Shield Like An Armor

With an industry-high 9H hardness, the product can resist dust, scratches and daily wear like a breeze. Use your beloved device freely, and leave the protection to us.


Ultra-clear gloss finish with 99% tranparency ensures crystal-clear viewing. Special coating of the protector lets you clean away smudges easily, and keep the screen display looking sharp.

Easy Bubble-Free Installation

Coming with a full set of tools, as dust removers, wet and dry cloths, you just get all possible supports to complete a simple and bubble-free installation. Plus the glue-free material ensures a clean removal that leaves no residue on your screen.


Reviews (16)

  • Nice item
    by Ms Joanne Redshaw 24/11/2016
    Does what it says on the tin, arrived quickly and well packaged, thank you
  • easy install and very clear
    by Zishan M. 11/11/2016
    this is easy to install and works very well, protects the phone from scratches and keeps the screen from breaking when I have dropped my phone .
  • Five Stars
    by Luxsaan Sivakumar 08/11/2016
    Great fix, easy to apply
  • Recommended
    by Lotus 15/10/2016
    Its 100% like what they say in the description.
  • Like a second skin only tougher
    by Kay 14/10/2016
    I am probably capable of giving a ten minute lecture on the benefits of screen protectors and all my friends and family know it!! So this one has been eagerly waiting for my new phone to arrive and before it went out of the house it was duly fitted to avoid any nasty accidents........... The functionality of the phone is perfect and not compromised in any way at all you can hardly tell it is there in fact like a second skin but tougher ..... So all the usual expectation anti scratch anti shatter tempered glass uber thin - easy to install and has everything you need to make a jolly good job of it. What's Included 1 x Glass-Membrane 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 1 x Wet Wipe 1 x Dust Removal Stickers
  • A great quality screen protector
    by Angelo Thavaratnarajah 09/10/2016
    There is not much I can say about this product as after all, it's a screen protector and nearly all of them at this price range are the same quality. Most sellers on their description say how much 'better' heir screen protector is but in fact they are all black retry much the same. However, I can say though that this protector is of a very good quality. It is easy to install and it protects my iPhone very well. One thing I would say however is that the adhesive in the side of the protector isn't very strong as all the way down their seems to be an air pocket and although it doesn't affect the protection, it looks very ugly. Overall, I can highly recommend this screen protector as it is a good quality and at a reasonable price.
  • Easy to apply
    by Dr W. 06/10/2016
    Easy to apply, scratch and glare resistant. No problem with the touch screen sensitivity. Only gripe is that despite it being labelled as for the iPhone 7, it doesn't completely cover the screen.
  • Five Stars
    by Tyson 28/09/2016
    Great high quality screen protector
  • Excellent iPhone 7 Screen tempered glass
    by VKM 25/09/2016
    A good quality and nicely presented clear front Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone 7. Came packed in a brown coloured box with a cover on the same with product details printed on the front. This shows the good quality of the case and also keeps the glass safe and secure. The box contains: Tempered Glass Installation Kit - Cleaning Cloth, dust absorber and guide stickers, alcohol swab for cleaning screen and cleaning cloth This is a very good quality tempered Glass. Edge to edge means it gives the maximum possible coverage on the iphone which other screen protectors do not give. Additionally this is very thin (0.33) and 9H hardness which means shatter proof. Its also 3D touch compatible and has 2.5D arc edge which means the edges are smooth and taper out so wont hurt. The screen is covered one side by a peel off film that protects the adhesive. The glass is fully transparent with excellent clarity. Has a good coating so no smudges or stains as good as the iphone screen itself. Very impressed. Also to highlight, the protector covers only the flat part of the screen and not the curved edges. This is not a problem at all for me as such as I have been using similar on my iPhone 6/6s and never had a problem. Curved in my view are problematic as they often come out and lead to dust depositing under the screen protector. P.S. I got this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased feedback. This has in no way affected my review and I have been as honest as possible. Many thanks for taking the time to read it.
  • Fantastic and well-thought out screen protector.
    by Mr. N. S. Whitaker 24/09/2016
    This is another excellent iPhone accessory from easyacc - this time it's a tempered glass screen protector to prevent your touchscreen from scratches and damage if dropped. It comes beautifully packaged - everything you could possibly need to get the screen fit perfectly is included - an alcohol wipe to de-grease your screen and make sure it's ready for the new protector, guide stickers and a dust sticker to make sure the protector is aligned perfectly and there are no annoying dust spots stuck under it, a small microfibre cloth to make sure the screen is *really* clean, full instructions on a card and the actual glass protector itself. They really have tried to think of everything and make it as simple as possible to get great results - this goes really well with their gel back cover to ensure your phone is protected all-round. A really well made and thoughtful item.
  • extremely easy to put on and great quality i need this ...
    by RRGamingUK 23/09/2016
    Extremely "EASY" ;) See what i did there aha. extremely easy to put on and great quality i need this for my iphone 7 and it fits perfect for the price its amazing and protects your screen from any scratches etc etc
  • Great... although a link to a youtube video would be good.
    by Andrew B 22/09/2016
    I bought two of these, one for me one for my wife and applied both quickly and easily. The only thing they lack are instructions, but a quick google found a video applying a very similar design.
  • perfect fitting protection
    by Steven 20/09/2016
    This super screen protector is perfect for making sure your screen doesn't get damaged from your everyday use. Flimsy plastic ones still allow sharp pointed objects to pierce through and scratch the screen, not so with this one. The tempered antishatter screen reduces the force of impacts and stops them dead before your precious screen gets damaged. This is a great product that does exactly what it says it does. I received a discount for a honest and reliable review, I could not find any negatives with it and would not hesitate to pay full price for it.
  • Ideal for new iPhone 7!
    by Gary Best 19/09/2016
    I bought this for my iPhone 7, I wasn't expecting much for £10 but this is a pretty good quality and protects the phone well. When I bought this there was a promotion on to get a free screen protector worth £6 - well worth getting one of those too.
  • Phone-Saver!
    by Rob Farthing 19/09/2016
    Needless to say this screen protector has been a life saver for the friend I gave it to, he dropped his new phone yesterday and it landed face down on gravel, this protector stopped it from chipping completely and all damage was averted! Don't risk not having a screen protector.
  • Iphone 7 guardian...
    by Jackie M 17/09/2016
    This iphone 7 screen protector is a very thin, slightly bendy, piece of tempered glass that looks like hardened plastic. Apparently tempered glass is only supposed to shatter into tiny, evenly shaped pieces that pose less of a risk of injury to those coming into contact with it if it does break. As the iphone 7 is not a cheap phone obviously you wish to do all you can to protect the screen. I wished this for my partners phone as he is rather clumsy and forever dropping his old phone. We are waiting for the 7 to be delivered so unfortunately I cannot confirm the fit but i did line it up to on a friends phone,without attaching it,and it seems perfect.. This thin sheet should fit snugly on the front only and not over the edges. This ensures for a better and cleaner finished look without spoiling the original look to the phone. It came in a cardboard sleeve encased in a polystyrene envelope which when opened reveals not only the phone but a sealed, alcohol wet wipe for cleaning before you attach it, to remove smudges or dust etc.,. Also there is a small dust cloth for general cleaning and stickers to help guide your positioning. The screen is covered one side by a peel off film that protects the adhesive. I received this item free to examine and to leave a review that is fair and impartial.