EasyAcc Mini 2 Portable Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker with 5W Driver FM Radio Built-in Microphone - Silver/Black

Superb sound in a portable size.

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Impressive Performance

Ensured by the latest Bluetooth 4.1, it delivers a stable connection for a consistent sound performance. Be able to connect to two devices at the same time via Bluetooth. A 5W driver and a bass resonator together, create an optimized sound, filled with crisp highs and enhanced bass.

Music On-the-Go

Versatile modes merged, it’s able to play your music via Bluetooth, SD card, auxiliary cable and the random radio — makes the most of your music, on the go.

Amazing Playtime

Thanks to the 1500mAh battery, a single charge achieves 10 hours playtime that allows you to enjoy the leisure moments for days, or throw a little party on.


Silver - 880028160463

Black - 701948727645


Reviews (36)

  • Impressive portable speaker!
    by Amazon Customer 05/10/2017
    I'm a big fan of portable and mini speakers. In my experience, genuinely good quality ones have the plus points of bigger, more powerful speakers but with the added convenience factor. I've fallen foul of the odd 'cheap and cheerful' speaker by pushing my luck too much with the pricepoint, but over time you learn what to look out for to avoid such pitfalls. With a good repution, and good reviews, I figured I'd take the plunge with this EasyAcc portabe Bluetooth speaker. It packs many of the features I typically look for, and a few additional ones that in my view make this a real stand out choice. The speaker features the very latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology. I was able to connect to it quickly with multiple devices (laptop, mobiles etc) and for non bluetooth devices the aux input is a fine alternative. In terms of delivering music there's also the option of inserting a SD card full of your favourites tunes. I'm always surprised when this feature isn't available on portable speakers , and it often isn't, because it's such a great way to have your very own mini music centre full of songs. As for the most important aspect, the sound quality, this unit isn't a let down by any means. The clear, crisp sounds really make the best of my audio experience. Whether it's music or audio books, there is a really rich quality about the sound delivered by this smart looking 5W speaker. The battery life too is reassuringly impressive. It lasts me around 10 hours per charge - thanks to the 1500mah battery. This speaker comes with a micro USB charging cable, manual and even a 18 month warranty, offering peace of mind!
  • Four Stars
    by Zeke 30/09/2017
    Great sound for the price......
  • Best speaker ever!
    by Amazon Customer 26/09/2017
    You must try this speaker it has the best sound and the fact that its easy to use makes it that much better you wont go wrong with this powerhouse and the fact you have a 10 hour battery life and you have a choice of bluetooth connectivity or you can use a 32g micro sdcard it does also have a built in fm radio
  • Amazing Little Speaker!
    by C. Blanks 20/09/2017
    This little speaker is amazing! It has excellent sound quality. I have purchased other mini speakers over the years and either they didn't have good sound quality, volume or they were heavy. My work requires that I travel. I use this speaker for presentations. Wherever I go, people comment on the excellent sound quality. This one is my favorite because it has excellent sound quality, volume and is lightweight for travel. I purchased from Amazon, EasyAcc Mini Bluetooth Speaker Bag for Anker SoundCore Mini. It is the perfect little case to protect the speaker.
  • Great sound good price
    by Ray Boyling 18/09/2017
    Incredible sound from such a small device. Easily connects to my smart phone. Highly recommended
  • ... my first EasyAcc Mini 2 speaker and I already like it. It feels very solid in your hand
    by Amazon Customer 16/09/2017
    I just got my first EasyAcc Mini 2 speaker and I already like it. It feels very solid in your hand, which is surprising compared to its size. The little device is packed with nice features such as the FM radio. Connecting to iPhone was not a problem, picks up pretty quickly and Bluetooth is reaching far distance in an apartment. The sound quality is great, I was especially blown away by the sub-woofer in this speaker given how compact everything was packed. I played it on a small table and I could feel the table shaking while playing Kendrick Lamar. I am including a picture that compares EasyAcc Mini 2 to my older JBL micro just so you can see the dimensions. I can tell you that the JBL micro doesn’t come even close to the base level my EasyAcc Mini 2 produces. Overall it’s a great little speaker and for costing half of what the JBL speaker does and having 2x the base I would definitely recommend this speaker.
  • Five Stars
    by mixitup1a 15/09/2017
  • Five Stars
    by Luis Alejandro Lizcano 09/09/2017
    Muy buen producto
  • Five Stars
    by Gary 23/08/2017
    excellent, very pleased.
  • The Easy Acc mini 2 is the 2nd generation in Easy ...
    by Sam 22/08/2017
    Music is a big driver for me everyday either that be at home or at work. A problem I face is having a constant means of listening. I might have just solved this problem. The Easy Acc mini 2 is the 2nd generation in Easy Acc's speaker ranger and is a pretty high spec of tech. Not only is it a Bluetooth speaker but you also get: Aux connections, Microphone built in, SD card slot, up to 10 hours play time and all this wrapped up in a unit the size of your hand. The finish on the speaker is chrome and black and sits on a rubber material base. The speaker isn't one of the lightest I've ever used but I think the weight only adds to the sturdiness of the design. On the sides of the speaker you can find the ports and buttons. The buttons are Mode, Play/Pause, Volume up and Volume down: Along with a switch for power on and off. Adjacent these buttons you will find the ports; SD card slot, Micro USB port and AUX of which a AUX cables comes with the device. To charge the speaker you can use the micro USB provided in the box. After only 1 hour of charging I got more than 4 hours play time. All in all this is a very nice speaker that gives off a loud noise that can fill a room easily.
  • Great sounding speakers............
    by Mitchell Smith 19/08/2017
    These are really great sounding portable speakers for their price and size.They connected easily to my laptop with it's Bluetooth and operated for 13 hours at a loud volume before needing a re-charge.Love these.
  • Nice tiny little speaker, big sound!
    by James Wilton 15/08/2017
    To start of my introduction about this mini Bluetooth speaker. I would like to say this all-round package of this is just brilliant. I was expecting this sound quality to be average however this is NOT the case. Especially for the price this is an amazing deal! This is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I have tried and for this price I am shocked!!!!! Unboxing/Packaging: The unboxing experience and packaging is of a very high quality-standard, reminds me of apple which is nice! Which is nice to ensure no shipping damages and to make sure your experience is not ruined by damaging the product by opening the box. Obviously, this is not the case. The experience is made better by the overall experience! Build Quality: The nice feeling cold solid Aluminium structure ensures feeling of this EasyAcc Bluetooth speaker is absolutely brill. Which also ensures Drop and scratch protection for long lasting use. I can seriously tell this EasyAcc mini Bluetooth speaker 5W will not break in later time. The rubber protector at the bottom of the speaker ensures the speaker not to slip off the surface you have placed the speaker on. Aesthetics: The looks of this speaker is really nice, so modern! This defiantly goes well with my house. High Quality materials make this EasyAcc Speaker aesthetically pleasing and durable at the same time. Functionality: This EasyAcc SoundCup has the following inputs. 1 x Micro-usb port for charging (cable also supplied) 1 x 3.5mm jack (cable also supplied) 1 x Micro SD card slot for immediate playback Bluetooth 4.1 for energy efficiency and longer radius playing This amazing amount of ports ensure all functionality works to all devices. Bluetooth is easy to tether as Bluetooth for the speaker is switched on all the time, no hassle changing Bluetooth off and on. Aux input is really nice to ensure wired connection with no interference. You can also charge at the same time as listening. The 1500MaH battery ensures 10 hours of battery! Now .....
  • Great Little Speaker For The Money
    by Gary E. Parnes 12/08/2017
    I use this around the house for "spoken word" podcasts. It does the job as well as I hoped it would.
  • Great unit. Use it all the time
    by Leilani 06/08/2017
    Great unit. Use it all the time. Great sound.
  • Great speaker
    by JMW 02/08/2017
    This is an great speaker. In fact I ordered a second one.
  • Five Stars
    by alphateefl 28/07/2017
    Worked great out of the box. sounds great.
  • Great little speaker!
    by Jeffery Keim 19/07/2017
    I was really impressed with the performance of this speaker. It had good sound for it's size and when it's sitting on a table I can feel the bass vibrations on the table so it must be pumping out good bass. I haven't answered a phone call yet but I have watched several movies on my iPad with this speaker and was well satisfied. I also listened to music while outside on my patio and the sound was really good, especially when I cranked up the sound.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 18/07/2017
  • Fantastic
    by Lori Miller 11/07/2017
    Fantastic little speaker for the price. I really appreciate the metal construction, I feel like it's much sturdier. And I love the versatility of it and use it frequently. Hopefully it holds up with time. I've also had no problems connecting it via the jack or bluetooth. Never drops the connection either.
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 05/07/2017
    Great speaker. Great sound and bass .