EasyAcc Quick Charge 3.0 15000mAh Fastest Compact Power Bank

A 15000mAh power bank with fastest charge and recharge.

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Quick Charge 3.0

Whether charging your devices or itself, the Quick Charge 3.0 introduces a revolutionary speed of a portable charger. Charges your devices up to 80% in 35 minutes, and charges itself full in only 6 hours.

Huge Capacity

The quality battery cell packs a 15000mAh capacity. It powers an iPhone 7 4 times, or a Galaxy S7 3 times, on a single charge.

Smart and Universal

Compatible with most USB devices with 5V input. The smart-chip-enabled ports detect and output the right amount of current, just as your devices required.


Reviews (3)

  • Quick charge
    by Rita Schrade 05/05/2017
    Receive it on time and I already used it. I love it.
  • Does exactly what it says it does in a lovely, high function package.
    by M. Paolini 17/01/2017
    Does exactly what it says it does in a lovely, high function package. I was also able to get it $5 cheaper by visiting their website and getting a sale code off of it to enter in the Amazon checkout.
  • Phone was always dead at the worst of times, powerbank saves the day.
    by Alli Buys 07/12/2016
    I wanted a power bank ever since they came on the market. At that time, they were outrages in price but now they are more affordable. I finally settled on getting this one. It is powerful enough to meet my needs and it was in my price range. This power bank would fit in a backpack, Heck, it will fit in your back pocket it only weighs about a ½ pound 6 x 3 x ½ inch so easily potable like having two phone I guess. Better to have one than not. After initial charge of 8 hours it is ready when you need it. There are 4 itty bitty lights on the to of the powerbank the more light lit up the more of a charge the powerbank has. My hubby and I like to spend time off the beaten path. Over the years, we have had a time or two when we needed a jump or tire. Back when we started these weekenders it was a hike to a phone. Now a day you must hike till you get a signal. That is if your cell phone's battery isn’t dead. It has happened. Boy you don’t know how convenient cell phones are until this happens. Well that is not going to happen again. I have a spare makeup bag I’m going to keep the power bank and cords in it so it is travel ready, when we are ready. That takes care of that problem. This is powerful enough to recharge a phone, and a tablet. Yet, still able to use the bonus flashlight feature, for about 45 minutes. Yes, I tested this scenario and those are the time frames I better to test it like an emergency, and it not be. Rather than test it during an actual emergency, right? It won’t eliminate the hike to find a signal but hey we will have a working phone when we find it. That last picture shows that it is USB in, USB out the middle is the flashlight. If you find this review helpful please click to let me know. Thanks .