.

Reviews (22)

  • Great little gadget
    by Nikhil Desai 18/10/2017
    Great little gadget! The office was so hot, this was the perfect fix, a lot of colleagues ended up buying the same one!
  • Looks great, pushes a good amount of air around, but with it was a little quieter.
    by D. W. Hicks 08/09/2017
    Good little fan, with great looks - moves a good deal of air, but is a little on the noisy side. Power switch on rear is worthwhile so you don't have to remove to power off, as are the 3 rubber supports that slide along the base of the fan to help reduce vibration transmissions on the desk. This does look a lot more expensive than it was, kind of old school flair, but I wish it was just a little quieter.
  • It is the perfect size for my work space
    by Colin 22/08/2017
    This fan is the bigger than the other ( I purchased 2 of them) , and actually more powerful . It is the perfect size for my work space, it is nice and quite also puts out a lot of air. It looks great, i couldn't be happier, Highly recommend this personal fan to my friends. Thank you
  • Really Nice Fan
    by TechnoNewsNow 29/07/2017
    Great Fan. The fan built quality is very nice, the metal frame and design is great and its sturdy. The fan isn't as powerful but its a very nice fan. The fan is super silent and its more work friendly and it doesn't need charging as its powered by a USB cable. The fan is nice and its useful for offices and computer desks. Overall score 8/10.
  • Good purchase. Bought two units
    by CH 28/07/2017
    Good purchase. Bought two units, one for myself and the other for gift. Does what it says on the box.
  • cool me down in the hot summer.
    by Rebecca Anderson 28/07/2017
    This is a fantastic 6 inch desktop fan driven by USB power. It has a nice vantage looking, gorgeous color, quiet and stable. 3 rubber cushions at the bottom, so the fan in its place is quite quiet while working. The angle could be adjusted, swiveling forward and backward freely, cool me down in the hot summer.
  • The fan keeps me cool, not too noisy
    by Amazon Customer 26/07/2017
    This mini USB fan is a classic design with adjustable stand. It can be used in any place.The fan keeps me cool ,not too noisy . it's a great desk fan. Thanks.
  • 7" Bronze USB FAN Super Powerful
    by Lemont Hill 25/07/2017
    Great Fan Moves The Air Well Very Quiet Can be used at work or home or office or on a trip on when you sleep at night it can also run on a battery power bank USB phone wall charger or from a computer or laptop. many ways to run the fan it has the newest dc motor and well balanced metal blades. the winds are strong up to 3.9 m/s. There are no cons whatsoever love the bronze color. this fan run for hours at a time. A video to help you buy it faster is coming soon. UPDATE : The video will be up to help you buy the fan faster tonight
  • Five Stars
    by invinciblegeorge 14/07/2017
    Good product!
  • Five Stars
    by Parvinder Nijjar 12/07/2017
    Before I bought this I had two servants fanning me. Now they are unemployed an facing a bleak future.
  • A pretty decent, and powerful fan
    by Michael 10/07/2017
    A pretty decent, and powerful fan. It does the job well. It is a tad noisey for myself, using it at night and trying to sleep, hence the 4 star. However, others may not have that problem.
  • I get hot and this helps
    by Zeke G. 08/07/2017
    I get really hot and even when its cold put side i get hot. Maybe because i have inflamed lungs from a chemical Accident at work. I use this when i drive. Every one in the car is cold and i have the window down. Now i have this plugged in to the car charger for my phone and i face it to me and i am able to have the window down. Ine thing i wouls change is it having a nob or something to adjust the speed. It gives just one speed and at times when im driving i reach to turn down fhe a/c switch of the car foefetting i have this little fan on and not the a/c on. Also at times when i fet really hot i wish it was a little faster. Overall i love it. Its portable so i can attach it to one of my battery packs and have it running with out worring about it drainkng the battery down fast. I ended up buying one more and i have one in thr car and one in side the house.
  • Fan- tactic
    by Sam 08/07/2017
    Easy to use fan is a quick plug and play. The fan doesn't need a lot of power and can be plugged into nearly any USB female that gives out some sort of power. These is also a switch on the back to turn it on and off. The design of the fan is elegant in how simple it is. No plastic here, even the blades are metal with a beautiful chrome finish. The casing is black with a slight gloss that fits any set up. The speed of the fan is default set and can't be changed although it's a comfortable speed anyway really. The stand of the fan has small rubber feet to keep it sturdy and raised just that little bit off the table to prevent scratching. The stand can also be turned 90 degree and transformed into a hook where the fan blows downwards when placed high. At night I've been using the fan beside my bed just before I sleep due to these odd summer night us Brits are having. I tend to plug the USB into a spare iPhone wall plug and go from there. This fan is a great addition to any desk and for the price you really can't complain.
  • Five Stars
    by S. Wells 02/07/2017
    Really good fan, powerful and not too noisy.
  • Portable fan with usb connector
    by Amazon Customer 02/07/2017
    Excellent fan compact and powerful. Can be used with any usb power source.
  • Excellent fan
    by Jimbob1393 01/07/2017
    Perfect, fast delivery and excellent and well structured product
  • Four Stars
    by Louie 01/07/2017
    Not silent but not too bad either, kind of a dull low tone
  • Five Stars
    by Joe Comando 03/06/2017
    Excellent fan, works well.
  • Top Quality USB Fan Probably The Best One!
    by Apollo Smile 19/05/2017
    Obviously if its made by EasyAcc its quality that i expect! And this fan is no different top quality and good airflow for the price and all metal!
  • Five Stars
    by geohig 17/05/2017
    Perfect - thank you! Quiet, easy to keep clean, USB-powered.