EasyAcc Skidproof Case With Embedded Manganese Steel Plate for iPhone 7/ iPhone 8

A protective case that be able to work with the magnetic phone holders.

More details

Invisible Manganese Steel Plate

Comes with an embedded manganese steel plate, the case is able to work with most magnetic phone holder, without attaching anything to your phone.

Perfect Fit

The case provides an easy access to all ports and buttons with quick response, and no hinderance. Put it on and take it off like a breeze.

More Secure

The textured PU leather delivers a solid gripping against slipping. And the sturdy back and soft TPU frame protect your phone from scratches, wears and shocks.

Reviews (7)

  • A Magnet's Best Friend
    by Big Picture 27/02/2017
    This is an excellent case. The embedded metal allows the phone to mate with the magnet on the holder that sticks to my windshield--essential for Waze. It's fine for carrying around, even though there's nothing as good as an unencumbered iPhone.
  • Great product
    by jim B 25/01/2017
    When it arrived I did not believe it had the magnit in it because it was so slim and light weight, but it did. Could not be happier.
  • Solid product, especially for the price.
    by mike 08/01/2017
    Solid product. Would like to see the magnetic area inside the case grow.
  • Five Stars
    by Joel F Fullerton 06/12/2016
    Case is as described and it sticks to my in car magnet well.
  • Great case
    by Jason 02/12/2016
    Fits well and works with my Scouche mount
  • Five Stars
    by Kastriot 26/11/2016
    Love it
  • Great case - extremely protective
    by Harvey 24/10/2016
    This is a really cool and durable case and it is extremely durable, I have done many drop tests from various different highs and my iPhone 7 escaped without a single dent or scratch each time. The sides of the case are raised slightly so that when I drop it face down on the ground the screen isn't touching the floor, therefore reducing the risk of screen damage. The speaker cut-outs are the perfect size so the audio isn't muffled at all and the camera cut out doesn't cover up the flash or touch the sensor. The pop-ups for the volume rocker and on/off button are really helpful and add an extra layer of protection. The magnet feature is really cool and helpful if I want to stick my phone to the dashboard of a car or to my wall and the magnet is really strong. This is a great case and you should definitely consider buying it if you want a really protective case with a cool magnetic feature.