EasyAcc Skidproof Case With Embedded Manganese Steel Plate for iPhone 7 Plus/ iPhone 8 Plus

A protective case that be able to work with the magnetic phone holders.

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Invisible Manganese Steel Plate

Comes with an embedded manganese steel plate, the case is able to work with most magnetic phone holder, without attaching anything to your phone.

Perfect Fit

The case provides an easy access to all ports and buttons with quick response, and no hinderance. Put it on and take it off like a breeze.

More Secure

The textured PU leather delivers a solid gripping against slipping. And the sturdy back and soft TPU frame protect your phone from scratches, wears and shocks.

Reviews (13)

  • Great snug case and I will definitely buy again
    by jonn121 09/02/2017
    Great snug case and I will definitely buy again. This is replacing a few others and by far the best as it covers the entire phone and the cutouts are neat and accurate
  • amazing case
    by Miguel 27/12/2016
    highly recommended for those who don't like a big case on their phone
  • Great quality
    by Bri 04/12/2016
    The quality is great, easy to use and lightweight. Just the right size and would definitely recommend. No problems so far.
  • Excellent case. Magnetic plate built in. No phone scratches
    by Chris F. 02/11/2016
    The built in magnetic plate alone was worth every penny. The case is also durable, well fitted, and attractive. Still keeps a low profile in pocket.
  • I am very pleased with this case
    by Nat 01/11/2016
    I am very pleased with this case. The magnetic plate works great. The grip is fine. The only complain I have is that they could have done a better job at the cutout for the ringer on/off button but it's still not as bad as I've had with other cases. The cutout is a little too small and too deep so the button is not as easily accessible as I would like. However, for this price, I'm perfectly happy with the case.
  • Simply does exactly what it says!
    by Risto M 15/10/2016
    This case certainly is simple but it does exactly what it says. Can't speak for durability because I haven't had it for so long. I struggled with my previous phone and the magnetic mount system in my car. After moving to the new phone, I bought this case and it has proven extremely practical!
  • Great phone case thanks alot would highly recommend
    by Francesca S 12/10/2016
    This case was such a good buy and is worth every penny I spent. I have had the case on since purchasing my phone and it has protected it against any scratches or dents, it still looks brand new. The case looks and feels great too. Definitely worth every penny which I spent, I would 100% recommended to anyone who is looking for a reliable, reasonably priced case. Thanks so much, I will definitely be purchasing more cases in the future.
  • ... for review used this on my iPhone it's so amazing worth the buy
    by adamhockley 11/10/2016
    Free for review used this on my iPhone it's so amazing worth the buy
  • I found the case was really easy to attach around the phone body
    by ShazAttack 25/09/2016
    I recently received the Easyacc iPhone 7 Plus Premium TPU Protective Case for my Apple iPhone 7 Plus device. I found the case was really easy to attach around the phone body; it is very supple and easy to fit. Once it's on the phone, I thought it would be hard to see it coming off again as it's a really snug fit and holds the phone really well. The casing is made from high grade silicone TPU material. The shaping of case is very smartly done too, with raised edges and corners to protect from scratches when I put the phone down somewhere. There's extra material around the corners to help protect against bumps, and I also liked the fact that the material the case is made of makes it easier to grip, rather than some synthetic materials that can feel slippery to the touch. The cutaways are nice and precise and still allow the case to lie tight to the phone, and the button and rocker switch covers are also nice and responsive; I didn't feel they got in the way at all when I used any of the switches; they all worked normally as I would want them to. Even though the case is thin and supple it can still offers some protection; the TPU silicone material offers some shock absorbing resistance to protect against smaller drops, knocks, bumps and scratches. Overall I would definitely recommend this case, if what you're looking for is a case to give your phone some protection, whilst being able to have the phone on show as well as being easy to use and carry around. Please note: I received this product at a discount or for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All views expressed here are my own and I have no affiliation with the company or seller who provided me with the product. It is for you to decide whether this product suits your needs or not. Many thanks for taking the time to read my review.
  • Superb.
    by Matt 24/09/2016
    This case is made to a superb level. Its a fairly hard case but is slightly bendy. The back: The back of the case has a highly appealing hatch pattern which adds grip as well as crisp visual looks! The leather back has a slightly soft feel to it and feels rather grippy as well as feeling nice to hold in the hand. The edges curve round and blends in nicely with the TPU edges (can be seen in the images below). The camera and apple logo have nice cut outs with a plastic edge to keep things neat. The sides: The sides of this case have a nice feel to them. The buttons are easy to push and are the same colour as the TPU sides so the buttons blend in with the case nicely. The cutouts for the speakers and lightning port are precise as can be. However, due to the slight thickness of the sides of the case, the cutout for the mute switch makes it slightly difficult to mute your phone. I found I had to do this with my nail most times, however I didn't find this to be a major problem - I wouldn't let this put you off..! THE MAGNET: I love being able to just tap my phone to my dashboard and it 'sticks'. I have previously bought a magnet phone holder and I had to place a thin metal, magnetic sheet in-between my phone and the case. Now, I personally didn't like that. But, this case incorporates a magnet inside. It adds no thickness to the case at all and you can't see it what so ever which is the feature I love. So, with this case you wouldn't have to worry about sticking a magnetic plate in between your phone and case as it is now incorporated. Finally, this case has a slight lip to it which may prevent your screen from smashing if dropped. I personally use tempered glass on my phone, which makes the screen of the phone flush with the sides. Overall, I would highly recommend this case, although the fairly high price range, you get what you pay for. The overall quality of this case is brilliant and most importantly looks nice and feels nice in the hands. I like purch.....
  • Fantastic Case
    by Amazon Customer 24/09/2016
    This case is the perfect blend of protection while still keeping the slim look of the iPhone 7 plus The case comes in a stress free packaging. The case can also be used in car magnetic holders which makes it ver versatile.
  • Iphone 7 plus magnetic case
    by Amazon Customer 23/09/2016
    Reviewing the iPhone 7 Plus case, clever item becuase having a magnetic plate built inside the bumper hard case, with this said item is still ultra slim, and you can just pop it onto a magetic holder in. The case has a synthetic leather look. Softer material from inside, but i think it should be more softer.
  • love the finishing!
    by Toyo Kath Torres 19/09/2016
    The color of the case is black but what i like about it is that the texture of the case is very likable, it has a good grip so your phone wont slip off your hands, the alignment of the slots are perfect, the fit is good! very light weight.