Short and Solid

Only 0.5ft / 15cm, the cable is short and both ends are reinforced yet made compact. Ran through 5000 bendings and 10,000 pluggings, the cable shows no damage and failure.

Flexible and Tidy

Adopting fexible material, the cable can easily bend to work with portable chargers or laptops. Being compact, the cable won’t tangle a bit and will always give you a tidy look.

Charge and Sync

Certified by Apple, the cable charges your devices at maximum current 2.4 A, and sync with the speed exactly as your original Apple lightning cable provides.

Reviews (51)

  • Good charging wire, good length (short), good price.
    by SRobinson 25/10/2017
    I bought this wire because it was so short, and I only wanted a short length wire to have in my car. Cannot complain, the phone doesn't do the 'this is not an authentic wire' warning like it does for the majority of non apple wires. No complaints.
  • World class
    by Amazon Customer 24/10/2017
    Short and sweet
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 12/10/2017
    Works well and well built
  • Five Stars
    by Nick Ruskin 10/10/2017
    really useful for connecting phones to car audio and tethering to mac
  • Great quality cable. Loved it.
    by Shurid 09/10/2017
    Great quality cable. Loved it.
  • Perfect little cable
    by JON007 07/10/2017
    This cable is perfect length for connecting iPad to MacBook as an extended display using Duet.
  • Short and works well for what I needed
    by Davy 06/10/2017
    Short and works well for what I needed
  • Great little spaghetti-free cable to keep things nice and tidy!
    by Andy 05/10/2017
    Great cable, does the job admirably, I have this in my car with a CarPlay head unit and it makes the whole thing so much tidier than a huge/thin cable coiled up - As it's quite thick (not a bad thing) it's not massively flexible and feels a little stiff and resistant to bend into a U-shape, which is my only reservation as this could put pressure on and ultimately wear the USB connector end. I'll update on that, if it does!
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 03/10/2017
    much better than carrying around normal long cord
  • Neat and Effective iPhone cable
    by John V. White 02/09/2017
    Neat and works well
  • Five Stars
    by Cisco M. 28/08/2017
    Sturdy and robust cables for battery pack.
  • Short and sweet
    by Beverly Hancock 11/08/2017
    These are great for charging your iPhone to a battery charger. You can put it in your purse to charge without all of the long wires. This is second purchase. I lost the last one. Immediately reordered.
  • perfect
    by Ms Elizabeth M Lewis 09/08/2017
    just what I wanted
  • Five Stars
    by B. Hanscom 25/07/2017
    Works as described. Arrived quickly.
  • Five Stars
    by tessa ellis 16/07/2017
    Excellent cable.
  • Happy with quality
    by Jim Kerfoot 14/07/2017
    Beautifully made tough cable, works well.
  • Does as it says. Good quality
    by Kathy K 07/07/2017
    Love it
  • Great
    by Discovery 20/06/2017
    Excellent quality, I don't expect any problems with this product on the connections because it's very good quality cable and a great length to use with my portable charger
  • It's the thunder........... it's the lightning.........
    by Pankil 12/05/2017
    This is a very nice lightning to usb cable for any Apple products. I am using it now since my Ipad one is pretty much worn and warped all over the place with tape and bandages holding it up! It's only about 6 inches barely so it's kinda hard 2 really use it perfectly but you can attach it to another usb cable to extend it but it gets the job done. This claims to be put through 5000 bendings and twists without breaking so we'll see. It's rugged and it tough at both ends. I'd give this a strong 4.5+ rating since I can't do that I gave it a 4 but with shades of gray. I just wish it was a few inches longer ( yeh yeh we've all heard that before ) so it is easier to use. Overall, not bad at all! bde bde bde that's all folks!!
  • Spot on
    by Shane Coyne 23/04/2017
    Bought for my easyacc charger power box, short lead which I wanted, very robust and does the job