EasyAcc 6000mAh Ultra-Slim Power Bank with Built-in MFi Cable and Flashlight

A handy portable charger for Apple Lightning devices, and more.

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MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

A built-in MFI-Certified Lightning cable enables a handy charge to your apple devices — never get powerless wherever you go.

Amazing Performance

At such a compact size, it charges an iPhone 7 2 times, or a Galaxy S7 1.3 times with the additional USB output. A full charge for itself takes only 3.5 hours, with the 2A input.


A palm size with half an inch thick, the power bank can easily stack to your iPhone for gripping in one hand. A reliable and handy flashlight designed for unexpected emergencies.


Reviews (32)

  • Best Buy in Charger, nearly perfect...
    by Amanda 23/10/2017
    Almost perfect. Great charger, very happy with the size, weight and functionality. My only issue is difficulty with pulling out the charging line. The tab is very small and very hard to grasp, I have to use a sharp object to pry it out of charger. If this issue were corrected it would be one of the best chargers I've ever used. I hope they can fix this soon, I would like to buy more as gifts.
  • Five Stars
    by Silvia M. 22/10/2017
    Thin an very easy to use and carry around
  • Four Stars
    by Amazon Customer 18/10/2017
    Good unit
  • Excellent charge, not crazy about the cable
    by zippyrich 17/10/2017
    Crazy-fast charge, holds its charge a long, long time & the flashlight is very good. My only knock is the charging cable that attaches to the iPhone–it doesn't have enough length to stack on top of the charger easily. Overall B+ to A-.
  • Recommended. Well made. Convenient.
    by Bic 13/10/2017
    Surprisingly good capacity vs small size. Charges my cell 2x easily. Works to charge my tablet about 50%. I have around 10 different battery packs from various manufacturers (bought based on top reviews) but this was the only one I've purchased more of. Integral USB cable avoids hassle of digging out a cable all the time. I keep one in my car and with every piece of luggage. Take 2 on trips (along with two other, larger packs).
  • Positive experience with product and vendor
    by M. Neubauer 29/09/2017
    My iPhone battery was on it's last legs, so we got a couple of these to help us as we traveled southern Spain. They have a great capacity, about the same size as the phone, and removed the need to carry another cable. The cable seemed to be too short and in the wrong position, but it soon was clear how to orient the battery with the phone so they sit together while plugged in. To my dismay, one (and the lesser used one, at that) after about 3 months had the cable casing split and expose the wire. There was no short, but I stopped using it. The other was fine. An email to the vendor was returned overnight, and they are replacing it with no hassle whatsovever. Would definitely recommend the battery AND the vendor.
  • great secondary battery for my iphone 6s
    by Howard W Meyer 28/09/2017
    great secondary battery for my iphone 6s, never run out of power due to no power outlet available again.. recharges my 6s very fast..
  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 27/09/2017
    Outstanding great product long lasting , durable I would definitely recommend this product!
  • Great size and can be held together with the iPhone 6S
    by M. Wong 18/09/2017
    UPDATE: Great product, great customer service! 1st REVIEW: At full charge, the power bank sometimes will not turn on. I have to first "jump start" it by plugging it back in to recharge for 1 second. Otherwise, I like that it's about the same size as my iPhone 6S and can be held together in line with each other while charging and in use. Seller, please provide a replacement power bank that functions correctly, thanks and I will gladly give it 5 stars!
  • Charged my iPhone 6s 3 times while away camping. ...
    by Tim D. 11/09/2017
    Charged my iPhone 6s 3 times while away camping. It is much more compact than the other models that my friends were using.
  • Easy to carry yet high capacity
    by Miriam Yang 11/09/2017
    Lightweight and easy to carry in a pocket, but has enough juice to get me through 12 hours at a convention with 50% left over. Would recommend to a friend.
  • Lasted me through a whole festival
    by Amazon Customer 10/09/2017
    Great product charges your phone 3-5 times and it's only about the size of an iphone 6. It's great 👍🏼
  • Works great! And you dont have to worry about having ...
    by Kassie 28/08/2017
    Works great! And you dont have to worry about having a wire too. Best idea!
  • Five Stars
    by Gloria 09/08/2017
    Love this, saved my phone from dying a number of times.
  • Very pleased
    by Rudy 03/08/2017
    My friend suggested this power bank to me and I have been very pleased with it. I'm surprised at just how much power it stores. I usually can fully charge a phone and a tablet off of it with power to spare. It isn't very heavy (something I've noticed with some other power banks) and it fits in well with my other gear. Oh, and the flashlight is a nice feature.
  • Love the built-in cable
    by D. Hunt 24/07/2017
    Quick charge, big capacity. Love the built-in cable.
  • great pocket size power bank. built in cabling is quite nice!
    by Dr. Jeff 21/07/2017
    this power bank is a great design. fit and finish is excellent all around. size is perfect for pocket. built in cabling is easy to access and use.
  • Great customer service for a great product.
    by Paul10023 07/07/2017
    The charging side of the Power Bank stopped functioning and i contacted customer service. The support team was immediately responsive and, after gathering some specifics, arranged for a new unit to be sent. I have another unit for my Android device and it has performed flawlessly. The units fit easily in my back pocket and my girlfriend's purse. It's nice to know we will never have an empty battery on our devices.
  • good powerbank with flashlight
    by Yahia Ali 28/06/2017
    This products isn't the best ive had because it doesn't charge my devices as fast as the other powerbanks do. It has amazing bright LED flashlight with a wire already connectes to it. It is compaible with any device like iphone samsung moslty devices that have blutooth conectivity. It is ultra slim it is thin like the iphone SE and the layout of it simple. Its charge time is one of the fastest i have seen it takes 3.5 hours which is very good. It has to in ports so you can charge two devices at the same time.
  • Size or charging time? Is up to you
    by Alvaro M. Reyes 03/06/2017
    I love the size and thickness of this charger but the iPhone built in output is only 1.0 A, it fully charges my iPhone 7 plus from 0 to 100 % in 3 hours I have a 2.4 rawpower charger, that charges my iPhone 7 plus in 1 hour 30 minutes, size vs charging time? Easyacc is half the thick but an inch taller