EasyAcc SoundX Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with 10W Drivers and 20-hour Playtime

Everything you expected from a speaker. And so much more.

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Impressive Sound

The Bluetooth 4.0 ensures a smooth and instant pairing, that helps to deliver a stable sound from your devices. While two 5W drivers create an optimized sound filed for dynamic range and clarity across all kinds of music.

Unexpected Playtime

Adopting a rechargeable 4000mAh battery, the speaker keeps the music playing up to 20 hours on a single charge. Perfect for lunging at home or taking for outdoor use.


The Bluetooth function, SD card slot and the auxiliary cable are designed for all possible access to your music. While the built-in speaker phone lets you to make hands-free calls, with improved voice.


Reviews (7)

  • Five Stars
    by Amazon Customer 14/05/2017
    Absolutely brilliant just what I wanred
  • Great speaker
    by michael mackenzie 08/01/2017
    A fantastic bit of kit. My better half loves it
  • Good looking and sounding speaker at a reasonable price with some minor issues
    by Z H 19/09/2016
    This is a review of the EasyAcc SoundX 10 Watt speaker. The speaker arrived in an easy to open cardboard box along with a microUSB to USB charging cable and a 3.5mm aux cable but does not come with a carry holder pouch. First impressions is that its a well made speaker that looks like a premium device with a nice brushed red aluminium design. It feels sturdy to the touch and has a rubber pad on the base that keeps the speaker in place. The only let-down is the power on switch at the back. It doesn't feel good to touch with an hard angular button and notchy on/off switch that seems slightly cheap. The speaker can play music over Bluetooth, from a device connected via 3.5mm AUX input or loaded onto a Micro SD card and inserted at the back. On the top there are four rubberised buttons; VolumeUp/SkipForward, VolumeDown/SkipBackwards, Play/Pause/AnswerCall and Mode selection. The Mode button switches between Bluetooth, MicroSD and AUX. There are 4 different coloured LED lights which indicate the mode the speaker is in as well as a battery charging indicator. The speaker sound quality is good with some amount of bass and goes loud enough to fill a room. It doesn't sound tinny and even at maximum volume I couldn't hear any distortion. I previously purchased the which was a 4 watt speaker and the sound quality of the SoundX is a definitely a step up but the maximum volume is only slightly above the DP100. Connecting the speaker over Bluetooth was simple whether pairing to an Android phone or a PC. I've tested the range as up to 10 metres from the Bluetooth source but walls and other obstructions could cut that down a bit. The speaker can also be used as a Bluetooth headset for making and receiving calls and this worked with decent sound quality on either end of the call. Over Bluetooth it doesn't control the phone volume but it's own volume level. There are 30 volume steps but no indication when maximum is reached. I would have liked it to chime or beep to .....
  • Bluetooth Speaker
    by Rob 13/09/2016
    This item was kindly sent to me for testing and review. I hope you find the video helpful. Thanks for watching.
  • Packs A Punch
    by Carl Langdon 27/08/2016
    For clarity, I have the speaker in red. BOX INFORMATION. --------------------------------------------- The box is of a simple, cuboid design made of brown cardboard. The exterior of the box includes branding, product name and some function on the underside. CONTENTS AND PACKAGING. --------------------------------------------- - 1x Speaker - 1x AUX 3.5mm Cable - 1x USB To Micro USB Charging Cable - 1x Customer Card - 1x User Manual The speaker was protected by a tranlucent cover. The cables were rolled and placed in covers to keep them rolled. The customer card tells you what to do if you are (un)satisfied with the product. The manual consists of four languages making in a universal product. The manual is a wide strip of glossy paper that folds into a small rectangle for practicality. The manual includes information about the contents, overview, specifications, pairing, functions, usage tips, warranty and contact information. The manual is written well and is easy to follow. BUILD OF THE SPEAKER. --------------------------------------------- At 195mm x 59mm x 68mm and weighing at 554g, it is a decent size and weight. However, this doesn't stop it from being portable. It is small enough to fit into some coat pockets, bags and draws. The speaker is of a recatangular shape with rounded edges. Considering I have got this speaker iin red, it has a red outer case. The front part were the speakers are is grey and has the EasyAcc logo on it. On the underside of the speaker is a rubber strip to keep the speaker still when placed down. This strip is grey and has some specificatopns bevelled on it. Like the front, the back of the speaker is grey and has four things on it; SD card slot, AUX port, charging port and on/off switch. The top of the speaker has four rubber, grey buttons on it; mode, volume down/previous, pause/play/pick-up/end, and volume up/next. All the buttons are clicky so the user is sure when they have pressed the button. The top also features fo.....
  • Classy appearance, great features, good item
    by AnonymousDrone 25/08/2016
    A great Bluetooth speaker, sounds are good, but not for very loud bass, (maybe I need to run the drivers in for a little longer). great that this has an AUX input and the memory card slot is an added bonus, best suited to smaller memory card sizes for varied musics. Item was delivered quickly and safely ahead of estimated delivery date. Looks really classy with the lovely red brushed aluminium style outer housing, Pairing is quick and simple, buttons are clear and easy to use, battery life - seems to run forever! I cant fault this item, its great!
  • Looks and sounds great!
    by Nemar Reviews 23/08/2016
    Hello this is my review of the “EasyAcc SoundX 10W Bluetooth CSR 4.0 Speaker.” The speaker arrived in a well-packaged cardboard box, which ensured it was kept nice and secure. Opening up the box, you are met by the speaker, a 3.5mm audio cable, a micro USB charging cable and a basic user manual. First impressions, the speaker felt really well made and definitely a premium and well constructed product. It is constructed from a high quality metal with a really nice brushed red finish. It has nice curves, which make the speaker look really unique and aesthetically pleasing. Setting up the speaker was super simple. Hold the power button down and the speaker will turn on, then select the device in Bluetooth settings and everything is up and running. Not only does this speaker look great, but it also sounds brilliant too! The sound is very clear and produces great base. It is also able to go surprisingly loud, despite the speaker being small and compact. If you do not have a device that is Bluetooth compatible, you are also able to connect to the speaker via the included auxiliary cable or insert a micro SD that has mp3 files stored onto it. Overall, I think this speaker is brilliant! If you are looking for a speaker that looks and sounds great, I couldn’t recommend this speaker highly enough! Please see attached images of wireless speaker. If you found this review helpful, please let me know by hitting the “helpful” button!