Short and Solid

Only 0.5ft / 15cm, the cable is short and both ends are reinforced yet made compact. Ran through 5000 bendings and 10,000 pluggings, the cable shows no damage and failure.

Flexible and Tidy

Adopting fexible material, the cable can easily bend to work with portable chargers or laptops. Being compact, the cable won’t tangle a bit and will always give you a tidy look.

Charge and Sync

Charge your android devices at fast speed as your original cable dose. And support syncing data at 480 Mpbs.

Reviews (16)

  • great cables
    by Melody Park Shin 21/06/2017
    these cables feel super durable and are the perfect length for power banks
  • Five Stars
    by Julius Williams 26/05/2017
    Just what I was looking for good product.
  • Five Stars
    by A. Johnson 15/05/2017
    Good little tough chargers..... perfect for charging on the go...
  • Five Stars
    by LSoul 28/04/2017
    Good quality and do the job if you need some short USB leads, work well with Samsung fast charger.
  • Excellent
    by Gill H 07/04/2017
    Very useful indeed, no trailing wires.
  • Excellent
    by Amazon Customer 04/04/2017
  • Not bad, not bad at all!
    by Andrew McCreath 20/03/2017
    Very well built product, certainly holds up under consistent use. Very flexible and remains connected. Would buy more if slightly cheaper, but happy with the purchase
  • Short flexible MicroUSB cable for emergencies or in the car.
    by Erik S. 22/02/2017
    I keep one of these in my daily carry and laptop bag in case I need to plug something in that does not have a cable of its own. This cable will not tangle with other objects like the regular cables; and the length is such that it does not take up too much space. I also keep some adapters like microUSB to USB C and MicroUSB to MiniUSB so the cable can be used with almost any device. There also is a lightning variant of this cable For those wondering, the cable is rubber so constantly flexible. It is not one of these bendable cables that can be bended and then hold their share.
  • Good cables
    by SA 18/02/2017
    Good quality stubby cables ideal for mobile power banks or any close contact usb peered devices.
  • Great quality cables
    by RDA 25/11/2016
    The cable works exactly as they should. It is durable in it's construction and build quality. It connects properly to your micro USB devices (no wiggling or loose connections). I have had it for a few days now and it is holding up well. I needed to replace other cheaper one that had failed at the connector pins over time but this design looks solid. I really like the fact that the cable is small in size. So it is very easy to throw it in your travel bag or even everyday bag without it taking much space. The best thing is the build quality. The cable is flat thus tangle free. You can bend the cable in any way you like and nothing will happen to it. This cable is so reliable that you will be pleasantly surprised that you don't have to buy one again in the near future. It's difficult to find any complaints about such simple and straightforward product. Look no further if all you need is a couple of micro USB cables to have around to act as charger cable or media connector.
  • Small tough cable
    by JT 23/11/2016
    The EasyAcc PocketLine USB is the perfect solution where you do not need any more than required wires. This is perfect if you have a power bank and want to charge your phone but don’t need the long wires. This is perfect when you want to transfer data from your phone to the computer and cannot put up with long cables. This is quality product that charges and transfers data. The cable can be bend as many ever times you want. It looks good and comes as a couple. There positive feedback when the cable is inserted. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the product as it suits my needs to charging my phone during travel and during data transfer.
  • I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, ...
    by Mr Deineka 22/11/2016
    I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest. I expected the cables to be rigid because they are short, but in fact they are very soft and bendable - which was a pleasant surprise. As any other EasyAcc products they very well packaged when arrived. Connectors on both sides a very solid and hold firmly in all my devices - Kindle, 2 Android phones, portable battery and laptop. These cables are ideal when travelling - especially with a power bank - as they are short and dont tangle.
  • Small and great
    by Imy 21/11/2016
    These leads are used for quite a few different things in this house not least my phone and my tablet. These wire charges just as quickly as those provided with my products and the mini usb is the chosen charger for so many different products in today's world so it is well worth keeping a spare. So these Micro USB Cables are really different to your normal Micro USB Cables as they are 0.8 ft they are this short so you can charge your device much faster then any normal Micro USB Cable this also means you can get sync speeds up to 480 Mbps that's way more faster then your normal micro USB cable.These Micro USB Cables also can bear 5000+ times bending but no damage or anything to how the performance is which is amazing. The connecting pin of the cable is also heat resistant to ensure complete safety and reliability. The pin connector also is compact so it should fit snugly into almost all case cutouts.The size of the cable is 8.0 ft so it fits perfect in my bag,pocket and is perfect as i can use this cable with my power bank and its not to long or big. The cables are very flexible so because the cable is small and its hard to charge your device but because of how flexible it is i can put my device in any position to charge it. Now for this kinda stuff I don't have a very high expectations, however these pleasantly surprised me. This one looks good and feels good as it's made from good quality eco-friendly material giving it the expensive taste, this product truly exceeds expectations. Over all I'm pleased with this purchase and it will be used on a daily basis. I have based my review on my initial findings and am happy to answer any questions you may have on the product in the comments or questions section. If I do have any issues with the product in the future I will always come back to edit my review accordingly.  I have always appreciated the help of other people who take the time out to write detailed readable reviews and I try to return the favour to the b.....
  • Great value short cable that works well and is rugged.
    by Tim 20/11/2016
    I was sent these cables as a review sample and was not required to leave this review but chose to as I think this is a good cable. I initially tested an iPhone version of this cable and was really very impressed. These cables differ from may as they are shorter, much thicker, more rugged and stiffer. I have found that itchy are great cable for traveling and partnering with a power bank. No more tangled cables that are a pain to use and it takes up almost no room. It works exactly as you would expect connecting immediately to my tablet, charging and transferring files with out any issues at all. I would highly recommend this to any one who needs a short but well made cable and think that it represents good value.
  • Strong USB cables that transmit data
    by Max Reviere 20/11/2016
    I don't usually write reviews on cables - cables are just cables, right ? Wrong - I have been buying a few bluetooth headphones and while they come with micro USB cables, you cannot use them if you want to transfer data from your phone to your laptop (or tablet). These micro USB cables trasmit power but not data for some strange reason. Then I found these on Amazon and though fairly short, they look very robust - these cables are thick and have good strong end connectors meaning they don't get broken even with rough use. I am able to easily transfer data when I connect my phone to my laptop and the phone is also charging at the same time so win-win. For the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks, you can't go wrong with these cables.
  • Nicely packaged.
    by U I 18/11/2016
    You can feel right away that these cables are thicker than a regular cable. Works well on a fast charger. So far they have all fit well into all the devices in the house. The micro USB end is a little long, probably to accommodate devices with cases. Have not used them for too long so I can only say that they seem as if they will last a long time. They have a quality feel. They all worked out of the box. Nicely packaged.