Powerful Magnetic

Strong magnet holds your phone securely, even on a bumpy road — no more fall-offs. It helps to keep you focusing on the drive, while giving you a quick access to your phone.

Universal and Portable

Its coated gripper fits most car vents, without any scratches. Also, it’s so tiny that you can take it on the go, turning it into a kickstand anytime you want.

Easy to Use

Just insert it into the air vent to make it a holder, and let it attracts your phone to the holder — no clips and clamps. Adjust your phone to any orientation to start, vertical or horizontal.

Reviews (12)

  • Five Stars
    by Margaret Ryan 13/10/2017
  • Perfect for maps on your phone, overall build and design 10 out of 10
    by James Wilton 16/07/2017
    Introduction: For JUST £6.59 at time of writing this review this phone holder is great for holding any mobile phone device up on your dashboard. The elegant mounting to your air vent which ensures your phone is in sight which is great for following maps on your phone. Wow this product is great! Unboxing/packaging: All fantastic here as usual for EasyAcc, everything is protected well to ensure no shipping damages. The plastic protector ensures nothing is left loose in the box. Aesthetics: I really like the simple yet great design of this magnetic mobile phone holder. The sleek but simple lines on this phone holder ensure it to stay suit with the rest of the interior in any car. It’s made small to not block your windscreen which is nice to make sure you can see what is going on in front of you. Build Quality: Ok, this is great yet again. The high-quality rubberised plastic ensures the mount doesn’t snap or brake even when the heaviest devices are magnetised to the mount. Also, the magnet on this mount makes sure while you’re driving over bumps this mount doesn’t fall off your dashboard to the floor. The fork like mount for the air vent is made really well too to make sure nothing snaps. Functionality: Just as you would like to use this magnetic mount. The phone mount ensures your mobile device is held securely and is tightly fastened to your car dashboard. This ensures no wobble while driving and you can pivot the air vent and your phone to allow the phone to be landscape or portrait, ease of use. I believe there can be no improvements with the functionality. The magnet is very strong too!! Overall, I would 100% recommend this car air vent magnetic mount. The fact that there is no wobble whilst in use and the universal phone holder makes sure my friends can mount their phone as well as mine. You can also charge your phone at the same time which ensures great use. If you would require any assistance with any questions on this product please do not be afr.....
  • Not a bad gizmo!
    by MrsMc34 08/04/2017
    Didn't realise I'd need to stick a metal disc on my phone but tbh, doesn't bother me.. The clasp does come away from the vent if you pull to hard, but stays in place whilst driving.. Not a bad design and it keeps my phone where I can see it without being on my windscreen, which I find distracting.. Good price
  • Works Great
    by Cartw16 27/03/2017
    Excellent Item. fuss free holding of phone in car and isn't obvious like some i've had. Glad i didn't pay full price though
  • Four Stars
    by Gillian 27/03/2017
    Love it
  • Excellent
    by Amazon Customer 17/03/2017
    easy to use , and suitable for different kind of phones
  • Fast delivery. Great Item
    by Amazon Customer 11/03/2017
    Easy to use. Very stable.
  • Five Stars
    by Sammi 09/03/2017
    Works brilliantly, great idea! Unnoticeable in case as it is extremely thin, yet effective!
  • smart design and good quality!
    by Amazon Customer 09/03/2017
    fast delivery and really good quallity. The magnetic force of it is strong enough to hold an Ipad pro as well as a lagre smartphone stably. it is quite smart to provide two types of thin magner chips which can be hidden in between the phone and phone case. really neat and do not influence the phone itself at all.
  • Not bad. Not cheap, but not bad.
    by ShinsFortress 08/03/2017
    It works! Not sure it's worth anything close to the RRP, but it works. Reminder: if your 'phone does not have a suitable ferrous component in its back you will need to use one of the stick-ons included with the mount. Suggest you make that part of your phone's case, not the phone itself!
  • convinced...
    by A.P. 08/03/2017
    first I wasn't too impressed with the product but customer service was great, they explained that I was using quite thick leather cover for my phone so the magnets strength was weaker. i took the cover off and only used it with the magnets behind my battery and it works as expected. customer service went way out of their way to make up for any inconvenience i had and were very helpful when dealing with the issue
  • useful!
    by Amazon Customer 18/02/2017
    easy to use! you can turn on gps on the phone while driving