EasyAcc 13000mAh Power Bank

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Provides the most powerful output in 13000mAh power banks.

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Faster Recharging

Two inputs shorten the recharging time to merely 3.5 hours which is 2X faster than regular chargers.

Powerful Output

Two powerful outputs deliver the fast charging up to 2.4A per port or 4.8A overall. While the smart technology can auto detect and charge your device as it requires.

Super Capacity

A portable charger packs super capacity. It provides 4 charges to an iPhone 7, 2.5 times for a Galaxy S7, or once for an iPad Air 2.

Reviews (42)

  • Thanks PowerBanksy
    by MariaR 10/09/2017
    It has saved me a few times. #Bless
  • Pleased with purchase
    by Amy D. 08/09/2017
    A little heavy and large but so far works very well. Will 2 cell phones to full without and maybe 3 but I have not tried to charge 3 phones or more. Pleased with purchase.
  • Love it
    by Koroush 05/09/2017
    love it charge my phone fast and holds the charge for a long time I would recommend
  • Outstanding robust product
    by Hiram Chance 05/09/2017
    This is a fine, robust product that I use to restore charge on my Samsung Galaxy S5, actually more often than I use my automobile lighter charger.
  • Good Deal
    by Amazon Guy 21/08/2017
    Awesome. No more dead phone battery. I love this batterty pack. I thought it was large until I saw my son's which was the next size up. This is fine and charges two devices simultaneously at a decent rate.
  • Sturdy, fashionable, long-lastinf
    by Heather Chin 20/08/2017
    Effective, lasts long (a few days), charges multiple items quickly, easy to tell when it needs charging, has nice colors. When my phone died in a thunderstorm, it managed to resurrect it (after I'd taken the phone apart, dried it, and put it together again) after a day of being left plugged to the phone. It's a bit large, but still fits in your hand.
  • Five Stars
    by L 16/08/2017
    Very good product !!!
  • Very good
    by Amazon Customer 15/08/2017
    Best product ever it worked for my nintendo switch very well
  • Holds a good charge, at least 3 times over for my ...
    by Mr. A. L. Goodwin 15/08/2017
    Holds a good charge, at least 3 times over for my Samsung S8. The torch is tempermental so wont depend on it. But the torch isnt why I bought this battery pack. THe aim was to recharge my phone if I was out and about, in good time. It does exactly that so am a happy bunny.
  • Five Stars
    by Jacob 06/08/2017
    I like how durable it is. Gives me plenty of power for my ipad/phone.
  • A Life Saver
    by Amazon Customer 31/07/2017
    I was admitted to the hospital after what I thought would be a trip to the ER. I am still here and I have been able to recharge my iPhone repeatedly and quickly. I have been doing things like putting it in low battery mode and shutting it off when I take naps. I have been here since Saturday afternoon and I still have three dots out of five. The battery has been a lifesaver for me 😀
  • Five Stars
    by Ethan 26/07/2017
    Perfect tools for travel. Working just fine..
  • Four Stars
    by Sergey Potepalov 26/07/2017
  • Exactly what I wanted
    by Amazon Customer 22/07/2017
    Works great
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 22/07/2017
    Great value
  • So far so good.
    by Gary Banks 12/07/2017
    Haven't used it much yet, however, looking forward too. Based on the reviews, I think I will be very satisfied.
  • Take Charge you wont regret it.
    by Chaggy 12/07/2017
    If your reading this you need this, that's if you are on the run or going on a long trip, this thing is fantastic, it charges your phone full power at least 3-4 times or even more, my family is asking and I'm getting them this, thank you.
  • Good value battery bank.
    by robert wayne kennedy 08/07/2017
    Good battery bank.
  • Great power bank
    by whataboutnow 02/07/2017
    Love it! This charges two devices at once. It starts charging as soon as something is plugged I (you don't have to remember to turn it on). I love how fast the power bank itself recharges. The size is just right - big enough to hold several charges but small enough to fit in my back pocket. I definitely recommend it.
  • Impressive!
    by J. Nicodemus 01/07/2017
    Wow. This is some bang for the buck. I fully charged it out of the box (from about 50%) with the dual inputs in about 3 hours. I've been hooking up my iPhone 5 (which I use continually throughout the day) when it gets to about 40% and letting it charge to about 90% for the last 3 days, and the battery indicator on the EasyAcc hasn't dropped. I have used my Drok multimeter to test the output, and it puts out 1amp for my phone. I haven't tested anything that needs more than 1amp, but it charges the 1amp phone very quickly. Can't comment about longevity, since I've only had the EasyAcc a week, but at this point, I would definitely buy another one! It's a little heafty, but all of these power banks that hold any significant amount of power are hefty. It seems well-made and sturdy. I'm not really a fan of having an LED light on every appliance these days, but this one does have an LED that seems ok.