EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra-Slim Power Bank with Built-in MFi Cable and Flashlight

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A handy portable charger for Apple Lightning devices, and more.

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MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

A built-in MFI-Certified Lightning cable enables a handy charge to your apple devices — never get powerless wherever you go.

Amazing Performance

At such a compact size, it charges an iPhone 7 2 times, or a Galaxy S7 1.3 times with the additional USB output. A full charge for itself takes only 3.5 hours, with the 2A input.


A palm size with half an inch thick, the power bank can easily stack to your iPhone for gripping in one hand. A reliable and handy flashlight designed for unexpected emergencies.


Reviews (12)

  • Great Customer Service
    by William 26/04/2017
    After two months of repeated use, the buit-in charging cable developed an intermittent connection. I let the seller know what happened and they responded quickly with a free replacement. We're very happy with product, and even more so with the customer service. You might ask why we're happy with the product even after it failed after two months, but it was only the built-in lightning cable that went bad, so the battery still works with a separate cable.
  • It has a built in cable...enough said
    by R 18/04/2017
    This is a really handy bit of kit. I needed a battery because the one in my phone is knackered. I wanted a design that was thin and could be concealed in a coat pocket. I also wanted it to have a built in charger so I didn't have to carry a cable with me. +It sits comfortably in my pocket alongside my phone, without being noticeable +The built in charger is so handy. It saves the hassle of finding a charger, making sure you have it with you. +The torch is gimmicky but occasionally useful -The only downside is that the positioning of the built in charger means you have to put it at a funny angle to plug it into a phone
  • Lasted us the entire day and it's super slim! I love the attached wire
    by Xuan Tong 15/04/2017
    I bought this for Pokémon go and for the theme park. This charged my phone twice and my friends phone once. Lasted us the entire day and it's super slim! I love the attached wire. It makes it easier to charge because the wire is short and easier to remember.
  • Four Stars
    by Wendy Irvine 31/03/2017
    Good product
  • Absolutely worth the money
    by Kyle from Syracuse 28/03/2017
    I love this. It's just about the size of my iPhone 5s so wherever I have my phone, I can have this too. It performs as described. I love the 5 led status lights, it's lightweight, it charges fast enough and can fully charge my phone multiple times. The cord that charges this battery is very short but doesn't matter to me. I highly recommend it.
  • Four Stars
    by Reynold Phillip 27/03/2017
    It serves the purpose quite well
  • Doesn't charge the phone as quickly as I'd like but hey
    by Paul Chapman 20/03/2017
    Early days but seems effective. Doesn't charge the phone as quickly as I'd like but hey, still does the job.
  • Compact Charger but has some limitations
    by Dino Frangos 16/03/2017
    The charger itself looks awesome - it is about the same size as an iPhone 7, very compact. It has lights on the front to signify how much charge is left (5 lights which signify 20% increments), Best thing is the way the lightning connector is buried inside the charger - no messy wires to muck about with - when you want to charge your iPhone, just the pull the cable out and charge away...!!! This product loses 2 stars (otherwise, I would have rated it 5 stars) for the following 2 reasons: 1. I charged my charger fully (so it displayed 5 lights on the front, signifying it had a full 100% charge inside), however after just one charge to my iPhone 7 (the iPhone had dropped to 28% battery), the charger had already lost 20% of its power? I would have thought it would have stayed on 100% for at least a couple of charges before dropping down (which is what my old portable charger used to do). ...and, 2. When I plugged my charger into my iPhone 7, the charger did NOT FULLY charge my iPhone?? By this I mean that the charger ONLY charged my iPhone up to 97% charge - it did NOT charge the phone up to 100%?? This is extremely odd? Why would the charger stop charging the iPhone when the iPhone reaches 97% and NOT 100% - that makes no sense?? This must be down to the fact that the charger is not 100% supported by Apple. Other than that these 2 negatives, it is a good charger. EDIT (6th April'17) I have now used the charger 2 or 3 times and it did NOT stop charging, until the iPhone had hit 100%! I am not sure as to why the charger stopped charging at 97% the first time I charged my phone, however, now it seems to charge, all the way to 100% and even stops charging when the phone is fully charged - superb!!! Review changed to 5 stars to reflect this. A highly recommended charger.
  • Great product
    by Shawn 11/03/2017
    I'm really happy with this product. I love that it has a lightening cable attached, so I can hook my IPhone 6 right up to it and charge without needing an extra cable. I do have my phone in a LifeProof waterproof case and it connects fine (I was worried about this based on some previous reviews). I like that it has lights indicating it's level of charge. Now, if it only had an attached AC adapter, it would be perfect to eliminate the need for extra cords. Nonetheless, I would highly recommend this.
  • Very responsive, great quality.
    by Nathan 30/01/2017
    This is the first power bank i’ve got a chance to look at with a built in Lightning cable, and I must say it did not disappoint. The market for power banks on Amazon is super saturated, so its hard to find companies that stand out from the rest and provide genuinely good high quality products. EasyAcc is one of those companies. This is by far the highest quality, most responsive power bank i’ve ever had the privilege to use. We’ll start with the packaging first before we get on to more detailed testing and insight into the power bank itself. EasyAcc did quite a good job in this respect, keeping the packaging clean and minimalistic without any graphics and a nice clear black ink on cardboard design. I’m a big fan of this, so kudos to EasyAcc! Inside you’ll find the following: - The 6,000mAh battery bank itself - Micro USB cable - Information/Warranty booklet Now, on to the power bank itself. I can honestly say this is by far the most responsive power bank i’ve ever tested. If you double tap the on button, it’ll activate the flash light. Usually on most other power banks theres a noticeable delay between double pressing and activation, however this was not the case at all with EasyAcc. The button is super easy to press and tactile meaning it has a nice noticeable click and feel when pressing. Furthermore the light comes on instantly after double pressing, it’s unbelievably responsive. I love products like this which are built to the highest quality from the ground up, and the little things like responsiveness when turning on the flashlight really separate it from other power banks on amazon. The attached cable is pretty sturdy, however you can’t really use your phone when its plugged in unless you want to hold it super awkwardly. It manages to charge by iPhone 6S Plus fully about 2 times if you go from 30-100%. Charging times aren’t too shabby, however keep in mind the USB port will charge faster than the 1A built in cable. Overall EasyAcc di.....
  • LOVE the built in lightning cable. Hard to find one of these that doesn't have a separate adapter for lightning.
    by Renee M 19/01/2017
    LOVE the built in lightning cable. It's hard to find one of these that doesn't use a separate lightning adapter. There are a lot of power banks with built in cables BUT most require you to use a separate adapter to attach lightning devices. We have an old iPhone 5 that doesn't hold a charge very long but it's an extra phone we can use in an emergency. The battery will not last through the day. My daughter uses the extra iPhone when she not with us for emergencies BUT what good is a phone if it doesn't have power. My daughter is too young to have a phone of her own. I had another power bank - very slim and lightweight - but we had to carry a cable with the power bank. With this power bank, there's no need to carry a separate cable which is a lifesaver. It's pretty lightweight and the cable neatly stores within the power bank. My daughter can carry this in her purse and we don't have to worry about the phone without power. I also don't have to worry about lost cables all the time.
  • Excellent Portable Power Bank
    by matt diffey 29/12/2016
    If you have owned the original then this is an improvement as the lighting lead is a lot more robust. The pack charges iPhones quickly and at 100% you can achieve multiple iphone charges. There are a lot of cheap poorly constructed portable power banks on the market that are dangerous and could potentially damage your phone battery but this isn't one of them.